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David Cameron Wants The Truth - Lets Give It To Him.....

Dear All,

This blog serves as an invitation. An invitation to cause some comotion no doubt. Well here is the plan: Recently the leader of the conservative party (David Cameron) set up a blog (www.webcameron.org.uk). This blog professes to be impartial and from what i have seen so far has kept to its word. There is a section of the website which allows people to post up their own blogs on the site and then people are allowed to vote for the questions that people want Mr Cameron to tackle on his weekly response to questions. The top 5 voted questions have to be answered by Mr Cameron himself....

So far the questions have all been about rather menial things and there is a chance that we could get his response to people who have problems with the official versions of 9/11 and 7/7. Someone has posted up a question regarding 9/11 and i have taken it upon myself to make sure that this question gets answered. I knew i could rely on the people from 9/11 blogger to help me out with this little quest. All it will take is for you to create an account and then vote for the question you would like to be posed to Mr Cameron.

The reason i believe that this could be good is that it seems a good way to gain publicity. Mr Camerons attempts to try and 'connect' with the youth of today with his brightly coloured blog should be welcomed as we can at last put our thoughts right onto the desk of the probable future PM. I also encourage you all to leave comments. Please keep your commments in good language and thought out. Dont immediately hit the CAPS LOCK button as people there already think we are loons. However if we get enough votes, then Mr Cameron will at least have to answer our questions.

Widening Our Scope...

I have been following the movement for quite a while now; I would hazard a guess at around three years of researching. Over this period of time I have seen the amount of support grow exponentially. This is down to both the anomalies present, so well pointed out by the movement, and also the techniques employed by the activists themselves in spreading the word.

Over time we have become more innovative and resourceful, and we have had to be, as we do not have sufficient funding available to get across the information through the normal means (i.e. T.V, Radio – commercial of course, but only due to the fact they have substantially more viewers/listeners) So we have made use of the web: The last place where true freedom of speech exists, unless you live in China and the rest of the renegade nations.

We have been prolific in making use of websites such as youtube, googlevideo, blogs and also in making personal websites addressing the inconsistencies of the official version. As I have said, I am proud of how far we have come; however, more does need to be done.