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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Comments Disabled Due to Site Transition

I am switching the site over to the new v2.0 site this morning. As such the ability to add comments has been removed so that I can be sure to get all of the existing comments switched over. Once the new site has launched you should be able to pick up where you left off.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me this morning as I do my best to transition all of the posts and comments from this site to the new one. If we run into any major pitfalls we will of course be able to revert back until we can address them.

In the mean time you can still access all old posts and comments, but no further entries can be made on this old site.

Note: I expect this transition to take at least 3-4 hours, I would check back around 1 or 2PM EST.

Update: I have run into an issue during the conversion, hopefully it will not prevent me from finishing in the next hour or two.

Update: Got it figured out, should be done by 7PM EST, sorry for such long downtime today.

Video: Mia Hamel Arrested While leafleting Oliver Stones WTC

Check it out at 911podcasts here:


Thanks to 911tv for sending this in.

Also, Loose Change "Recut" available at Google Video here:

Friday, August 18, 2006

Speaking to Left Gatekeepers

I believe it was Barrie Zwicker who said the left gatekeepers need to be woken up or exposed. Feel like ruffling some feathers? Here's a start, add your own nomination for a Truth Spanking in the comments below.
Danse says:

I compiled a list of prominent left-gatekeepers; perhaps we can get an email campaign going.

My advice for emailers, which of course you are free to ignore:

  • Stay away from “the illuminati”, the “NWO”, black helicopters and secret societies.
  • Remind them that the truth is paramount, and supercedes political bias.
  • Point out that 911 is unlike any “conspiracy theory” before or after and has the potential to mobilize huge numbers of people; it can also shatter a Bushbot’s paradigm overnight, potentially causing Bush’s base to crumble.
  • The peace movement has been unsuccessful. If they truly wish to stop WWIII they will have to dismantle the “big lie” that perpetuates these wars; doing so is not difficult – the lie is that transparent.
  • 911 truth exposes the massive criminality of the American state in a way that a thousand essays on wiretapping and Guantanamo cannot do. Terrified and angry, Americans will tolerate these abominations so long as the lie remains intact.
  • Remind them that WE are their constituency – not Christopher Hitchens or Allan Dershowitz. Sparring with these degenerates goes nowhere, they will NEVER achieve respectability in the eyes of the elite. However, they run a real risk of losing credibility in the eyes of regular people if they continue to ignore the elephant in the living room.
  • People are asking: if a regular guy or gal like me can see through the ridiculous official fairy tale, why can’t a smart guy like Noam Chomsky? People are starting to raise their eyebrows.
  • One need not make 911 truth the entire focus of their efforts, it merely has to be acknowledged and supported.
  • The blowback theory, however plausible it seemed at first, and however much America’s foreign policy encourages these types of attacks, is no longer tenable. Admit you were wrong – it’s a sign of character. If you truly want to stop terrorism, you must do more than eliminate the social and economic conditions that give rise to suicide bombers; you must also expose false flag terrorism engineered by the state. All the peace and justice in the world will not stop the state from engaging in these attacks against her own people and blaming it on foreign enemies. So long as ignorance of false flags is predominant, terrorism will continue – and war.
  • Fragile ego and booksales on blowback are no excuse for continued complicity. You know in your heart the truth about 911, and you also know that the elite is only a breath away from launching another false flag terror extravaganza, which will hurl us into WWIII. Will you allow your petty ego to stand in the way of peace?

Michael Parenti: mp@michaelparenti.org
Howard Zinn: hzinn2@yahoo.com
Mickey Z: mzx2@earthlink.net
David Barsamian: dbarsamian@hotmail.com
Adrej Grubacic: zapata@mutualaid.org
Alexander Cockburn: counterpunch@counterpunch.org
Arundhati Roy: assistant@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk
Micahel Albert: sysop@zmag.org
Amy Goodman: amyg@pacifica.org
Ward Churchill: Ward.Churchill@Colorado.EDU
Edward Hermann: hermane@wharton.upenn.edu
George Monbiot: g.monbiot@zetnet.co.uk
Greg Palast: palast@aol.com
Tariq Ali: tariq.ali3@btinternet.com
Christopher Cook: Christopher@dietforadeadplanet.com
John Pilger: pilgereditor@gmail.com
Ted Rall: chet@rall.com
Black Commentator: publisher@blackcommentator.com
Ron Jacobs: rjacobs3625@charter.net
Dave Lindorff: dlindorff@yahoo.com
Norman Soloman: mediabeat@igc.org.
Joshua Frank: BrickBurner@gmail.com.
Michael Neumann: mneumann@trentu.ca.
Christopher Reed: christopherreed@earthlink.net.
Noam Chomsky: Chomsky@mit.edu

Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center: a crude and dishonest work

Check out this statement made by Oliver Stone in October 2001:

In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks, Stone had a more “left” take on the events. On October 6, 2001, at a New York Film Festival forum, he denounced the “new world order” and asserted that “the revolt of September 11th was about ‘Fuck you! Fuck your order—’” He suggested that those in the Arab world who celebrated the downing of the World Trade Center were reacting like those who had responded joyfully to the French and Russian revolutions. Stone also apparently drew a link between the attacks and the hijacking of the 2000 elections by the Bush camp, which he described as a confirmation of the demise of democracy.


So where is the rage now?? He may have been wrong about the Arabs, but was right about everything else. I guess the "demise of democracy" isn't such an issue for him anymore, now that he is part of the media spreading propaganda.

Pipelines To 9/11

Pretty good article that gives a little history of Aghanistan and the Taliban, some discussion of alternative theories at the end, check it out:


However, if we stick to the facts, and throw out all the information that comes from unverifiable sources, our world looks very different. This research article is intended to reveal the facts that lead to the US invasion of Afghanistan and to reveal the logical place of the 9/11events in that context. It is not meant to offend anyone. Don't read it if you are pleased with the "official" version of our history.

Austin Pastor Fights to Spread 9/11 Truth

Seems that religious leaders are finally stepping up to the plate. We truly have hit the mainstream...

Video available here:

An article available here:

Loehr delivered a sermon regarding 9/11 as early as September 16, 2001, but from a rather different perspective. Loehr utilized his first sermon in a 'post-9/11' world to highlight the effects of "blowback"--consequences for the adverse effects of U.S. foreign policy from the eyes of many foreign nations, particularly in the Mid-East region.

Thanks to Stacy for sending this in.

New Meria Heller Interview of Richard Grove

Check it out for free here:

Also, Richard will be mentioning the hard work and activism by various 911 Bloggers and the huge resource of email addresses that they have generated in his upcoming Podcast as well as hopefully during his appearance on TNRLive tonight at 10 pm PST.

World Net Daily publishes Fetzer's rebuttal

Truth seekers, not Bush bashers

...In one recent post, for example, he claimed that the Twin Towers cannot have come down as the result of controlled demolitions, which, he said, "blow out the first and second floors, so that the building falls down into its own footprint."

This is known as trading upon an equivocation, because Moseley's definition is applicable to standard controlled demolitions, while the towers appear to have been subject to special kinds of controlled demolition in which they were blown up from the top down. I explained that to him then, but it was to no avail.

That post revealed the abuse of language. In another, he committed a logical blunder by maintaining that, because different "conspiracy theories" are not consistent with one another, they must all be false! But the only inference that follows is that they cannot all be true! You don't have to have taught logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning for 35 years to have noticed this, but perhaps it helps. I also explained this mistake at the time, but he still chose to repeat it in the article WND published Wednesday...


Christopher Bollyn returns fire

Christopher Bollyn released a statement on Wednesday, August 16th, claiming Police abuse, that he believes happened as a result his 9/11 research. On August 17th, Bollyn, his wife, and an un-named friend met with Village Manager Norris, and Chief of Police Herdegen, (of Hoffman Estates, Illinois), and served them with them with an "AFFIDAVIT AND STATEMENT OF FACT - CRIMINAL COMPLAINT INCLUDING AND NOT LIMITED TO FALSE ARREST POLICE BRUTALITY AND INTENTIONAL POLICE HARRASSMENT OF AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED MEMBER OF THE PRESS"

You can read all about it at Liberty Forum. (CAUTION: Liberty Forum is an unadulterated libertarian free speech zone. "Politically Correct" speech is generally not practiced there.)

World Net Daily Forced To Issue 9/11 Hit Piece Retraction


Following a radio show debate yesterday in which a 9/11 hit piece article written by Jonathon Moseley for World Net Daily was exposed as containing numerous flaws and baseless allegations, the online news site was later forced to issue a retraction.

One of the most glaring inaccuracies of the article was Moseley's claim that Professor Steven Jones of the 9/11 Truth Scholars, during a conference aired on C-Span, called "for the violent overthrow of the government."

After painstaking analysis of all the tapes from the conference there was no evidence whatsoever that a statement even close to this nature was ever made by Jones.

Following the radio debate, World Net Daily were pressed into issuing the following retraction on their website.

Editor's note, Aug. 17, 2006: In paragraph four of this column, the author makes an assertion about professor Steven Jones' remarks at a 9/11 symposium broadcast by C-SPAN. A review of the program online evidenced no such comments by Jones."
This latest example of ineptitude on the part of Moseley and World Net Daily only brings their other claims about 9/11 under further scrutiny. If they can't even ascribe the correct statements to the right people, yet use false allegations to try and smear the characters of respected professionals, how can we trust their assertions that 9/11 skeptics are wrong?

Alex Jones on Alan Colmes MP3 download

Alex Jones on the Alan Colmes radio show, 8/17/2006

8 MB download

One of Jones' best appearances on mainstream radio.

Achtung! Tarpley in Germany 9/10/2006

If anyone attends this event, please send us some photos and a report!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Meria Heller's Column Dropped Due to 9/11 Content

UPDATE from Meria: "I have a great 9/11 interview at my free show link that I did today with Ron Schalow, who wrote the book "Bullshit Artist - The 9/11 Leadership Myth, America was under attack for 102 minutes, for 102 minutes the president did nothing" www.bullshitartist.net; It will be there spinning 24/7 until Mondays' show replaces it. Yesterday I did a great interview with Richard Grove, 911 Whistleblower, which is in the archives and I will move it to the Ipod download over the weekend. You may want to let your readers know, a gift from me."

(Screen capture from Heller's keynote speech at the "9/11: Revealing The Truth, Reclaiming Our Future" conference, DVD available from 911truth.org.)

Meria Heller, the producer and host of the Meria Heller Show, had her printed column in the "Rim Country Gazette" pulled... this is the article that the Gazette declined to publish, and caused the Gazette to pull the plug; (For full article click here.)

The Pentagon LIED about 9/11/01 – truth or conspiracy?

by Meria Heller, 8/10/2006

...September 11, 2001 was a day that will go down in infamy, similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor, preceding our entrance into World War 2. It is a day that our President has told us to “move on” past. Our fearless leader’s recommendation for America that day? Go shopping.

We’ve done a lot of shopping since 9/11. We’ve shopped for duct tape and plastic, anthrax and smallpox remedies, and mostly – for the truth of what happened on 9/11/01...

...Why did Guiliani hire the same demolition company, Controlled Demolitions, that cleaned up Oklahoma City’s bombing? Coincidence? Coincidence that Zaccaria Moussaoui is in the same prison as Terry Nichols ? Is that a prison for Manchurian Candidates?...

...With the culture of fear pervading our every moment in America, continuous false flag operations happening to promote the agenda of the Military-Industrial-complex that President Eisenhower warned us of, we must demand answers...

...This is not a partisan matter, this is an AMERICAN matter. Together we either stand or fall.


William Rodriguez Q & A

Mr. Rodriguez has been getting so many questions on different threads that we are going to reserve this comments thread for your questions specifically for Mr. Rodriguez, and he will answer them as he can...

Mr. Rodriguez also says he has big news coming out on Sunday, I hate to leave anyone hanging, but that's all we can say for now.

Anyhow, please post your questions below.

Professors Jones and Fetzer respond to Moseley's attack piece

Professor Steven Jones Urgently Asks For Help Regarding Personal Attacks

...Those publishing this essay should check my actual comments on the C-SPAN broadcast. I made no such statement that "there is no peaceful way to achieve the group's goals." This is FALSE, UNTRUE, AND TOTALLY NOT WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID, NOR DO I IN ANY WAY SUPPORT THIS STATEMENT AT ALL.

I need your help. I have a meeting here now ==very serious -- about my standing here -- in 1/2 hour. I must prepare.

Please find out who to write to, to protest these untrue statements, so that after my meeting I will be able to respond. If you would respond in my behalf, I would deeply appreciate that. These lies need to be challenged, for anyone can listen to CSPAN and determine that I did not make the alleged comments...

- Steven Jones.

Truth Seekers, not Bush Bashers

"9/11 Bush bashers" by Jon Moseley, worldnetdaily (16 August 2006), alas, is reprehensible and irresponsible in almost every respect. He abuses language and logic and attempts to smear me without justification in an apparent effort to mislead the public from appreciating the objective and scientific findings about the events of 9/11 that have been established by Scholars for 9/11 Truth, an organization that I founded and co-chair with Steve Jones, a physicist from BYU, who has done extensive studies of how the towers were in fact destroyed.

Moseley has been fanatical, even obsessive, about posting attacks upon members of Scholars. To verify my impression, I did a search on recent Moseley posts. On 15 August 2006, for example, he posted 15 attacks. On 1 August 2006, 22...

- Jim Fetzer.


Contact World Net Daily here.

Author of "Crossing the Rubicon" Leaves the U.S.

Mike Ruppert has left the building...

A Permanent Goodbye to the United States

...My shame today is that it took a set of circumstances where my life was in danger to make me make the right choice, a choice I would now like to say was totally a matter of conscience, but it was not. The truth is that I was prompted to do what I should have done long ago out of a well-justified desire to save my life...

He's currently in Caracas, Venezuela.

100% official proof: Doubles on 911 at work

People might recall that the presence of Atta and Al Shehhi in Shuckums (Hollywood, FL) on September 7, 2001 posed a big challenges to the official story. Their heavy drinking in this bar has been witnessed by many and widely reported in the media. Yet the Commission Report states that Atta travelled to Baltimore the very same day.

The last flight from Fort Lauderdale (closest airport to Hollywood) to Baltimore took off at 7.30 p.m. If one assumes that all the reportings that have him drinking longer than 7 p.m. are wrong, that he managed 12 miles to the airport in a quarter of an hour and if he was still allowed to check in at 7.15 p.m. and that the reportings of Atta and Al Shehhi in Sarasota the same evening are wrong, too, than the drinking in Shuckums so far was no definite proof that Atta had a double.

This changed now with the publication of the evidences presented in the Moussaoui trial.

Open the one on Atta (OG00020.02 at the bottom of the page)
Here you find now:
[b]On Sep 7 a wire transfer from Al Shehhi's and Atta's account happened on Sep 7 at 15:58.[/b]
This pushes the beginning of the drinking to later than 4 p.m. or somehow the alleged hijackers interrupted their session which has not been reported. It gets worse.
Now open the file on Al Shhehi (open OG00020.01 at the bottom of the list). Here you find:
[b]Al Shehhi made on Sep 7 at 16:56 in Deerfield Beach an ATM withdrawal fom Saeed Al Ghamdi's account and was taken on video.[/b]

Now, how is this possible. At the very same time he’s supposed to drink in Hollywood which is 20-25 miles away. All reports talk of Atta and Al Shehhi drinking there. If Al Shehhi arrived just after 4 p.m. in Hollywood then he would have had to leave the bar right away in order to drive back to Deerfield Beach (where by the way he was coming from) and could only have returned back to Shuckums around 5.45 p.m. having left Atta alone for 1 ½ hours. All this is in inexplainable contrast to the Atta and Al Shehhi drinking in Shuckums. And I would very much like to see the video footage of Al Shehhi!

It gets even worse.
As officially stated in the already mentioned chronology on Atta he did take Flight 2719 from Fort Lauderdale to Baltimore on September 7, 2001. [b]According to the BTS the plane was scheduled for 3:15 p.m. Therefore Atta is on a flight to Baltimore while he is still witnessed drinking at Shuckums for hours....!
Therefore we can conclude that Atta and most likely Al Shehhi had doubles.[/b]
More info on this topic here:
For further information on the alleged hijackers see “Tracking the alleged hijackers and their doubles”.

Thanks to John Doe II for sending this in.

Also, vote:
Do you believe the administration's and the media's account of what really happened on 9/11?

9/11 Truth Extends A Cordial Invitation...

...To Itself - To Camp Democracy, Wash DC

by Cathy Garger

As anti-war activists from “peace and social justice” groups no doubt already know, September 5 through 21 are the dates anti-war activists, humanitarians, and other progressives will travel to the nation’s capital to participate in what’s being termed “Camp Democracy”. Similarly, activists calling for the truth about 9/11 are urging all others who doubt the “official story” to come to Washington, DC during the same days that Camp Democracy will be converging upon the National Mall.

Cait Burgess is one such individual who will be traveling from Fort Worth to the nation’s capital the week of September 11. A member of Veterans for 9/11 Truth, Cait is well-studied on 9/11 and the manufactured “War On Terror” used to justify wars upon both Afghanistan and Iraq. When asked why she plans to travel all the way from Texas to the District for the five year anniversary, Ms. Burgess explains, “The world changed on 9/11. President Bush spoke the truth when he said that the terrorists that attacked us did so because they hate our freedoms. The only part he was mistaken about was the identity of these terrorists!

Through unconstitutional legislation, such as the USA Patriot Acts, the rights we think we have as citizens of this great country have been slashed, all in the name of ‘protecting us from terror.’

A wise man once said that those who give up their freedom in exchange for security deserve neither freedom nor security. I for one, am tired of having my rights removed without my consent. I will go to D.C., stand with my fellow citizens and the Veterans for 9/11 Truth to expose the fraud behind the 9/11 attacks that have led to the destruction of our country.”


Of course, there will PLENTY of action at Ground Zero as well; check out NY911truth.org for more details.

Alex Jones on Alan Colmes Tonight- CONFIRMED

Its confirmed:


A prominent conspiracy theorist says we'll soon see massive -- but staged -- terror attacks. Can his claims be believed?

After Alex obliterates Colmes with truth and logic, hopefully he'll get a shot at Hannity who deserves it more...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Letters to the editor: Evidence of terror

Good stuff, keep em coming!!


None of the U.S. or British terror plots and alerts has amounted to much – except more fear, loss of liberty and war.

Recently, "terrorists" in Canada allegedly plotted to decapitate Canada's prime minister. Then, squatters in Miami plotted to destroy Chicago's Sears Tower with explosives.

Let's not forget ex-gang member Jose Padilla, who sits in prison for years without trial because he supposedly thought about making a dirty bomb.

Now we have liquid bombers from London.

The "War on Terror" began on 9/11/01 when three skyscrapers in Manhattan were demolished with pre-positioned explosives,
the most logical explanation for their collapse ( www.911review.com/articles/griffin/ nyc1.html).

Did al-Qaida have that capability? No. Al-Qaida was defined as we know it when New York prosecutors sought to try Osama bin Laden under the RICO Act back in January 2001 (read "Al Qaeda" by Jason Burke). However, al-Qaida remains more idea than network, attracting some angry Muslims partly because of our militarized response to them.

Please see the BBC documentary "The Power of Nightmares" to learn how U.S. neo-conservatives and Islamist radicals create this conflict, and read David Ray Griffin's "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions" to understand why the 9/11 myth doesn't fit the available evidence.

Mike Kress

Jason Bermas on Charles Goyette

I uploaded this audio file this morning, but haven't had a chance to podcast it, so here it is in a 42 MB MP3 format:


Univision Network Interviews William Rodriguez

Here is an email William Rodriguez received today and was kind enough to share with us:

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

We are writing you to request an interview with you. We are currently working on a story related to 911 - Five years later. We would like to talk to you regarding the theory that is behind the attacks that you have been sharing with thousands. The interview will be conducted in Spanish.

This story will air on our prime-time program “Aqui y Ahora”. "Aqui y Ahora " is our prime-time newsmagazine that airs nationwide in Univision Network every Thursday at 10 pm. It has an estimated 31 million Spanish-speaking viewers.

This is the only in-depth news magazine show in Spanish television in the US and is anchored by veteran journalists Teresa Rodriguez, Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas.

The show covers a range of in-depth subjects, from breaking news and politics, to profiles and features.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter at your earliest convenience.

Belisa Morillo

Belisa Morillo
Aqui y Ahora | Producer
9405 NW 41st | Miami, FL 33178

Also, here is a statement William made today regarding the tapes that were released:

Dear Friends, today we held a press conference to speak about the newly released tapes. After 5 years, we still amazed all this evidence has taken this long to come out. In the beginning we were told that the city wanted to keep them sealed for 25 years. The main reason we were told was to respect the families. How ironic that it was the families and survivors that pushed forward to get to the truth!!! It is unbelievable that 5 years later we are still fighting to get all the evidence and our only recourse is the legal system which we do not trust very much either. The 1600+ calls are very disturbing to hear, as a survivor and leader of the victims, my heart was ripped apart as I listened to the first half an hour and even though I had PTSD therapy, I know it is going to be devastating to the families to hear them. I will go through the process of getting some sense of all of it. Will tell all of you later.

9/11 Nun's Dying Plea


A nun who spent six months blessing human remains in the rubble at Ground Zero says she is dying of lung disease and wants her body autopsied to prove that she and her fellow 9/11 workers were sickened by the poisonous air at the site.

Thanks to BuddyJ for this submission.

Latest Terror Threat: More Government Foreknowledge


This week's cross-Atlantic terror alert has all the markings of an orchestrated incident to maintain public support for the ongoing US-British war on terror. White House spokesman Tony Snow admitted that President Bush had not been awakened by the dramatic news of Britain's air traffic shutdown because "Bush had been getting regular briefings on the developments for days." If they knew so far in advance, why the dramatic shut-down of trans-Atlantic air traffic inconveniencing thousands, as if they intervened just in time?

You have to sign up to read the whole article, although you might be able to check it out in its entirety here. Thanks to Carol for sending this in.

Loose Change mentioned in Germany's second State Television Channel

Ron from Denmark just sent this in:

A report about Loose Change was just shown this evening, 21:45 hours, in one of Germanys three largest evening news programs. it was a rip-up, but there were a good number of hints in it, that someone wanting to know more, would then know where to look.

Here's the link:

Ron tells me this show is seen by 5 to 10 million viewers, he will let us know what the ratings were tommorrow.

Dr. Frank Greening Agrees To Debate 9/11 Skeptics

Dr. Frank R. Greening to argue in support of government account of the events of September 11, 2001 at the National 9/11 Debate

Dr. Frank R. Greening to argue in support of government account of the events of September 11, 2001 at the National 9/11 Debate

The National 9/11 Debate is pleased to announce that Frank R. Greening Ph.D. has agreed to participate in the National 9/11 Debate on March 10, 2007 in Charleston, South Carolina. Frank R. Greening will be part of a seven-member debate team that will support the U.S. government’s official account of 9/11 events.

Frank R. Greening was born in London, England in 1947. He has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry and has carried out research in physics, chemistry, and materials science for 30 years in academic and industrial positions. He has published approximately 80 research reports and journal articles, including numerous articles supporting the government’s collapse sequence theories of World Trade Center Buildings 1 & 2.

While the 9/11 Commissioners and NIST scientists remain invited to participate in the National 9/11 Debate, the Muckraker Report has expanded the potential government debate team members to any qualified persons that are willing to publicly defend the government’s account of 9/11 against the opposing debate team already assembled. Dr. Greening is the first such expert that has agreed to debate members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth as well as other experts that oppose the government’s account of 9/11 to include Philip J. Berg, James H. Fetzer, David Ray Griffin, Steven E. Jones, George Nelson, Morgan Reynolds, and Judy D. Wood.

“Regardless of what you believe about the events of September 11, 2001, the need for a fair, public debate regarding the government’s official account of 9/11 is made apparent by the fact that nearly half of all Americans, and arguably, more than half of the world population does not accept the U.S. government’s final 9/11 reports as complete or factual. The goal of this debate has always been to give each side a safe public forum for honest debate where each side is allowed to completely express their views and debate the merits of these views,” says Ed Haas, National 9/11 Debate Coordinator. “With Dr. Greening coming on board, I am confident that others will follow and this much needed debate will occur.”

The format of the National 9/11 Debate will include a credentialed seven-member debate team that supports the government’s account of 9/11, a credentialed seven-member debate team that disputes elements of the government’s account, and a seven-member media panel that will monitor the debates and pose questions to the debate team members.

You can find some of Dr. Greening's work at 911myths.com.

Thanks Jon for the heads up!

So who is going to Ground Zero this year? How about DC?

The 5th anniversary is right around the corner, what are your plans? Looking to carpool or to share accomodations? Make your plans in the comments below...

Thanks to Nothwind for the good idea.

New Article by Paul Craig Roberts, Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, on 9/11

What we know and don’t know about 9/11 - Paul Craig Roberts

I received a number of intelligent responses from readers of my August 14 column, “Gullible Americans,” The letters deserve a reply. Moreover, some contain important points that should be shared with a wider audience. Pundits such as myself are not the only people who have interesting things to say. Considering the number of letters and the time it would require to respond individually, I am replying instead in this column.

Most readers from whom I heard understand the difference between loyalty to country and loyalty to a government. They understand that to support a political party or a government that is destroying the US Constitution and America’s reputation in the world is, in fact, an act of treason. Therefore, I did not have to read the usual drivel about how doubting “our government” is un-American.
Despite the dark days in which we live, some readers find optimism in recent polls that show more than one-third of the US public now disbelieve the official account of 9/11 despite the Bush regime’s propaganda faithfully trumpeted by the US media. Bush’s own rock-bottom polls show that Americans, like the Russians of the Soviet era, can read between the lines of the propagandistic US media. Many Americans can still spot a liar and a cheat when they see one.

Check out the whole article for the feedback he received and his comments on them.

Thanks Richard for the heads up!

City Releases 1,600 More Emergency Calls Made On 9/11

City Releases 1,600 More Emergency Calls Made On 9/11

The voices of firefighters, including at least 19 who died, will be made public Wednesday after the city recently discovered more than 1,600 previously undisclosed emergency calls from September 11th.

Most of the communications coming out will be FDNY dispatches, but they will also include 10 calls made to 911 from people inside the Twin Towers.
The release of the recordings today follows an investigation ordered by Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta to uncover all master tapes and find any calls that were missed during the first review, after he learned of a tape that had not been given to the City Law Department. Scoppetta said the workers misunderstood the instructions on what kind of call could be released.
Some people who escaped the towers or lost relatives are also calling on the city to release both sides of the recordings. For privacy reasons, most of the tapes only have audio of the emergency operators.

"In five years these families have to seek legal help to release this information; that is a disgrace to this great city. It is a disgrace to the greatest fire department in the world," said retired FDNY Captain Al Fuentes.

"At first I was told two to three hundred calls. Now today, we received 1,613 calls. How and why did this happen? We need to know the answer to this question," said Norman Siegel, an attorney for 9/11 families.

Please post any relative links in the comments.

9/11 Press For Truth Coming to Select Theaters

Two Boots Pioneer Theater
6:30PM – An invitation-only theatrical premiere for 9/11 families, the press, the filmmakers, and a few special TBA celebrity guests.

*The movie that tells the inside story of the 9/11 families' fight for truth and accountability premieres in Manhattan on Thursday, September 7!*

The invitation-only event at Two Boots Pioneer Theater will be attended by 9/11 families, the filmmakers, press, and a sprinkling of New York celebrities.

Then, all weekend long, from Friday, September 8 - Monday, September 11th, '9/11 PRESS FOR TRUTH' will be rolled out in theaters and other venues across the country:

*Los Angeles*
*Washington, DC*
*Fort Wayne, IN*
*Champaign, IL*
*Peoria, IL*
*Santa Barbara, CA*
*Ventura, CA*
*Ojai, CA*
*San Luis Obispo, CA*
*Culver City, CA*
*St. Paul, MN*

More theaters in Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, and elsewhere to be announced soon!

*For more details, go to http://www.911pressfortruth.com/showings

Olbermann and Others

YouTube video segment - 10 min.

Olbermann: 'The Nexus of politics and terror'

David Edwards
Published: Tuesday August 15, 2006

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann offered an updated top 10 list of occasions that the Bush Administration has gained political benefits around the same time that the public's fear of terrorism was at a peak. Olbermann describes it as "The Nexus of Politics and Terror." ...

NYC to release 911 calls from Sept. 11

The city planned Wednesday to release hours of emergency calls from Sept. 11, 2001, after Fire Department officials said they had discovered hundreds of internal recordings made by firefighters who went to rescue people from the burning twin towers...

Richard Andrew Grove to appear on Meria Heller's show today, show starts at 1pm EDT. Subscribers can listen to her show live streaming from her website.


Jim Fetzer's appearance on Springer now available for download;

Full show, 19.8 MB


Claim: Liquid Terror Suspect Watched Conspiracy Vids
Disturbing growing trend of 'guilt by association' should concern 9/11 truthers

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 15 2006

..."After 9/11 and 7/7 Waheed was sceptical about whether Muslims could have been responsible. He watched conspiracy videos on the internet. He believed them and thought they made sense. Like most people in the world, he was anti-war. But his solution was: fight the enemies of Islam by showing them the real Islam, a religion of peace." ...

...Whether the media or the government will jump upon this facet and use it to attack peaceful researchers and truth seekers remains to be seen...

...Because we live in a police state where innocent people are set-up, raided and framed by the government - and because hate crime and 'glorification of terror' legislation has been introduced in both the US and the UK - it is necessary to emphasize the fact that Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Watson and Alex Jones as well as any person connected with Alex Jones Productions completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against innocent people.

Furthermore, we also maintain our right under God-given freedom of speech to question the nature and source of terrorism without being smeared or labeled as suspicious.

This is in print and archived for posterity. If they try to associate us with any of these suspect individuals then it just proves in triplicate everything we've been saying about staged terror alerts and false flag provocations.

I think I can speak for the team members here at 911blogger.com when I say that we also "completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against innocent people."

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Barrie Zwicker and Connie Fogal speak in Winnipeg 911 Truth movement presents...

Barrie Zwicker - The Media Cover-up of 9/11- Promoting his new book "Deception Towers"- a critique of the media analysis of 911

Constance (Connie) Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party- speaking on the responsibility of a political party to confront grave questions openly and honestly in a democracy- the societal implications of the deception.

Date: Sunday, August 20,
Location: University of Winnipeg, Lockheart Hall, Room 1L11
Time: NOON to 7:00 P.M.
Admission: Free

More info - http://www.stoplying.ca/towers

Peter Bergen: Bin Laden, CIA links hogwash

Bin Laden, CIA links hogwash

Peter Bergen: ...The story about bin Laden and the CIA—that the CIA funded bin Laden or trained bin Laden—is simply a folk myth. There’s no evidence of this. In fact, there are very few things that bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and the U.S. government agree on. They all agree that they didn’t have a relationship in the 1980s. And they wouldn’t have needed to. Bin Laden had his own money, he was anti-American and he was operating secretly and independently....

Webster Tarpley responds, (full text here);

Peter Bergen needs to take time out from parroting his MI-5 and MI-6 printouts and address a few facts. As I show in my book, 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, the al Qaeda organization was most emphatically the “Arab Legion” created by the US and the British to counter the Soviets in Afghanistan in the early 1980s. The concept of this Arab Legion is found in the memoirs of former CIA Director Robert Gates. Bin Laden personally is of course an eccentric, a dreamer, and a basket case, but there is no doubt that when he went to Peshawar, Pakistan during those years he was surrounded by CIA and MI-6 handlers who steered him in the desired direction. Bin Laden has always received comprehensive support services from US-UK intelligence...


Other counterpoints:

"9/11 in Historical Perspective: Flawed Assumptions" by Peter Dale Scott

"Who Is Osama Bin Laden?" by Michel Chossudovsky

"Subverting Terrorism" by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

"The Power of Nightmares" by Adam Curtis (BBC Documentary)

More on Opium, Afghanistan and the Mujahidin.

William Rodriguez to act as Telemundo 9/11 Expert

We got this press release from Mr. Rodriguez;

9/11 Activist William Rodriguez yesterday turned down Univision Network’s invitation to be the on-screen camera expert on 9/11.

Today, he was selected by Telemundo-NBC to serve in the same role, but with better international and national coverage, reaching a targeted audience of almost 120 million Hispanics across Latin America and the US.

Rodriguez will be busy assembling “video packages” of all related 9/11 stories, which he will use to carefully walk the audience through the 9/11 timeline during the events of the ceremony.

This new development is expected to be a major breakthrough for the 9/11 Truth movement as a whole. Rodriguez will also cast doubts on the “official story” since what really happened on that terrible day is at odds with the facts contained in the government’s “9/11 Commission Report”.

Hopefully, there will be more detail in the near future.

Grab Bag

Carl Person does have one person giving him competition as a 9/11 candidate, and she's already on the bill for NY State A.G. as a Green; Rachel Treichler. Here is an interview with her. Here's her 9/11 stance.


Manuel Valenzeula has written a blistering indictment on 9/11. As usual, he pulls no punches;

"Make no mistake, 9/11 was, and continues to be, a war upon the American people, a psychological operation directed at our minds and hearts that was, from the very start, nothing but the catalyst needed to launch Project Empire by the delusional criminals and miscreants in power. The events of 9/11, with the destruction of the World Trade Center, as well as the hit on the Pentagon, were designed by the architects of mass murder as the oil needed to fine-tune our thirst for blood and start the engine of the American war machine as well as those sparkplugs of blind and unthinking support, the American people. The targets were largely symbolic, landmarks entrenched into the American psyche, easily recognizable as pillars of American strength, the strikes upon their infrastructure calculated not only to inflict mass murder, but to deeply affect the collective psychology of hundreds of millions of Americans. In 9/11 the enablers of terror would have the birth pangs of their new American Century. September 11, 2001 was, in short, the neocon wet dream come to life."


If you have an account at World Net daily, you can vote in their daily poll, which today (Tuesday) is on 9/11. "Do you think the U.S. government was complicit in the 9-11 attacks?"


Steve Bhaerman is having good luck getting his David Ray Griffin article printed in weeklies, and would like some assistance getting it printed in more;

Dear Friends,

I want to let you know about a great step forward in 9/11 truth and enlist your help in spreading the word even further. I just found out that the article I wrote for the Bohemian up here in Santa Rosa about David Ray Griffin, Unquestioned Answers: A Non-Conspiracy Theorist Takes Aim at the Official 9/11 Story will be run as a cover story in both Metro Santa Cruz and Metro Silicon Valley the week of September 11th! This is huge. Now what we need are alternative weeklies everywhere to pick up the story and do the same. This particular story received over 100 letters -- four times as many as the Bohemian has ever gotten about anything -- and they were ALL positive. Readers praised the courage of the Bohemian editors and were heartened and relieved that someone was printing the truth. Griffin's latest book, Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11: A Call to Reflection and Action was published by Westminster John Knox Press -- the official Presbyterian Church publisher. You can only imagine what a buzz this has caused. So let's take advantage of it.

Please share this email -- along with the link to the Bohemian article -- with your networks, and ask folks everywhere to approach their local weeklies. If we want to get this in the 9/11 issues, now is the time to contact the publications. The Bohemian has given me permission to handle republication, so have the publications contact me.

Steve Bhaerman



David Chen is reaching out to the Anti-War movement on his blog; "An Appeal to the Anti-War Movement".


Michael Wolsey interviews Ed Haas of the Muckraker Report;

In this special broadcast, Visibility 9-11 welcomes Ed Haas. Ed first broke the story that the FBI has said that there is "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11" at his website, The Muckraker Report. Even the FBI's own website with the wanted poster for Bin Laden does not mention 9-11! Ed has been working through Freedom of Information Act requests to verify that the "fat bin laden" video has been authenticated and has an update on this as well as his challenge to the 9-11 Commissioners and the NIST investigators to debate a panel of leading alternative 9-11 researchers about the two differing conspiracy theories about what really happened on September 11th, 2001.

Thanks for contributing!

Fetzer was on Springer This morning.

EDIT: If anyone has the Fetzer segment, send it in. Show's over. Plenty of comments below.

Air America Radio

Alex Jones' Terror Alert on FOX News

YouTube video segment, broadcast August 14, 2006.

"A radio host who says he predicted a "staged attack" on the World Trade Center involving Usama bin Laden as a "fall guy" in 2001 now says last week's red terror alert is just a trial run for a massive staged terror attack initiated by the U.S. government.

Alex Jones says the attack will occur before the end of October and could provide the "neo-fascist bloodsuckers" in the administration with fraudulent justification to invade Iran or Syria before November's midterm elections." - (Text link - scroll down.)

Also, listen to Alex Jones praise the members of 911blogger for their activism:

Finally, please go to Digg.com, register and then "digg up" this story... Let's bring it up to the front page! (Digg is now one of the most popular sites on the Net, huge amounts of visitors, and the comments section is great to discuss stuff and wake even more people up!)

Thanks, RC.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Updated Podcasts

Episode 4 of the 911 Synchronicity podcast by Richard Andrew Grove available here:

A new entry to the Al Uh Looyah podcast is available here:

Also, new 9/11 Posters for your Activism needs:

While on the subject of Activism, I feel I must bring up the fantastic work the troops have been doing in the Alex Jones: A Call to Activism thread.

There are numerous lists of email addresses broken down by State or Province as well as a sample email template all of us can use to send out our own email blasts. Take a few minutes, select a group of email addresses, and send something out. All the hard work has been done for us, go for it:
Alex Jones: A Call to Activism

September 11th: Lists and Links

Check this out, its not quite complete yet, so all links aren't available, but its a nice job so far:


Thomas Kean on the Daily Show tonight

Short notice on this one, catch it if you can:

I think it's worth mentioning that 911 Commission chairman Thomas Kean will be on the Daily Show tonight talking about his book "Without Precident" that explains how the Pentagon was misleading in the investigation.

Thanks to OregonTruther.

Paul Thompson on Randi Rhodes

Discussion regarding the new movie Press for Truth. Download 2 MB, 17 minute MP3 here:


Thanks to TT and FrankV for sending this in.

Screening of Cui bono? WTC in Minneapolis


Cui bono? WTC included in Bearded Child

Bearded Child Film Festival has selected Cui bono? WTC for screening in its annual film fest in Grand Rapids, MN at the Myles Reif Performing Arts Center. The festival is spread over 8/18 - 8/19 and Cui bono? WTC will be on the 19th, show starts at 6:00pm.

It’s reassuring that not all Film Festivals are afraid to screen factual films covering important and serious issues. Only by exposing the 9/11 official story as a fraud can we truly be free from tyranny and future False Flag attacks. People are waking up in droves and 9/11 truth can’t forever be held back and spun by our pathetic sheepish mainstream media.

Former CIA Analyst Comes Out For New 9/11 Investigations

Bill Christison, a CIA analyst for 28 and a half years, has emerged after 5 years of downplaying 9/11 skepticism, as a proponent for new 9/11 investigations. He joins Mel Goodman, David MacMichaels and Ray McGovern as a critic of the 9/11 Commission, but goes further, endorsing some 9/11 theories, and giving them priorities;

Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11

by Bill Christison
August 14, 2006

... But on July 29 and 30, and then again on August 1, something else happened that increasing numbers of people believe is of equal importance. On these dates C-SPAN rebroadcast a panel discussion, held originally in late June... to discuss what really happened on September 11, 2001... The meeting was attended by 1,200 people interested in hearing something other than the official story of 9/11. The TV audience was evidently large enough to spur C-SPAN to broadcast the panel discussion five separate times in four days...

...Let’s address the real issues here. Why is it important that we not let the so-called conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 be drowned out? After spending the better part of the last five years treating these theories with utmost skepticism, I have devoted serious time to actually studying them in recent months, and have also carefully watched several videos that are available on the subject. I have come to believe that significant parts of the 9/11 theories are true, and that therefore significant parts of the “official story” put out by the U.S. government and the 9/11 Commission are false. I now think there is persuasive evidence that the events of September did not unfold as the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission would have us believe...

Christison had previously emerged as a critic of Bush foreign policy in Robert Greenwald's "Uncovered: the War on Iraq" - "That very first day, on September 12, one day after September 11... the meeting that was held in the White House, in the situation room... led to Rumsfeld asking the question, “Shouldn’t we use this as an opportunity to do something about Iraq as well?”" - Bill Christison.

What to Expect from a Populist-9/11 Attorney General

Carl Person is working hard to get on the ballot as a Populist-9/11 Candidate for New York State Attorney General. 9/11 is not the only thing he wants to fight for, you can read more at his campaign website. However, what he could do as NY state A.G. is impressive enough. Person just released this statement, here are some excerpts; the whole statement can be viewed on my blog;

What to Expect from a Populist-9/11 Attorney General

...First, I would designate Ground Zero as a crime scene, and encourage anyone with samples of air, parts of fallen buildings, photographs or movies of any part of the collapsed buildings, structural beams showing their condition and any cuts, any equipment to cut beams, the names of any companies contracted to work in the area or anything else to help reconstruct what happened on and after 9/11, and to identify companies and individuals who could be interviewed by my 9/11 investigators. By calling Ground Zero a “crime scene”, I might be able to obtain a greater response to my search for Ground Zero effects or photos or recollections, to be able to say that people should come forward with what they have as a public duty.

The record of the grand jury proceedings would record, to the extent now possible, what really happened up to, during and subsequent to 9/11/01. The U.S. Government’s official reports of what happened, through the 9/11 Commission Report and through other governmental releases, do not tell the story. They are obviously designed to cover up what really happened, and an independent investigation is necessary. No such investigation has been undertaken to this day. I plan to conduct the needed investigation. The course of our country seems to depend on the ability of someone to conduct such an investigation. None of the other candidates for New York Attorney General say they will investigate 9/11.

Also, I would set up a grand jury to investigate what happened prior to, on and after 9/11 concerning 7 World Trade Center, the North Tower and the South Tower, to determine what people had access to any of the buildings when the weekday office employees were not present; what type of work was authorized; who was in charge of any type of work being done in any of the 3 buildings; what payments were made to any of these individuals or companies; what explosives were purchased for any purpose; what demolition experts were hired for any purpose. Particularly, I would be looking for evidence that explosions took place in each of the 3 buildings on 9/11 and the cause of such explosions (which eliminated mountains of evidence in then current money-laundering drug-related cases).

A related investigation is to look into the failure of Eliot Spitzer and his staff to investigate any part of 9/11, and to obstruct the efforts of Congress to investigate the Able Danger database (which contained the evidence linking the alleged terrorists to various governmental agencies and agents) and its destruction and the failure of Eliot Spitzer to cooperate with that investigation (by providing requested Spitzer employee Dieter Schnell – former counsel to the 9/11 Truth Commission – to give testimony)...

What a novel concept. A real investigation into 9/11.

9/11 Truth Leafletting - Opening Weekend "World Trade Center"

leafletting 9/11 Truth at the premier of World Trade Center. Check it out here:


Paul Craig Roberts - "Gullible Americans"

Dr. Roberts is Chairman of the Institute for Political Economy and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute. He is a former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, former contributing editor for National Review, and was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is the co-author of "The Tyranny of Good Intentions." In this, his latest article, he takes on the propaganda and lies that surround the "Liquid Terror" plot and 9/11;

Gullible Americans

...Americans never check any facts. Who do you know, for example, who has even read the Report of the 9/11 Commission, much less checked the alleged facts reported in that document. I can answer for you. You don’t know anyone who has read the report or checked the facts.

The two co-chairmen of the 9/11 Commission Report, Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton, have just released a new book, “Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission.” Kean and Hamilton reveal that the commission suppressed the fact that Muslim ire toward the US is due to US support for Israel’s persecution and dispossession of the Palestinians, not to our “freedom and democracy” as Bush propagandistically claims. Kean and Hamilton also reveal that the US military committed perjury and lied about its failure to intercept the hijacked airliners. The commission even debated referring the military’s lies to the Justice Department for criminal investigation. Why should we assume that these admissions are the only coverups and lies in the 9/11 Commission Report?

How do you know that 9/11 was a Muslim terrorist plot? How do you know that three World Trade Center buildings collapsed because two were hit by airliners? You only “know” because the government gave you the explanation of what you saw on TV. (Did you even know that three WTC buildings collapsed?)

I still remember the enlightenment I experienced as a student in Russian Studies when I learned that the Czarist secret police would set off bombs and then blame those whom they wanted to arrest..

When Hitler seized dictatorial power in 1933, he told the Germans that his new powers were made necessary by a communist terrorist attack on the Reichstag. When Hitler started World War II by invading Poland, he told the Germans that Poland had crossed the frontier and attacked Germany.

Governments lie all the time--especially governments staffed by neoconservatives whose intellectual godfather, Leo Strauss, taught them that it is permissible to deceive the public in order to achieve their agenda.

Some readers will write to me to say that they saw a TV documentary or read a magazine article verifying the government’s explanation of 9/11. But, of course, these Americans did not check the facts either--and neither did the people who made the documentary and wrote the magazine article...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11

Joseph P. Firmage has written an excellent introduction and overview of the multitude of facts and theories that challenge the official narrative of 9/11. The paper is called, appropriately, "Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11" and is freely downloadable at the Journal of 9/11 Studies. Here is a sample of the available analysis;

...A common refrain heard from the left – less often from the right – in response to suspicions about the official 9/11 story goes something like: “The Bush administration has demonstrated such incompetence on so many fronts that it strains the imagination to think they could of have pulled off something so elaborate, and kept it a secret.” This argument ignores three key facts.

First, while George W. Bush may be intellectually challenged across the board, and while neoconservatives may have a gravely naïve, overreaching geopolitical agenda, Bush officials in key national security positions have superlative experience in managing clandestine operations, and have repeatedly demonstrated ruthless, systematic, detailed-oriented control over sensitive programs and information. The historical preoccupation of key officials across the Bush administration with clandestine operations – both legal and illegal – is well known to historians of the field.

Second, vastly larger programs have remained secret for decades. A few examples: the National Security Agency has a larger budget and more employees than the CIA. It was organized in 1949. This entire agency of the federal government remained completely hidden from the public until the 1980s, over three decades later. One of the programs run by NSA, believed to have started in the 1940s, was Project Shamrock, through which all major transatlantic telegraph cables were tapped with the cooperation of AT&T and other communications carriers. This vast program – involving people building, installing and running equipment all over the world, and yet numerous others watching and translating conversations – was kept entirely secret until the 1990s. Most American citizens have never heard of this program to this day. Serious students of the U.S. national security apparatus know how effective its systems can be in controlling information and people, and compartmenting information and tasks into a startlingly small number of hands.

Third, the official 9/11 story asks us to believe that only a couple of dozen poorly trained Islamic radicals deftly maneuvered through the world’s most powerful intelligence gathering and military machine. How much easier might it have been for a similar number of people to do so, employing many unknowing others for secondary, compartmented tasks, if those handful with full knowledge of the plan also knew every aspect of the U.S. intelligence and military machine, and were in key positions governing its activities and responses?

The historical association between Bush officials, government and private intelligence networks and clandestine operations argues against the notion that incompetence allowed 9/11 to occur, and therefore this fact must raise suspicion...

911Blogger Updates

Please visit the Alex Jones: A Call To Action thread for hundreds, maybe thousands by now, of email addresses and phone numbers to help you spread word on Alex's latest prediction. The Canadians are really going gangbusters in there, you Americans aren't going to let them get away with that are you?

Also, I have been in contact with the organizer of the FundRaising campaign for the University of Wisconsin and updated the thread with her story. If you'd like to get in touch with her, please let me know.

The 9/11 Truth Door to Door podcast has been updated with a new episode:

Alex Jones' appearance on the Ring of Fire Radio Show available here:

Alex Jones'
appearance on the John DePetro Show is available here:

John DePetro is in severe need of a Truth Spanking, you can contact him here:

Call John on the Air: 877-469-4322 or 617-266-6868.
Email John at depetro@wrko.com.

Also, the Lionel Show links to 911blogger, check it out:
9/11 Bloggers
This may prove interesting. 9/11 bloggers have taken note of the show as has the world.

US-Canadian exercise "Vigilant Guardian"

Vigilant Guardian??? Where have I heard that before?


Some 2,500 soldiers from across Ontario will be involved in what's called a "practise Full-Spectrum Operation" during EXERCISE VIGILANT GUARDIAN '06, to be held in Petawawa, ON from Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27.

Barrie Zwicker on Noam Chomsky

On Saturday, August 12, 2006, Webster Griffin Tarpley interviewed Canadian author and media critic, Barrie Zwicker, who has a new book coming out about 9/11, "Towers of Deception". During the 2nd hour of the interview, starting at the 35:00 minute mark, Tarpley encouraged Zwicker to express his views about Chomsky’s reluctance to engage in skepticism of the official 9/11 narrative. Here are a couple excerpts, with a longer partial transcript here.

Noam Chomsky… this does appear to be one of the most fascinating parts of the book for a lot of people and I’m frankly even a little surprised myself at how well this is being received. I think that a whole lot of people had intuited that there’s something wrong with Chomsky. That there’s something strange, mysterious, contradictory, absurd, about his refusal to see that anybody other than Lee Harvey Oswald might have killed JFK, his refusal to become involved in looking into, whatsoever, the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy and Malcolm X, and then, of course, although a lot of people cut him slack and were in effect in denial about Chomsky on those decapitations of the Left… but 9/11 came along, it’s a Litmus test, I swear it’s a Litmus test for every individual, every organization… where do they stand on 9/11?...

... We don’t need Noam Chomsky anymore to tell us about the death squads in El Salvador, we don’t need Noam Chomsky to tell us about East Timor. We need Noam Chomsky to be on board, telling us about 9/11, and how it was done from the White House.

And because he consistently steers away from the toxic core of what the oligarchy does by way of massive fraud, and therefore manipulation of the public for their Neocon agenda of global domination and resource theft, he in essence is working for them...

MP3 Downloads:

Please use the RBN link first, go to site and download Saturday, August 12, 2006, (Individual MP3 - Hr2)

From the RBN Archive

2nd Hour local mirror – 6.86 MB

Here is a 2-part YouTube video of Noam Chomsky being asked about 9/11 prior knowledge and possible orchestration, he gives an answer (8 minutes in total);

Part 1

Part 2