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FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson's speech at DC911Truth conference

FalseFlagNews radio host DL Abrahamson speaking at DC911Truth Conference on November 11.

1) History and power of false flag terror, the use of drill and war games used to bootleg real attacks, and top 911 coup suspects.

2) Potential for an invasion of Iran & domestic martial law, Vigilant Shield war games, and the major players pushing for another perilous war.

3) Israeli espionage, "art student" spy ring, Office of Special Plans, AIPAC lobbying scandal, JINSA, & dancing Mossad agents.

4) Dollar breakdown, death of the petdollar, mortgage/housing crisis, new Euro-based oil bourses, and potential for worldwide economic collapse.

5) Caspian pipeline politics, and the growth of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan) along with newer allies in Iran, Venezuela, Mongolia, and India.

6) Activist solutions for overcoming the controlled corporate media, Left Gatekeepers, and 911 disinformation artists.

John Albanese on FalseFlagNews radio tonight from 9-10 PM EST

Filmmaker John Albanese, who is working on his upcoming film "Disinformation in the Information Age" will join DL Abrahamson on tonight's False Flag News radio on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).

False Flag News airs from 9-10 PM EST. The first half hour of the show will discuss the breakdown of the U.S. dollar, and the potential for diplomacy in Iran.

Then John Albanese will join the program at 9:30 to discuss his latest research and upcoming film. Topics will include the break-up of Scholars for 911 Truth, Jim Fetzer's controversial endorsement of "space beam" theories, message board disruptors, and concrete ways of winning the information war for 911 alternative research.

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