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Demolition charges

The following is part of an email that has me a little stumped. I have been trying a one on one educating of 9/11 inside job. Yesterday I even sent part of this question to A&E for an answer too, but have not received an answer as of yet. It is in regards to WTC 7.


YOU claim it was "demo-ed"..... I refute this by saying it is impossible for a fire to rage for two hours in a building full of demo before it is used .... demo can not survive in that environment......that environment was so dangerous they had to pull the firemen.... if humans would not survive; demo can not survive

you explain /answer my question..... if explosive can not survive..... then it was not demo-ed and all your other "evidence" (?) is immaterial....

Here is a task challenge

I was an instructor at a vocational school. I found I had to first teach my adult students how to find and where to look for the answer to their question or problem. I also had to use layman terms so they would understand what I was teaching. So now I am trying to find out where I need to go to get an answer and thought that maybe someone else would be able to help. Here is what I am trying to find out:
Which floors of the two towers (wtc 1 & 2) had tenents on them and which floors were empty?

I am trying to find out if about every 3 floors were empty, because it looks like the scuibs were every 3 floors. This information might be an important point to support the information about the tenents having to move to different floors during the months prior to 9/11.

different subject: trying to find layman explanations.

Questions for the official conspiracy theory

Everytime I hear a 9/11 truther tell someone that the 3 wtc buildings came down by some sort of demolition, they usually get a quick response question in regards to how that could have been set up. I wish the 9/11 truther could see that the other person just led them in another direction. We should stick to showing the evidence to the demolition and not speculate as to who set it up. Even though it is a good thing to get these unbelievers to start to ask questions in regards to the 9/11 because none of the reports cover these logical observations.

9/11 truthers should also remember that the unbelievers have not done the research yet.

The unbelievers do not question the information that our government has provided with the same enthusiam as they do to a 9/11 truther.

Here are the questions that they should get answered:

Where is the evidence that 19 highjackers boarded the planes? (The video did not have a date, airport. And the person could have been anyone.) (where are the flight manifests?) (Coroners report?) (were the highjackers Saudi's?)

What was the importance of the Downing Street Memo's?

Why did President Bush sit in the classroom when we know the secret service is in the main loop as to whatever is going on in the state of affairs?