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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

City Releases 1,600 More Emergency Calls Made On 9/11

City Releases 1,600 More Emergency Calls Made On 9/11

The voices of firefighters, including at least 19 who died, will be made public Wednesday after the city recently discovered more than 1,600 previously undisclosed emergency calls from September 11th.

Most of the communications coming out will be FDNY dispatches, but they will also include 10 calls made to 911 from people inside the Twin Towers.
The release of the recordings today follows an investigation ordered by Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta to uncover all master tapes and find any calls that were missed during the first review, after he learned of a tape that had not been given to the City Law Department. Scoppetta said the workers misunderstood the instructions on what kind of call could be released.
Some people who escaped the towers or lost relatives are also calling on the city to release both sides of the recordings. For privacy reasons, most of the tapes only have audio of the emergency operators.

"In five years these families have to seek legal help to release this information; that is a disgrace to this great city. It is a disgrace to the greatest fire department in the world," said retired FDNY Captain Al Fuentes.

"At first I was told two to three hundred calls. Now today, we received 1,613 calls. How and why did this happen? We need to know the answer to this question," said Norman Siegel, an attorney for 9/11 families.

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