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Any and all donations coming in are used towards advertisements using blogads or paying for bandwidth depending on how that goes.. when it comes to advertising all it takes is a couple hundred dollars to advertise on a decent blog.. please dont feel obligated to donate, but please know any donations will be used towards spreading the word of this site (and not into my pocket)..


I'm willing to donate, but I'd like to see a page that explains what the money has been spent on, each time this money was spent...Total transparency...It would also give you more credibility in the eyes of people that might say "oh, look, he's accepting donations....he's only in it to make a few bucks".

date - detailed purchase description - $ amount $

i try to answer some of this

i try to answer some of this in the FAQ.. for the record i have spent thousands on this site, and never made a dime from it.

you can see the details on how our last $1000 in donations were spent here:

and i will update my blog with details like these as we go along, you can find my blog here:

thanks for the comment!

Thanks for pointing out the

Thanks for pointing out the spend detail page.

Have you thought about opening a Google AdWords account and paying per click (ads that run on right hand side of page when users search via Google; you can pick and choose keywords you'd like that to be shown on, like "september 11th" and "911" for example)? I'm a search engine marketing expert if you would like some help with this. Looks like you have AdSense ads running on the bottom right of the page here, so I'm sure you understand AdWords...

I'm going to run an ad via my personal AdWords account for this site, along with the Scholars for Truth website, - I'll wait for your permission via this post. This will be my donation to the site.

as for adwords.. right now i

as for adwords.. right now i spend about $120 a month out of pocket for google adwords and overture combined.. a few months back another one of our users who is into web marketing optimize them for me..

That's awefully nice of you to offer, feel free.

Very odd...I've set the ad

Very odd...I've set the ad up over 24 hours ago, and it's not showing up on Google. Normally, ads show up within a couple hours of setting them up. I've emailed Google about it, hopefully they'll get back to me Monday.

Anyway, a word to the wise...Make sure you opt out of Googles "contextual network" in your AdWords account. Click fraud via the contextual network is rampant, and due to the nature of your ads, they may be targeted for fraud clicks...More info about it here:

Make sure your ads are only running in Google's "search network"...