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PBS airs "MLK: A Call To Conscience"

A lot of good stuff in this: the "America .. greatest purveyor of violence" speech, how he was despised by all major media and much of the (even the African-American) public after that speech, how his next sermon after Memphis was to be "Is America Going to Hell?", reasons for assassination, contrast with Obama's war policy, and more.

Mike Ruppert on Nanothermite

The following was posted yesterday (4-21-09) on and some comments on it, including two by Mike Ruppert, were added the comments page for that day.


From Jenna Orkin:

A few days ago, Businessman sent in the following comment:

Great article, Jenna! Since you brought up the subject of 9/11 and scientific panels, here's a 10-minute video from Denmark featuring an interview with scientist Niels Harrit, stating they've now determined through scientific testing of the WTC dust, that there were more than 10 tons of thermite explosives in the World Trade Center: Click Here for the Video ********************************************************************************
JO's response:

Businessman, if you were not the wonderful loyal helpful guy you are, I would have just rejected your comment. But you're Businessman, so I clicked on the video and was impressed to see that the nanothermite boondoggle has been awarded over ten minutes on a Danish news channel.

We need to combat the "It just hurts the movement" syndrome

I just had the chance to ask Howard Zinn on a call-in show to say what he thought about the possibility that a part of the US government did 9/11. His response was that he didn't really know, he didn't trust anything the government says, but he thinks getting bogged down in endless discussion is a distraction from focusing on important work that needs to be done. The next caller seconded that opinion, and for the rest of the show the host and Zinn found occasion to use the word "conspiracy" several times with acompanying chuckles.