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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Univision Network Interviews William Rodriguez

Here is an email William Rodriguez received today and was kind enough to share with us:

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

We are writing you to request an interview with you. We are currently working on a story related to 911 - Five years later. We would like to talk to you regarding the theory that is behind the attacks that you have been sharing with thousands. The interview will be conducted in Spanish.

This story will air on our prime-time program “Aqui y Ahora”. "Aqui y Ahora " is our prime-time newsmagazine that airs nationwide in Univision Network every Thursday at 10 pm. It has an estimated 31 million Spanish-speaking viewers.

This is the only in-depth news magazine show in Spanish television in the US and is anchored by veteran journalists Teresa Rodriguez, Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas.

The show covers a range of in-depth subjects, from breaking news and politics, to profiles and features.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter at your earliest convenience.

Belisa Morillo

Belisa Morillo
Aqui y Ahora | Producer
9405 NW 41st | Miami, FL 33178

Also, here is a statement William made today regarding the tapes that were released:

Dear Friends, today we held a press conference to speak about the newly released tapes. After 5 years, we still amazed all this evidence has taken this long to come out. In the beginning we were told that the city wanted to keep them sealed for 25 years. The main reason we were told was to respect the families. How ironic that it was the families and survivors that pushed forward to get to the truth!!! It is unbelievable that 5 years later we are still fighting to get all the evidence and our only recourse is the legal system which we do not trust very much either. The 1600+ calls are very disturbing to hear, as a survivor and leader of the victims, my heart was ripped apart as I listened to the first half an hour and even though I had PTSD therapy, I know it is going to be devastating to the families to hear them. I will go through the process of getting some sense of all of it. Will tell all of you later.