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Cockburn is not against you, but he wants to box. So pick up the gloves.

The sense I've gotten from this blog and others in the 9/11 Truth world (a.k.a. reality) is that Alex Cockburn at CounterPunch is against you for criticizing conspiracy theories. How dare he? How dare such an otherwise insightful opinionist reject the exposure of a lie that would strike a permanent lethal blow to the policies they have for so long criticized?

I've pondered these questions for sometime.

First I asked myself: "is Cockburn simply ignorant?" ---Not possible. CounterPunch gets it right every time (except once ;)

Second I wondered: "Maybe he's really a leftist gatekeeper?" ---Laughable. The pages of the Washington Post editorial section are reserved for those folks. Cockburn is keeping no gate.

Third I thought: "Perhaps Cockburn believes exposure of 9/11 Truth will make him, as a well-known Neocon critic, irrelevant?" ---Can't be the case. Look, we are going to miss these days - nowadays - as we walk and preach around our cities and towns feeling high and mighty --almost enlightened-- because we know that our society has accepted a grand lie. But Cockburn is simply not famous enough to care about his status.