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9/11 Conspiracy or Incredible Luck?

It is interesting to read some of the fantastic speculation about 9/11.

One of the more interesting readings found on a web site about Hezbollah was discussing the aggressive exploitation of the media and particularly the Internet by this terrorist group. Truth is not the point, creating a story that portrays their enemies as duplicitous is one of their stated ambitions
As a result, they have persistently pushed the notion that 9/11 was a Jewish led conspiracy and invented some "facts" such as the notion that somehow over 4000 jews avoided going to work on 9/11 because they knew about it in advance. This myth has been debunked numerous timnes and yet Hezzbollah continues to propagate this as one of their "truths" in order to fuel hatred for the Jews.

I must admit, when I watched the world trade center towers collapse in real time on 9/11, I stared in disbelief. I have worked on Wall Street and I have been in the towers many, many times and I could not fathom how they could COMPLETELY pancake so quickly from an airplane collision. After discussiong thi construction of the towers with some experts in commercial building construction and civil engineering, they told me that the particular method used to construct the twoers made the collapse happen -- essentially, the buildings are hollow shells with relatively thin vertical support beamss.