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Creative Tabling 101 (or 201)

I suggest that people be creative when creating things for tabling, whether it is for informational items like flyers and the like, or signs, or other things to grab people's attention, like this idea. (below; you would think this would be self-evident, but I've seen so many tabling tables that even I just want to walk by even though I'm interested in the subject) This stuff is SO much easier now than it was before we had computers.

And it doesn't take a lot of effort, or talent, or ability to make stuff look pretty nice and even professional. (think about using some color instead of all black and white, and consider laminating things that are there for people to look at and not take (or one of what they can take) so they don't get bent and crumpled and stay nice-looking)

9/11 — The WellSpring To Our Road To Hell in a Handbasket

As many have noted, and many understand, "9/11" was the source from which many bad things have originated over the last several years. Starting with the so-called Patriot Act (and going downhill from there), the illegal government wiretapping (which used as an excuse the so-called "War on Terror", et al.), the Military Commissions Act, Afghanistan and Iraq war actions, and who knows what else, before now, and in the future.

Well, here is yet another possible, potential, and perhaps even probable, 9/11-based attack on the American people.

A recent Wired article discusses the concept of "data reuse", and as merely one example of how that can be bad, cites how the United States Census Bureau used their information (database) to help round up WWII Japanese-American internment camp evaders. (news to me, and now I'm even more pissed about the whole thing, as if I wasn't pissed enough about it before)

9/11, Paranoia, and our "Culture of Fear"

The goal of this blog post is to encourage people to consciously think about and consider the concept of paranoia, which is a form of fear, and how it relates to 9/11. (as well as other fears, real, perceived, and/or irrational)

Specifically, how living in a heightened state of sustained fear, whether in the form of paranoia, or other fears and anxieties, negatively affects a person's thought processes, outlook, belief systems, and, inevitably, our behaviors.

And how understanding more about these issues gives us more control over them, and allows us to not be unduly affected by them in the negative sense. As much as humanly possible, of course.

We often hear certain words and phrases thrown around when discussing various issues regarding 9/11, including "paranoia", "fear-mongering", "the politics of fear", "the government's use of fear as a tool", "culture of fear", etc. It has been my experience, however, that they are often used by people in a monkey see–monkey do manner, if you will, without (enough) breadth and depth of understanding.

9/11 PC Desktop Wallpapers

Here are a couple of 9/11 PC Desktop Wallpaper images I made.
They are both 1024x768 and about 100Kb.

If you want them different sizes, I suggest freeware IrfanView for simple image manipulation.

Co-Opting SiCKO premieres for 9/11 Truth and Justice

This is just a reminder to people that Michael Moore's documentary film SiCKO premiers around the country this weekend (June 29), and it is a great chance to get the word out about 9/11 Truth and Justice.

Even if you just stand outside the theater (as close as you can get) and hold up a sign, you can plant a seed in a lot of people's minds. And these are people who are already "almost there". (you might get more success on the way out of the theater than on the way in)

For those of you who are a little more activist oriented, there are additional things you can do, although some of them may be "technically illegal", so you're on your own if you choose to engage in some direct action that dances with "the law."

I would guess that some activists are going to put fliers on people's cars in the theater parking lots. (some city ordinances claim this is littering)

Some activists are probably going to get to the theater early and put fliers in people's seats. (I'm sure they have a law that fits this scenario, as well)

David Ray Griffin was on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland

I'm surprised this wasn't reported here, preferably before it occurred so I could have listened to it. Perhaps no one around here also listens to Dreamland, or Coast-To-Coast. I don't listen to them anymore, unless there's something or someone really interesting on them. Which is rarely, these days.

I could see some people not wanting "9/11 Truth" (and Justice!) to be associated with those "UFO and alien and paranormal kooks and nut cases". Tinfoil hat-wearing lunatics, each and every one. ;o)

However, it is a demographic that is quite large (some would say unusually large), and it's good that those people were introduced to the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement, and it's good that the person was DRG. I don't know how big their audience is now, but I would guess it's fairly large, still. And many of them aren't any more psychotic than most of us. I bet there is already a fairly large cross section of interested parties, too.

Here's a link for a small after-report. (and there might be some way to listen to the thing from an online archive, but it might (probably will) cost you something)

WTC 7 collapse videos shown on local news: Chico, CA

Our Chico, CA Robert Bowman Patriots Tour speaking event went pretty well. Not only did more people attend than we thought we were going to get (140+), but one of the local news channels showed up and did a report, resulting in the WTC 7 collapse videos being shown to thousands of people on the 11:00 nightly news.

9/11 Virgin Stories

I just found my earliest email to others about 9/11, when I first got into 9/11 Truth.
It was early April, 2005. I can't believe it took me that long. Doh!

So now I'm a two-year-old. (perhaps others would like to share similar stories)

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 19:28:18 -0700
Subject: World Trade Center towers a Controlled Demolition?

I was talking with someone the other day and they mentioned how much
the World Trade Center towers looked like a demolition takedown,
which I never thought about before, but they do. How odd is it that BOTH
towers came down (instead of just one), and they came down basically
identically, even though the planes hit in different locations on different
floors and in different flight positions and angles, and they both came
straight down, like a demolition, (if you've seen those, it is 100% like
them), and they didn't topple over and land on any other buildings.
More than a bit strange and coincidental.

And then there is the weird collapse of Tower 7.
And the weird anomalies that occurred at the Pentagon crash.
And at the Pennsylvania crash.

The following page has the below listed points. (and more there)

Dr. Robert Bowman Speaking Engagement in Chico, CA

As a preface to our PR, I don't understand why some people think Bob Bowman's Patriots Tour doesn't have anything to do with 9/11. On his website homepage he states:

"We reject as totally inadequate the Kean-Hamilton-Zelikow 9/11 Commission Report which admittedly contains perjured testimony, refrains from assigning responsibility and accountability for our defense's failures, and fails to even address dozens of unanswered questions and obvious flaws in the Bush Administration's official story. We therefore demand a new and truly independent investigation of 9/11. We demand an investigation of the cover-up which followed 9/11 involving the confiscation and destruction of evidence, lying to investigators, and obstruction of justice."

Did the U.S. Embassy in Japan know something before 9/11?

Someone sent us an email pointing out this information listed on the U.S. Embassy in Japan website that has warnings about terrorist activity shortly before 9/11.

If you scroll down to the bottom, the 9/7/2001 linked entry states:

( )

Embassy of the United States of America
Tokyo, Japan
September 7, 2001

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo today issued to all American citizens in
Japan the following Warden System message:

"We have received unconfirmed information that terrorist actions
may be taken against U.S. military facilities or against
establishments frequented by U.S. military personnel."

and the 9/10/2001 linked entry states:

Cindy Sheehan — 9/11 Truther?

Cindy Sheehan spoke to a crowd of between 200 to well less than 250 Wednesday night in Chico, CA on CSUC campus. The event was promoted by the local Chico Peace and Justice Center and the CSUC Peace Institute. The average audience age was around 35 to 40. (when the one of the pre-speakers mentioned the 'young people' or students attending, two people yelled out "where are they?" — I would guesstimate there were easily less than 50 people there under the age of 25)

The talk was good, if seemingly short. Perhaps not quite as good as Col. Ann Wright (ret.) the night before. Wright is a more dynamic speaker in some ways — more of a 'character'. Perhaps Sheehan was tired. (it was after 7:00 pm and she had done a radio interview around 6:00 am, with some other events during the day)

Her talk was a little "preachy". My interpretation. But she was preaching to the choir, so... Mostly, as you would expect, her talking points revolved around anti-war and pro-peace issues, with some heavy impeach Bush and Cheney thrown in for good measure. Don't get me wrong — it was interesting and valuable and worthwhile.

Col. Ann Wright, U.S. Army (ret.) -- Her take on 9/11

I attended a presentation by Col. Ann Wright at CSU Chico. It was a great talk. In the "peace and anti-war activism" sense, anyway. There were about 60 to 80 people there. (there should have been many more, although the room only seated 100 to 150, at most)

She talked about her 40-year career in the military and some of her stations, one of which was at the U.S. embassy in Afghanistan in 2002 after the U.S. invasion. (which was after the CIA pre-infiltration) Her last station was in Mongolia in 2003 at which time she resigned because of the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq in March, with which she disagreed. (she got about 400 emails from fellow and sister military personnel, who agreed with her and supported her, but could not resign because they had families to support and such)

What exactly does "9/11 Truth" cover?

I understand that 9/11 Blogger (and other sites) want/s to keep the focus on "9/11 Truth". (as to blog posts, etc.)

But, what exactly are the parameters, or limits, or breadth and depth that should be included?

Obviously all of the "directly related" 9/11 issues should be included.

However, I suggest that everything that sprang forth from "9/11" should also be included.

This would include the Afghani and Iraqi war actions, the so-called Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and other related issues. (loss of civil liberties, attacks on the Constitution, Gitmo concentration camps, extraordinary rendition, whether "torture" should be allowed, Cindy Sheehan and other anti-war activists and activism, etc...)

And then there are ancillary issues, such as false flag operations, disinformation and propaganda, some or most of the things discussed on, for example, "Democracy Now", and ..... The list could be somewhat large here.

I would like to see the breadth and depth expanded to include most of the above issues. (at least for the non-News/front page blogs)

Chico, CA: Chock up another MSM 9/11 Truth win

Our local weekly newspaper, Chico News & Review, has a front page story about 9/11 Truth (and Justice!).

It's a pretty good article. I don't like the article title, "Truth Believers", but I suppose it's okay.

chico news and review 9/11 truth cover

They tried to make it "balanced" by including a CSUC professor's comments (the same prof who did the "pancake theory" presentation at our 9/11 Truth-ish conference last week).

But it is more 9/11 Truth and Justice than anything. Mostly it profiles our group, Chico 9/11 Truth, and some of its "core group" members, showing that "normal, intelligent, professional people" can be pro-9/11 Truth.

Chock up another mainstream media win for our side.

Slowly but surely, step by step.....

Here's the online version:

Debriefing: 9/11 Truth-ish Conference in Chico

I should probably mention that this recap is from my own observations and thoughts and in no way, necessarily, reflects the thoughts of the CSUC Peace Institute, or the Chico 9/11 Truth group, or their members, or those associated with them all, directly or indirectly, all presented in my indelible writing style, if I may be polite toward myself.

The week-long 'conference' in Chico was a success. Perhaps a minor success, but that's okay right now. It would have been a major success if we had had more people attend. That was the only real disappointment, imo.

There were two events each day, first a documentary film and then a presentation, held on the CSU Chico campus, except for Saturday, which was a single-event documentary film at the local small alternative theater. The average attendance was about 30 people, with a couple of events only getting about 20, and two events getting about 60.