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Benazir Bhutto Was Shot

This just came out on rawstory.com today. Clear footage of Benazir Bhutto being shot from behind the car. As the gunman fires, her hair and her veil lift up as others duck. She then drops down into the vehicle. The bomb goes off afterwards. Although I haven't seen this footage on any other news site, it certainly is important for everyone to see.


A different perspective on opening eyes to the "nutcases" who want a new investigation

I apologize for the length of this, but I thought it was important to have a list simply of those who have come forward. This is a different perspective from some previous posts here in the past couple of days. I have noticed that whenever I blog on other sites and mention credible supporters of 9/11 truth my comments are not posted. It is very important for the mass media to portray us as kooks and thus the reason I am constantly getting banned. Cut, paste and send to anyone, anywhere. I find that whenever I cite the patriotsquestion911 web site people won't click on it simply out of disbelief. But when it is in black and white in their e-mail inbox...they can't help but look! Here goes...tell me what you think:


The following document contains the names of hundreds of people who question the
official government version of what happened on September 11th, 2001 and therefore
may be labeled as terrorists or have connections to al-Qaeda as determined by
The Bush Administration.

Please note that some of the people listed believe that our government helped orchestrate 9/11,

Judicial Watch seeks access to records of secretive Aug. 20, 21 SPP meetings in Quebec

Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Urged to Comply with Federal Open Meetings Law during August 20 and 21 Security & Prosperity Partnership Meetings in Montebello, Quebec.

*Specifically, Judicial Watch seeks to attend and/or participate in meetings of the NACC and its U.S. component subcommittees, the next meeting of which is reportedly scheduled for August 20, 2007 in Montebello, Quebec, Canada.

*“Our goal is to open up this entire SPP process to the American public. The North American Competitiveness Council is a federal advisory group that cannot operate in secret – especially during the important Quebec SPP summit next month,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Read full article here:


More Youtube 9/11 Censorship?

Has anyone else noticed that Youtube is now omitting posts exclusively on 9/11 videos that are in favor of asking questions about 9/11? In the past couple of weeks I have commented on 9/11 videos and the dialog box states "Thank you for your comment, it will be visible ONCE IT HAS BEEN APPROVED". What is that all about? If I post a comment on any other NON 9/11 RELATED video, it simply says "Thank you, your comment has been posted". What the hell????????????

Is Iran's Weapon of Mass Destruction the New Iranian Stock Exchange selling exclusively in Euros?

I came across a few articles discussing the Iranian Oil Bourse, or Iranian Stock Exchange, and discovered some very disturbing news. Please read, since I doubt you will ever see this on the evening news:

As all countries currently buy oil in U.S. Dollars through the New York Mercantile Exchange and the International Petroleum Exchange, it keeps the demand for the Dollar artificially high. Since the establishment of the Euro, we are now fully engaged in "Euro vs. Dollar" warfare. In the year 2000, without the approval of OPEC, Saddam declared that he will begin selling oil for Euros instead of Dollars...a first for any country. There were rumors that other oil-bearing nations would make the change from Dollars to Euros as well. Economic analysts claim that a switch in the world’s currency from Dollars to Euros will cause a complete collapse of the Dollar, pushing the U.S. into a depression like we have never seen, due to our tremendous trade and budget deficits.

A Blog To Rosie

This incredibly courageous woman took a stand for our country and deserves to be recognized and applauded. I would like to create a blog space where we can thank her. Today, she posted the following comments on her web site:

~"Posted by ro on April 2nd at 10:55am in in the news

9/11 affected me deeply, as I know it did many Americans. The falling of the twin towers served to remind me that many of the assumptions Americans have about their lives are rooted in false feelings of security. In light of this reminder, I have begun doing exactly what this country, at its best, allows for me to do: inquire. Investigate. America is great in so many ways, one of which is the freedom to speak, and indeed think, freely. I have, of late, begun exercising the rights bestowed upon me by the democratic system I value, and the exercising of these rights has taken the form of an inquiry into what happened five years ago, an inquiry that resists the dominant explanations and that dares to entertain ideas that push me to the edge of what is bearable. I have come to no conclusions and, given the scope of the subject, will not for some time.

The Truth Movement Needs a Good Detective

There are so many unanswered questions, and so many half truths. What the 9/11 Movement really needs is a good detective. Someone who can investigate as to whether these people (9/11 related) are alive, have ever lived, or truly died. Whether some of the terrorists, or even Barbara Olsen, are alive and living in another country. I am willing to give in some cash to hire someone to do this...is it possible? Is there someone who is solely committed to becoming a truth detective? And are you willing to pay for it?

MSNBC blog site closed to 9/11 truthers?

An interesting thing has happened at Olbermann's web page at MSNBC. Over the past week or two, many people have been posting information about 9/11. By this past weekend, the discussion became very heated with several people threatening other bloggers (on both sides). On Sunday the blog site was closed down. It has remained closed until today. When I tried to log into my account, I discovered I had been banned. In addition, all of the bloggings dealing with 9/11 had been removed. My question is twofold: Did MSNBC remove all blogs relating to 9/11 because they became threatening (I did not threaten anyone by the way), or were they removed because they contained information that was upsetting to the general public and they basically did not want to hear or see it? I would like some help here from all the kind folks at 9/11 blogger. Will you please set up a user account at MSNBC and post some non-threatening useful information about 9/11 to see if they will remove it. That way we can see if the past material was removed due to the threatening nature of some posts, or if it was removed because it was simply about 9/11 and MSNBC is trying to censor us.

In addition, I have to add that until a week ago the posts about 9/11 were pretty lame, basically people arguing about the facts. Over the weekend however, several people posted quotes (including me) from dozens of congressman and senators that feel the 9/11 Commission was a complete sham. It appears the general public was not ready to hear that so many people with influence think the commission was a joke, and that is when things became ugly. To that end, please click on the link, go to message board, bottom right, and feel free to post your non-threatening thoughts so we can see how MSNBC responds.

Keep this important topic rolling at MSNBC

Everytime someone posts a comment to this person's comment, it stays at the top of the blog roll at the MSNBC Countdown blog site. Let's keep it sweet and simple. Don't overwhelm the readers with details we all are aware of. Concentrate on what is being requested here and why it is not unusual to simply ask the FBI for the video tape of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon. Maybe some people will wake up. Again, keep posting so it stays "in the news".