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Video: 911 Gruesome Truth

In December 2006 Danish National Television DR2 aired "The Gruesome Truth" a program on the "911 conspiracy theories" It was shot in the US in Spring 2006.

I have put English captions on this documentary, I called it " 911 Gruesome Truth"

Here's the link, it features Alex Jones, David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones and many more:

Hope every ones doing great... -Ali

Rosie O'Donnell poll

Hey everyone,

I just found out we lost the AOL Poll, did we overlook it?

Someone has stated here that the Bill O'Reilly poll is over, but it seems to still be running, so if you haven't voted on whether Charlie Sheen will hurt his career by narrating Loose Change Final Cut, here's the poll. Remember to take a deep breath, and get quickly in and out, before you vomit:

Oh, well , if you can't beat them, don't join them, beat them some more!

So I'm looking out for other polls related to 9/11 truth and I just found this one. 34 people have voted and the poll stops at a thousand votes, so what do you say, should we stop this poll right now? I think it's fair to flood it, afterall it's a popularitycontest. Here it is:

Entertainment: Will rosie O'Donnell still have her job after her contract is up? (I'll admit the question is not really saying anything, unless you think they are implying she will be fired or not renewed)

Danish subtitled version of "911 Press for Truth"

Hi everybody,

I just want to say, I have made and put out on Google Video, a Danish subtitled version of "911 Press for Truth" Most Scandinavians should be able to understand it.

I used DivXLand Media Subtitler, it's freeware and multilanguage:

I wish everybody a nice weekend!

USAToday reports on 9/11: US plans to retaliate against Bin Ladin planned weeks before 9/11

I don't know if anyone else here have noticed this report, but you might want to look at this clip, starting from the 38th minute and listen to what Jack Kelley, "Expert on Bin Ladin", from USA Today has to say on the day 9/11 itself:

News from CBS 9, Washington, D.C. was recorded by the Television Archive

What?Plans to retaliate against Bin Ladin planned within several weeks of 9/11? Targets in Afghanistan already marked?

Now that's what I call a smoking gun...

What do you think?

Would somebody please put this clip with "Expert Jack Kelley" on YouTube and Google video and so on? I am not the expert on that,yet...

Danish school children to be indoctrinated in 9/11 lies


Translation of news from the Danish Ministry of Education:

Plus, please help push Danish tv program,mostly in English, on 9/11:
Link :

The Danish Ministry of Educations webpage,in English:

Danish Minister of Education, Bertel Haarder (Venstre,right wing Liberal Party), says yes to educating in September 11.

Translation of Nettavisen Norways article on the BBC/WTC7 video

Hey everybody,

I just noticed that Reprehensor ,last week, blogged the story on the BBC/WTC7 video from a Norwegian internet newspaper:

Here's the translation,(please excuse my rusty English)

By Hans-Inge Langø :

BBC cut the tower before it fell

On 9/11 the news giant reported the collapse 23 minuttes before it happened.

BBC's coverage of the terror attacks on 9/11 makes the conspiracy theorists rub their hands.

Now recordings, from the news channels live broadcast from that day,circulate on the net, and they show that the BBC reported on the collapsed of WTC7 before it actually happened.

WTC7 was a 47 storage high building, which stood just next to the WTC towers.The building collapsed 5:20 pm local time after debris from the twin towers sparked several fires.

The mystical part is that the BBC already reported live on the collapse at 4:57 pm.The recording from the live transmission is at the net site one can see the channels New York correspondent telling that the building has collapsed, even though you clearly can see the building standing in the background.