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CIA at it again in Afghanistan

A report on the radio came through that the UN report on Drugs reported an increase of 59% in opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan's South region. That's an alarming increase considering it's a country that is currently occupied by US Military. I just recently saw a documentry made by a ex- LAPD Narcotics Officer Mike Ruppert, called "The Truth And Lies of 911". It talks of the CIA's involvment of the smuggling of cocaine from Columbia into US Air Bases since the early 80's. We hear tidbits now and again of soldiers or officers that got busted with drugs on them whilst in other countries. Most of them would have been set-ups to get rid of those people who may have inadvertently stumbled across thier operations, or were trying to get a bigger slice of the pie. There were 4 soldiers in a South American Country recently caught. A couple of sailors in Australian waters busted with drugs. Thats only the tip of the iceberg of the CIA's operations. So I did some research and along with the above mentioned documentry it seems the increase can be put squarely at the CIA's feet. Just like it does in Columbia, so it does in Afghanistan. Here is an interesting article I found via 'Google' about the US Defence forces involvment in Drugs.

911, Terrorism, Illuminati etc etc etc

"will go a long way to removing their direct influence into the affairs of the sovereign country of Iraq." said Brigadier General Michael Barbero of the 'supposed' Iran involvment in training Shiite militants to destabilize Iraq (extract taken from site). Wow I thought. What a hypocrite! How rich and ironic that a General would say something like that when the US has just invaded Afghanistan (once a sovereign nation), Iraq (once a sovereign nation) and Vietnam. And now they want to invade yet another sovreign nation called Iran. Hahaha what a joker!. He must have been rehearsing for a comedy show because I dont think anyone outside of the US is buying that BS story. Sorry mate when you and your fellow war mongers start praticising what you preach to the rest of the world then maybe we might start to take you all seriously, but until then may I suggest you come up with a new punch line cause the jokes on you the military leaders and your puppet president along with his CFR cronies and the Illuminati puppet makers.
It is interesting to note that the line 'terrorists are under every bed' being touted by some seems familiar to the catch-cry of the 50's & 60's when there was supposedly a 'communist under every bed'.