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How Convenient (Alberto Gonzales, et al.)

How convenient that Alberto Gonzales told the "truth" (supposedly) at the congressional hearing AFTER he was put under oath.

It's pretty funny that "protesters" sang Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" at the end.

And 50+ "I do not recall"'s.

It doesn't get any better than this. (except Wolfowitz's B.S. — and all of the others, and the future events to come that haven't come out yet)

"Democracy Now" with Amy Goodman covered this very well. (as usual)

When my paranoia kicks in, I can't help but wonder if the Virginia Tech shooting incident was an attempt to pull the media away from this. But it didn't last long enough. Perhaps someone miscalculated. Or perhaps it truly has no relationship.

9/11 Truth-ish Conference

There will be a week-long 9/11 Truth-ish conference starting Monday, April 23 in Chico, CA mostly held at CSU Chico campus, with a film at the Pageant Theater on Saturday. It is part of the CSUC Peace Institute's Spring Festival for 2007, with assistance from the Chico 9/11 Truth group.

Although it is not a pure "9/11 Truth" conference, since an attempt at a 'balanced presentation' was demanded by some anti-9/11 Truth zealots on campus, there will still be a fair amount of 9/11 Truth information presented. We will also be handing out 9/11 Truth flyers at all events. Check the event notice link for a schedule.

People go psycho on Karl Rove

On the one hand, Karl Rove kind of deserves anything and everything he gets.

On the other hand, they went too far, and seem to have become an illegal mob.

I don't watch a lot of so-called TV "News", or read the newspapers much, but I hadn't heard or seen anything about this. It apparently happened on March 4 of this year.

It's hard to tell what's going on because the video is so bad.


Exclusive: Karl Rove Heckled And Pelted With Rocks

(03/04/07) WASHINGTON - White House aide Karl Rove came face to face with angry protesters after speaking to the Young Republican Club at American University Tuesday night, with about 20 students lying down in front of his car.

Student Josh Goodman told The Washington Post other students kicked Rove's car, "and tried to stop it as best they could."

Goodman, an AU junior, said he and others wanted to make a "citizens arrest" of the presidential adviser.

This is exclusive eyewitness video of the incident. This low-res video was captured on a cell phone.

E.R. -- 9/11 First Repsonders Referenced

On Thursday night's episode of E.R. (4/12), they had a small segment about New York 9/11 First Responders.

It was a little light, but better than nothing. It's about time they got some air time.

In the episode, an EMT is coughing, and one of the doctors gives him a check up. It turns out that he is okay (or is he? will he be returning in a future episode? maybe, if we are lucky, this was just an intro, and foreshadowing of them truly covering the problem in a story arc — that would be great)

But he mentions (quickly/briefly) that he knows people (or has a friend/friends) who have died (if you know about the problems, you would pick up on that — others will miss it completely), and mentions that it is a ticking time bomb situation for others.

Of course, we KNOW that it is WAY past being a "ticking time bomb situation" at this late date.

They could have done a much better job. But, it is a start. And maybe they will do more, and do better, in the future.

Never Again?

In the off chance that another "9/11 Event" occurs, in the U.S., or elsewhere, we need to react and act differently next time as activists.

Vigilance, Diligence and Action are the keys.

People need to swarm to the location affected, if at all possible, keep safety of yourself and others in mind, of course, and immediately start taking still and video images and interviewing people for an on-the-spot, "as-it-is-happening", record of what occurred.

Since we can no longer rely on the media to do their job, or law enforcement agencies, it will be up to us to do what will be needed.

Additionally, just in case it truly is some sort of a false flag event, immediate research into the event and everything related to it needs to be implemented so we get fresh information, rather than having to wait months or years afterward, and having it be stale. (this is especially true for eye witness accounts)

One would think that this would be self-evident, but perhaps not. (more so for some, than others, of course)

May Holiday Event Activism

Let's get the creativity juices flowing and throw out ideas for taking advantage of the holidays and observances in May.

We can co-opt these and use them for 9/11 activism events.

Here are the days available. Mention others if they are not listed here.

5th Cinco de Mayo

13th Mother's Day

28th Memorial Day

NeoConservative Manifesto

This is an interesting short video — "The NeoConservative Manifesto".

Very well done, by Barry from

Also mirrored for posterity here:

The 2007 Bob Bowman Patriot Tour

"The Best Public Speaker in the Country" — Los Angeles Times

Dr. Bob Bowman is beginning a nationwide speaking tour called the Patriot Tour. Along with his wife, Maggie Bowman, he will be touring from April 10, 2007 to Aug 10, 2007. They will be traveling in their motor home, and supporters are encouraged to volunteer to organize speaking engagements for open dates.

The tour is being conducted by the non-profit Institute for Space and Security Studies ( ISSS ), a 501c(3) organization. Funds raised on the tour are tax-deductible and go to ISSS to pay the expenses of the tour and to fund "The Patriots" project and other public education efforts. The tour is not connected with Dr. Bowman's possible 2008 Congressional campaign.

Billy Jack

Tom Laughlin, who played the character "Billy Jack" in several movies, is pro-impeach Bush and other pro-American issues. (he has run for office, unsuccessfully) I just sent an email to him encouraging him to look into and support "9/11 Truth and Justice". Check out his website and send him a similar email. He may or may not know about "9/11 Truth", but he may eventually add his name to the growing list of pro people.

I rather prefer the "Negative Publicity"

In the sense of "there's no such thing as negative publicity".

Right now, the only way we are getting pretty much any press in the so-called "mainstream media" is negative press. (except for the now occasional things like Sheen, Rosey, etc., which will only continue in quantity and quality over time)

Which is better than nothing.

At least it is letting people know that there are people out here fighting for Truth and Justice, no matter how those who are making it "newsworthy" are portraying it. (and making people think about 9/11 and not letting it wither and die in people's minds, which is also happening at this late date (barring the references the Bush-ites make now and then, which tend to be very vague and truly referential in a simple way rather than expansive or specific in detail -- in fact, I bet they wish the mainstream press would quit making a big deal about Rosie, et al.))

The 9/11 Forest (and the trees)

Another comments reply turned blog post.

EVERYONE comes into 9/11 Truth at a different point. Some earlier, some later. That's just the way it is. It's the nature of the beast.

Look how long it took Sheen. And Rosie is just now speaking out. Ed Asner spoke out and seems to have backed off a little. (afaik) And there are a few others. Eventually Olbermann and Maher and Jon Stewart, and some others, will also get to the point where they will feel the need to speak out publicly.

Some people think the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement is dead and/or dieing. And I understand their impatience and frustration. But the movement is, literally, in its infancy. We probably don't even have 1% of the population behind us. And it takes 5% to 10% (+/-) to form a "critical mass".

A Non-Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory

Taken from a reply to the blog post "The Ontological Status of Conspiracy Theory", here:

Where the author takes a "highfalutin" stab at the concept of "conspiracy theory". (my interpretation)

Like so many, if not most, of these types of writings, this is really just so much intellectual masturbation.

Which can be fun. (and interesting)

But, also somewhat usual (imo), it is lacking.

People so easily forget, or perhaps simply do not understand, that so-called "conspiracy theories" are not whimsical, fantastical, illusory, fictions or pseudo-fictions, and the like. They are a real and true part of society and culture, and the human experience itself, really.

From the benign (surprise party) to the legal and criminal (Conspiracy to Commit Murder) and every level in between. (and "larger") They happen every day, all day long, all around the world. (by an untold number of people, possibly numbering in the millions, all told)

Inside Story From the Men Who Cleaned Up 9/11



"WTC Body Parts in Landfill — 9-11 Part 5"

Were all body parts painstakingly picked up and preserved during the Ground Zero cleanup operation? It may have been an impossible task, given the condition of the site. However, could they have done a better job? Was it more important to complete the cleanup operation than to find every single remain, regardless of size?


Inside Story From the Men Who Cleaned up The Mess from 911.

Marked as: "Some information may offend any person with family involved in this mess."

Video Transcript:


"Did the cleanup crew remove and preserve every body parts [sic] found at ground zero?"

Interviewee: (cleanup worker at 9/11 ground zero — intermixed with background images of clean up, memorial and similar 9/11 images)

"Yeah, they made us do that until the end. Towards the end. That's when the people protested. That we were just loadin' them in, because they were finding most of the parts at the landfill." [Fresh Kills Landfill]

[audio cut?]

"That's when everything started slowing down."

[audio cut?]

Bush "Scumbags Up" Again

Regarding Bush's recent comments that yet again refer to 9/11 as well as the possibility that another 9/11 event could occur if we do not continue with our war actions in Iraq. " Bush: 'Iraq withdrawal may spark 9/11 repeat' "

Since things aren't going well for pResident Governor George Bush and his administration (in many ways), it was time, yet again, to call on the 9/11 scare tactics that have served them so well these last many years. Bush has no honor, no integrity, no conscience, no intelligence, no ethics or morals, and no honesty. And Dick Cheney is worse. (fyi: Karl Rove just might be the anti-christ)

Both Bush and Cheney need to be impeached as soon as possible. (for Crimes Against Humanity and Treason Against the United States of America)

The Watergate Conspiracy Theory

People who (still) think "9/11" is "just a conspiracy theory" should at least read this wiki page:

It is a good reminder for some, and new information for many. Those who were not alive in those times, or too young, do not understand the tremendous effect it had on Americans and our government. (regards '(semi-) blind trust' and the like) And, even though reading this clinical, informational article will not even come close to giving some a true understanding of this, perhaps they will be able to glean a small perception of some of those realities, if they try.

Many people tried to use the negative "Conspiracy Theory" label as a dismissal of the Watergate Scandal back when it was occurring, especially early on in its infancy, but the term was not as thoroughly entrenched in the American psyche as it is now. (which is probably due to years of disinformation and propaganda by certain people who want Americans to use it in cases like 9/11 — it is now one of their strongest and most powerful tools, and it did not occur by accident)