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Monday, August 14, 2006

What to Expect from a Populist-9/11 Attorney General

Carl Person is working hard to get on the ballot as a Populist-9/11 Candidate for New York State Attorney General. 9/11 is not the only thing he wants to fight for, you can read more at his campaign website. However, what he could do as NY state A.G. is impressive enough. Person just released this statement, here are some excerpts; the whole statement can be viewed on my blog;

What to Expect from a Populist-9/11 Attorney General

...First, I would designate Ground Zero as a crime scene, and encourage anyone with samples of air, parts of fallen buildings, photographs or movies of any part of the collapsed buildings, structural beams showing their condition and any cuts, any equipment to cut beams, the names of any companies contracted to work in the area or anything else to help reconstruct what happened on and after 9/11, and to identify companies and individuals who could be interviewed by my 9/11 investigators. By calling Ground Zero a “crime scene”, I might be able to obtain a greater response to my search for Ground Zero effects or photos or recollections, to be able to say that people should come forward with what they have as a public duty.

The record of the grand jury proceedings would record, to the extent now possible, what really happened up to, during and subsequent to 9/11/01. The U.S. Government’s official reports of what happened, through the 9/11 Commission Report and through other governmental releases, do not tell the story. They are obviously designed to cover up what really happened, and an independent investigation is necessary. No such investigation has been undertaken to this day. I plan to conduct the needed investigation. The course of our country seems to depend on the ability of someone to conduct such an investigation. None of the other candidates for New York Attorney General say they will investigate 9/11.

Also, I would set up a grand jury to investigate what happened prior to, on and after 9/11 concerning 7 World Trade Center, the North Tower and the South Tower, to determine what people had access to any of the buildings when the weekday office employees were not present; what type of work was authorized; who was in charge of any type of work being done in any of the 3 buildings; what payments were made to any of these individuals or companies; what explosives were purchased for any purpose; what demolition experts were hired for any purpose. Particularly, I would be looking for evidence that explosions took place in each of the 3 buildings on 9/11 and the cause of such explosions (which eliminated mountains of evidence in then current money-laundering drug-related cases).

A related investigation is to look into the failure of Eliot Spitzer and his staff to investigate any part of 9/11, and to obstruct the efforts of Congress to investigate the Able Danger database (which contained the evidence linking the alleged terrorists to various governmental agencies and agents) and its destruction and the failure of Eliot Spitzer to cooperate with that investigation (by providing requested Spitzer employee Dieter Schnell – former counsel to the 9/11 Truth Commission – to give testimony)...

What a novel concept. A real investigation into 9/11.