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Affidavit: McVeigh Had High-Level Help.

I know it's not 9/11 news per se, but false flag activity is false flag activity. Until 9/11, I had never paid attention to the Oklahoma City inside job information circulated by what I considered right-wing nuts. I now listen to them, especially when you look at the involvement of handlers in all of these instances (for instance, Emad Salem's tape recordings in the 1993 WTC bombings). I guess the question is, if there was government involvement in Oklahoma City, what was the point? Were Arabs going to be blamed, but Clinton didn't want to go that route? Or did the government simply want to crack down on militia guys? Or was there indeed a middle eastern connection to that attack?

Affidavit: McVeigh had high-level help
According to Oklahoma bombing conspirator, ranking officials were involved in the attack
By Pamela Manson
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 02/21/2007 01:03:43 AM MST

Empire of OiI: The Hidden History of 9/11.

I just came across this movie posted on Google. This half hour film is presented part in the spirit of Loose Change and part Oil, Smoke and Mirrors. It is not the best 9/11 film out there, but is a decent introduction to some of the basic issues. The first half covers the PNAC-type background, while the second half concerns the events of the day of 9/11 and its aftermath. John O'Neill gets lots of love in here. There is a bizarre DC sniper segue that I didn't understand. I think I have seen this before, but the explosion at the 21:22 minute mark is AMAZING.


Kentucky Teacher Placed In Psych Ward For Declaring 9/11 Was An 'Inside Job'

I know some people may have some questions about Arctic Beacon. If this checks out, we should help this guy. Sorry, if this has been posted aleady. It looks like the story is a couple of days old.

Kentucky Teacher Placed In Psych Ward For Declaring 9/11 Was An 'Inside Job'
Michael Cook was also visited by Secret Service and then became subject of Federal charges for speaking out against Bush before a 2006 speech at Northern Kentucky University. Agents also confiscated his weapons, safely kept at his home, even though legally registered.
6 Feb 2007

By Greg Szymanski

Michael Cook has been persecuted and placed in a psychiatric ward simply for saying 9/11 was an inside job and possessing firearms registered legally in Kentucky.

His story is just another in a long line cases where law abiding citizens have been systematically deprived of their due process rights and trampled on by a fascist mindset controlling America.

Ill Ground Zero workers demand more support.

It looked like Wolf Blitzer gave this some coverage on CNN tonight, but by the time I really caught what he was discussing, they were onto the poor Ground Zero rescue pooches that are also dying.

Ailing NY Ground Zero workers demand more help

By Tom Hals Wed Jan 31, 4:00 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Rescue workers with chronic illnesses they attribute to exposure to the rubble at the World Trade Center site demanded long-term support from the government on Wednesday, and one advocate feared it could become "America's Chernobyl."

As President George W. Bush met the son of a World Trade Center rescue worker who died of lung disease, a group of residents, paramedics and union members gathered at the site and demanded hundreds of millions of dollars to help workers who cleared the area after the September 11, 2001, attacks.

"This could be America's Chernobyl, but it doesn't have to be," said Mariama James, a resident of the neighborhood near the World Trade Center.

9/11 kin launch ad to protest memorial

By AMY WESTFELDT, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Family members who are upset that details such as their loved ones' ages will be left off the Sept. 11 memorial launched a television ad campaign Wednesday in protest and said they would not support private fundraising for the project.

The debate over how to list the names of the 2,979 people killed on Sept. 11 and in the 1993 trade center bombing is the latest and most divisive issue surrounding the memorial. Other disputes have centered on its cost, a design that once had the names of the dead listed underground and whether to build at the base of the towers where many victims' remains were found.

Construction on the memorial only began last spring. It is scheduled to open in 2009, while a museum is planned to open a year later.

Family members created a 60-second television advertisement that was to begin airing Thursday on the NY1 cable channel. They said more ads may be launched later in other markets.

Review of 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out

By Carolyn Baker -- World News Trust

"Surely there can be no higher duty for academics and other intellectuals at this time than to expose the big lie of 9/11, thereby undermining the primary pretext for the global domination project." --Morgan Reynolds, Professor Emeritus of Economics, Texas A& M University (P. 115 of 9/11 And American Empire)

Jan. 22, 2007 -- Professors David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott have edited a masterpiece of critical thinking and scholarly analysis in this collection of articles by intellectuals who have broken silence on the atrocities of September 11, 2001.

Carolyn Baker interviewed by Jason Miller

Truth is Speaking ... Is Power Listening? - Currently on Numerous News Sites

CAROLYN BAKER, Ph.D., is an adjunct professor of history, an author, and former psychotherapist. Her latest book is U.S. HISTORY UNCENSORED: What Your High School Textbook Didn’t Tell You. Carolyn was recently interviewed by Jason Miller and touched on the events of 9/11.

17. You have indicated that you see a connection between the 2000 Presidential “election” and the events on 9/11. What does that entail?

One point I made in the book is that 9/11 is not necessarily the most significant event of the twenty-first century because I believe that the 2000 presidential election was. I believe that it was unambiguously a coup d’etat, and that that coup was completed with the orchestration by the U.S. government of the 9/11 attacks. Thus, the two events are inextricably connected.

You know, on the night of the 2000 elections I was teaching at the university in Juarez, Mexico, and I was watching the election returns on TV in the faculty lounge, quite appalled at what I was witnessing. Then one of my colleagues, a friend and a Mexican national, playfully but seriously said to me, “It looks like you Gringos are living what we Mexicans have been living for decades -- dirty elections that have nothing to do with how the people actually voted.”

Very soon on my site ( I will be reviewing the book 9 /11 And American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out(6) which is one of the best examinations of 9/11 in the past year. A chapter at the very end “Parameters Of Power In The Global Dominance Group: 9/11 & Election Irregularities in Context” by Peter Phillips, Bridget Thornton, and Celeste Vogler, superbly connects the dots between this administration’s usurpation of power illegally and “The New Pearl Harbor” of 9/11. Overwhelming evidence of every kind points to the orchestration of the attacks by the Bush administration, and on this point, most Americans cannot and will not allow themselves to demand a deeper investigation because they are terrified of what such an investigation may uncover: that their government -- yes, that government that is supposed to be the most liberal, uncorrupted, pure- as- the- driven- snow entity on earth, murdered 3000 of its own people as a pretext for endless war and global dominance.

False flags, dirty tricks and the dismemberment of Iraq

While not a 9/11 Truth article per se, this is relevant as it is one of the rare instances where a left-leaning website uses the magic words "false flag." I believe this is a solid article to educate those who believe the U.S. government is incompetent and bumbling in Iraq, therefore it could never have pulled off 9/11.

The Strategy of Disintegration:
False flags, dirty tricks and the dismemberment of Iraq
by David Montoute

December 26, 2006

The erosion of a target country’s integrity and viability has always been a conscious goal of the Western colonial project. Creating instability and dissatisfaction with existing reality was a necessary prerequisite to “tame” and then integrate native peoples into the dominant hierarchical model. Today, of course, we are told that colonialism is a thing of the past. The leading nations of the international community no longer seek to enslave their less fortunate neighbours, but rather pursue policies of world benefaction - within the limits imposed by healthy competition, of course. When this miraculous conversion took place we are not told, but perhaps it occurred incrementally, parallel to the increasing divide between the world’s rich and poor. In any case, a casual glance at the state of the Muslim world is enough to shatter this foolish delusion.

Alarming 9/11 Claim Is Found Baseless.

I am certainly no fan of Curt Weldon on many issues, but I always respected his efforts in investigating Able Danger, even if the left saw those efforts as an attempt to pin 9/11 on Bill Clinton. Now, the left can celebrate that Weldon's assertions had no merit, and the bipartisan coverups continue unabated.

Alarming 9/11 claim is found baseless
A military analysts' chart did not identify hijackers beforehand, senators report.
By Greg Miller, Times Staff Writer
December 25, 2006

WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee has rejected as untrue one of the most disturbing claims about the Sept. 11 terrorist strikes — a congressman's contention that a team of military analysts identified Mohamed Atta or other hijackers before the attacks — according to a summary of the panel's investigation obtained by The Times.

Was Atta Associate In Florida a CIA Pilot?

Here is the latest from Daniel Hopsicker. I can't tell whether he is the great beat report I used to think he was or a disinformation artist spinning tales of intrigue.

Dec 11 2006--Venice,FL
by Daniel Hopsicker

Wolfgang Bohringer, the German pilot who was one of Mohamed Atta’s closest associates in Florida as well as the subject of an FBI terror alert in the South Pacific, was apprehended two weeks ago and taken into custody, but then was almost immediately released after he told authorities responsible for his capture that he works for the CIA.

The drama began to unfold a year ago when Wolfgang Bohringer sailed a 47-foot yacht called “The Argos” to tiny Fanning Island in the scattered South Pacific archipelago of Kiribati, a former British colony and today one of the world's smallest nations.

“U.S. authorities raised an alarm over the plan by the German pilot — linked to the Sept. 11 terror attacks — to build a flying school in the remote South Pacific island nation,” stated an AP report picked up by the New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune.

When we first reported Wolfgang Bohringer had close ties to Mohamed Atta over three years ago, in “Welcome to TERRORLAND: Mohamed Atta & the 9/11 cover-up in Florida,” the revelation was met with deafening silence.

From the Wilderness Closing Its Doors.

Yes, I know Mike Ruppert has alienated the 9/11 Truth movement for a while. I also know he has seemed extremely exaggerated and melodramatic for the past year or so and constantly seeks funds for his foundering company. But, the guy was a pioneer of 9/11 research. Further, unlike some of our 9/11 Truth heroes such as Alex Jones and Tarpley, he understands the seriousness of peak oil and declining energy supply. Anyway, you all won't have Mike to kick around anymore. He has had no control of FTW since he left for Venezuela. Alas, this great site is closing its doors. Mike is doing his best to at least preserve the research archives. If you respected Mike, do what you can to at least maintain that legacy. Here is what looks to be a parting shot.


[FTW is really screwed up right now. Everybody knows it and I am not going ignore it. I am in bad shape too. I am not going to hide that either. I have been in Caracas for 14-plus weeks and am facing a serious combination of medical symptoms that were described by Carlos Ruiz in Living with Mike Ruppert in Caracas." They include sudden drops in blood pressure, blood sugar crashes, dizziness, weakness, paresthesis of lips and fingers, small kidney stones, heavy calcification of the urinary tract and prostate, cloudy urine and chronic fatigue. There have been four seizure-like violent tremors.

Breitweiser: Getting Rid of the Problem By Getting Rid of Republicans

Comment: Although Kristin can be a little too LIHOP-py for some of us, she is still a hero because she speaks truth to power and is a valuable asset since she garners a decent amount of mainstream attention.

Kristen Breitweiser
Getting to the Root of the Problem by Getting Rid of the Republicans

Go ahead. Call me a Democrat. But, I am not; I'm anti-terrorist--which means that I cannot support the Republican agenda.

Go ahead. Call me crazy. But, I am not. I favor common-sense logic, sound judgment, and smart leadership proven by and rooted in truth and reality--which means that I cannot support the Republican agenda.

Truth and Reality: Five years since 9/11, the Republicans have done more to further the terrorist agenda than Osama Bin Laden could have ever hoped for on the morning of 9/11.

The Republican's pre-emptive war in Iraq gave Bin Laden exactly what he dreamt about on the morning of 9/11: it has strengthened terrorist organizations worldwide; made American Republican policy makers and leaders look weak, ignorant, and arrogant; drained U.S. military personnel ranks and morale; eaten up massive amounts of our national budget; destabilized the world; harmed the U.S.'s reputation in the world; weakened U.S. Constitutional principles and the ideals of free and democratic society; allowed North Korea and Iran to not only become emboldened but also real, credible threats to American security; and left our homeland defense alarmingly vulnerable to a dizzying array of future terrorist attacks (i.e. biological, chemical, nuclear, aerial, nautical, etc).

Energy Depletion and the U.S. Descent Into Fascism.

Nice work on the peak oil and 9/11 relationship from geologist Dale Allen Pfeiffer.

Energy Depletion & the US Descent into Fascism
Dale Allen Pfeiffer

Please distribute this article as widely as possible.

For a free pdf of this article, suitable for printing, click here.


1. First Warnings
2. The Intervening Years
3. Documentaries of Note
4. The Withdrawal of Consent
5. Grassroots Rebellion
6. Further Reading & Viewing

First Warnings

16/10/06 In October of 2001, a little over a month after 9/11, I wrote an article titled The Background is Oil. The hypothesis laid out in this article was that the 2000 US presidential election resulted in a coup of neocons and oil interests who had taken control of the US in order to prepare for the coming peak and decline of world oil production. Furthermore, this coup engineered the 9/11 terrorist attacks to further their own interests.

Before 9/11, the coup was hampered by lack of support from both the public and Congress. The tragedies of September 11th washed all resistance away in a flood of rabid patriotism. As a result, the coup was able to hijack the US political process. Over the coming years, starting with the patriot act, the coup has been able to strip us of our constitutional rights, in preparation for the civil unrest which will come from the peak and decline of oil production and the resulting economic collapse.

Amanda Keller Changes Story.

From Southwest Florida's Herald Tribune:

For five years, Amanda Keller has been portrayed by conspiracy theorists as Mohamed Atta's lover.

But the former Venice stripper now says her boyfriend was another flight student not connected to 9/11. And, for the first time, federal investigators say she's right.

"There's nothing there to corroborate the relationship between the two," a New York-based FBI counterterrorism agent said recently after reviewing 9/11 case files.

Here is an interview from a few years ago of Amanda talking about Mohammed.

What does this all of this mean?

9/11 Five Years Later: What Have We Accomplished?

Here is a great piece about the state of the 9/11 Truth movement. Thanks to JackRiddler for posting this at DU.

An Assessment of the 9/11 Truth Movement

By Emanuel Sferios
September 11, 2006

Five years ago--on my birthday--the shadow government of the United States
murdered over 3,000 of its own citizens (and hundreds of others) in a
"false flag" operation designed to galvanize public support behind a war
for control of the world's last remaining energy reserves. Many of us
quickly saw through the "big lie" of 9/11 and began a movement to expose
it, to reveal the truth, in the hopes that this would bring an end to the
War on Terror, a war destined--if it continues--to turn nuclear.

And now, five years later, what have we accomplished?

In short, everything and nothing. We began this movement to convince the
American public and the world that the official story of 9/11 was a lie,
and that ruling factions within our own government were the real
perpetrators. This we accomplished. Opinion polls conducted over the last
two years show that the majority of Americans believe the US government
was complicit. We bombarded every mainstream and alternative medium