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Thursday, August 17, 2006

9/11 Truth Extends A Cordial Invitation...

...To Itself - To Camp Democracy, Wash DC

by Cathy Garger

As anti-war activists from “peace and social justice” groups no doubt already know, September 5 through 21 are the dates anti-war activists, humanitarians, and other progressives will travel to the nation’s capital to participate in what’s being termed “Camp Democracy”. Similarly, activists calling for the truth about 9/11 are urging all others who doubt the “official story” to come to Washington, DC during the same days that Camp Democracy will be converging upon the National Mall.

Cait Burgess is one such individual who will be traveling from Fort Worth to the nation’s capital the week of September 11. A member of Veterans for 9/11 Truth, Cait is well-studied on 9/11 and the manufactured “War On Terror” used to justify wars upon both Afghanistan and Iraq. When asked why she plans to travel all the way from Texas to the District for the five year anniversary, Ms. Burgess explains, “The world changed on 9/11. President Bush spoke the truth when he said that the terrorists that attacked us did so because they hate our freedoms. The only part he was mistaken about was the identity of these terrorists!

Through unconstitutional legislation, such as the USA Patriot Acts, the rights we think we have as citizens of this great country have been slashed, all in the name of ‘protecting us from terror.’

A wise man once said that those who give up their freedom in exchange for security deserve neither freedom nor security. I for one, am tired of having my rights removed without my consent. I will go to D.C., stand with my fellow citizens and the Veterans for 9/11 Truth to expose the fraud behind the 9/11 attacks that have led to the destruction of our country.”


Of course, there will PLENTY of action at Ground Zero as well; check out NY911truth.org for more details.