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I just found out about the NIST "FAQ" on WTC that they uploaded on the 30th August. It's funny that I uploaded (and advertised) my site around 5-6 days before that.

How do you get search engines to find your page?

My site's been up a while and still I can't find it using any of the major search engines.

I know that they trawl through links they find on web pages to find new pages, but I've got http://www.911faq.org in various places now and still it does not exist :]

Anyone know if there's a minimum number of links required for a search engine to index your page?

www.911faq.org is live!

So this is my first blog entry and it's only fitting that I advertise my first web site: www.911faq.org

I've spent a long time researching and putting together the site. I learnt a lot about information and how the one piece of evidence can be argued both for and against a particular theory. I think my factual evidence is generally correct, but I'm not so sure about the calculations I did. I've tried getting some people to read through it from various 9/11 sites, without luck. It's also failing to show up in search engines, even though I've had a "page holder" on the domain for a few weeks.

Really I'd like some people to have a look and perhaps leave a comment or two. I'm interested in any mistakes or disagreements people have and hope that we can work together to get to the truth, whatever it is.

The main focus of the site is to avoid long drawn out rants, as other places are more suitable, like here! It's generally a site to get the quick facts from official sources, with some analysis thrown in for good measure. I try to leave it up to the reader to make his/her mind up also, so the bulk of the site avoids trying to prove conspiracy theories.

So what's my official stance on 9/11, I hear you ask. Well it's probably somewhere inbetween "It was all the U.S Government's fault" and "It was all the terrorist's fault". I can only hope that more evidence is released to prove or disprove theories, because at the moment there is a surprising lack of evidence to support any theory, let alone the official one.