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The Question of "mini-nukes"

Hello All, I am saddened to see contention amid the leading members of st911.

I looked for a "Forum" site on the web page to make the following comments but could not find it. I'm writing because of new information that I've discovered that may have a direct bearing on the current dispute over what, exactly, could bring the WTC buildings down. Accidentally, I was thumbing through a book that I've had for years,
"The History of the U.S. Nuclear Arsenal", by James Norris Gibson, (1989 - by Brompton Books Corp, ISBN 0 86124 564 4 ) I include all this information in case someone would like to verify the information I state.

I had heard about "mini-nukes", but didn't know much about them. This book provided me with some surprising data.

The last entry in the section on various warheads contains the following:

(Quote ON) (Warhead yields are measured in Kilotons)

Length: Shipping Container, 35 inches Width: Shipping Container, 26.2 inches
Height: Shipping Container, 26.6 inches Weight: Shipping Container, 163 lbs.