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Barrie Zwicker and Dr Joe Hawkins on Winnipeg morning show

We can knock one media outlet off the hit list....... thank you CITY TV

Local Mirror:

Waking Up The Neighbours

It was about a month ago when I saw Richard Gage's online video. After looking into his credentials, I said to myself "he's the ticket". The whole plan came to me in an instant. If we could get Richard Gage in town to speak to a group of his peers, we could then take those awoken architects and engineers to the first responders. The architects build the buildings the firefighters fight fires in...the firefighters would have a hard time arguing the simple physics with a bunch of architects and engineers.

Dr Hawkins came over and wanted to do even more 9/11 activism when I showed him Mr Gage's video and I said "we need to get this guy here to speak to his peers and some firefighters"....his response was, "ok, lets do it". Neither of us like to sit back and watch the world go by, so he was on the horn right away to get Gage up to the great white north. Believing in nothing on a small scale, the plan escalated to bringing in Barrie Zwicker and inviting all the local journalists to a round table discussion on the media silence. Bam! Dr. Joe hooks up Barrie Zwicker to come in and host the discussion. Hey, since all the teachers at the university got a dvd or 2, let’s get both Zwicker and Gage to speak at the university. More phone calls and the university was booked.

Tarpley Lays Out Some Facts On Insanity & Colmes

Insanity & Colmes pull out the big guns to debunk Webster.....Popular Mechanics

I can't believe they played the video.....

Rosie Hosts Firsts Responders On The View

Rosie says she's devoting next year to getting this word out.

Thank you again Rosie!!!!!

Supa Dubya

you thought 9/11 was tight, hold up, i'm gettin ready for the sequel

A Crossroads -Time For The Big Voices To Shout

A Crossroads

Time For The Big Voices To Shout

by Neil McCarthy

All over the world, writers and editors like John Gleeson are starting to wake up in numbers to the lies of the Bush administration and the subsequent wars that followed. Some like Ian Mackenzie are even putting 2 + 2 together and writing that the excuse for global war on terra was a lie as well. At the same time, prominent figures in the entertainment industry are coming forward with their views on the excuse for the long war. In this writer's opinion, that brings us to a crossroads.

The View To Cover The First Responders This Week

via Rosie's blog

Kim writes:

Do you watch ER? Last night’s episode addressed the serious health issues that 911 1st responders are having. “World Trade Center Cough”, leukemia etc. Only other time I’ve heard of it is from you!

its real and true
we will have someone on this week
talking about the numbers
the illness
beyond tragic


go Rosie!!!

Are They Still Breathing?

The Criminals Must Be Stopped!

O'Donnell vs O'Reilly - Pay Per View

O'Donnell vs O'Reilly - Pay Per View

Jim Meigs is a LIAR

Stop Lying Jim

he would be an idiot to accept a debate

Lionel Does Another 9/11 Show

Rosie O�Donnell is under fire for daring to question the incredible story of the official account of 9/11 � this fantastic meltdown via jet fuel � and the Foxies are calling for her to be fired. Unreal. Yet nobody�s read word one about anything.

There has been virtually nothing enunciated that has turned out to be true from the administration. Nada. So why do people believe the official explanation of anything given by this administration? Why must Rosie be fired for expressing an idea?

Again, callers will hear what they want to hear. They will swear that Rosie is suggesting a governmental conspiracy and cover-up when she�s done nothing of the sort. She�s merely stating facts that WE interpret. But Fox wants her to shut up.

Insanity & Colmes Can't Seem To Smear Rosie

The Desperate Attempt Part 1

The Desperate Attempt Part 2

Rosie Ruffles John Gibson's Feathers

John Gibson and Michelle Malkin give their view of The View......they even ripped off the Stop Lying sign :)