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What's the best evidence 911 was an inside job?

I've always been extremely interested in the 'fake osama video'. Osama's probably dead before its release as far as I know. It seems obvious that this character is not Osama as well based on the fact that he looks fatter, flatter nose etc. as pointed out in Loose Change and other films. Who has the done the best study on this does any one know and how easy is it to say 100% that this is not Osama considering picture quality or other factors? The government put this out as proof against Osama and never seemed to even publically consider that is was not him I would love to see the analysis they did but obviouly never will. If it could be shown in a clear scientific way that this is definately not him and that it would have been easy for the government to realize this it would show undeniable involvement.
I also want to know what the heck hit the Pentagon! How and why is there not one gosh darn video clearly showing a plane hitting. I know how some think the government will release a good video later to try to make us look dumb for questioning it, but i want to know and sooner rather later and i want to see it! I simply cannot and will not believe that something could approach the pentagon and not get caught on any film. Does anyone here think they know what happened at the Pentagon cause they sure got me confused on this one..