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How to Win Friends and Influence People

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How To Win Friends and Influence People
November 1, 2010
Author: kdub
Source: 9/11 Truth News
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In Dale Carnegie’s famous book How to Win Friends and Influence People, there is a chapter which focuses on how the only real way to win an argument is to avoid one. This sentiment is a most critical tool for us to embrace in regard to spreading quality information about 9/11. The more mainstream the 9/11 Truth movement becomes, the more clear it becomes that practicing respectful etiquette across the board is perhaps the most important component to getting anyone to consider an individual’s new idea. When people argue, everyone goes home feeling more strongly about their original positions even if one was proven right.

A Message for the 11th and all 9/11 Truth Actions taking place

I posted this on the Truth Action forums, but I think it may be valuable for anyone involved with 9/11 Truth Activism. The 11th of the Month street actions are having a serious effect, so I hope everyone joins us tomorrow for some international street outreach. This is a message for those taking part in activism which has organized around 9/11 Truth specifically. Find your locations and spread the word...http://www.truthaction.org

from the post:

I can't wait to hit the streets with you all again! We have some seriously informed activists planning on showing up so this should be a great 11th of the Month. After the actions I have taken part in, and recent issues I have seen being discussed among 9/11 Truth activists, I felt the need to write out some advice to help us focus our efforts in 9/11 Truth Activism.

Take to the streets NOW!! 8/11

Time to get out on the street's today people. It's the weekend so there is no excuse. Everybody get to http://www.truthaction.org/ and find your local event. Also once we are done with the actions today, it is of paramount importance that we post details of actions at TruthAction.org We need to continue to build the momentum of these actions with inspirational photo's and videos. When people see the monthly actions, they will be completely geared up for 9/11/07. Peace to everybody going out. TAKE ACTION TODAY!!!


Who is really taking part in PROMOTING 9/11 TRUTH ACTION?!?!

I have been shocked not to hear some of the most influential people among the 9/11 truth movement failing to promote the actions on the 11th of every month. Just in case you haven't heard, there is an international call to action for 9/11 Truth on the 11th of every month...

(just look at the recent blogs for photos and video)

These actions have been an undeniable success. Thousands have been turned on and informed in single cities alone. A number of other countries are getting involved. A new group called Marines for 9/11 Truth has formed from the 11th of every month action events. This idea is great and it is developing a serious tangible movement for 9/11 Truth. I suggest everyone watch a video or look at the pictures on Truth Action and see the results of this actions so far.

9/11 Truth...time to Stop Calling the Uninformed Silly Names

There is something important that many in 9/11 truth could use in relating to the uninformed...

I have recently reviewed Dale Carnegie's classic.."How to Win Friends and Influence People." A fundamental lesson from this book is to avoid criticism and speak to people's interests. This is a hard concept to stay connected with when approaching 9/11 Truth. Someone questioning 9/11 may face name calling coming from skeptics who don't even understand the silly names that are thrown about repeatedly in a debate or discussion. It is important to avoid name calling which is simply attacking someone's character. Pointing out a label specific to a topic or focus of someones is not the same as a character attack.

Truth Revolution Radio Live Now!

Cosmos has on Sophia, the director of 9/11 Mysteries discussing social engineering ...


archived above....

get active!


SF 9-11 Truth Rocked It!

Just got back from a hefty day of bullhorning in downtown San Francisco. The protest spread throughout the day. I arrived part way through the protest and joined in with about 20 individuals with 3 bullhorns. Our protesting at the federal building was a great success. No police or homeland security who drove by said a thing. It was when we protested at KRON tv studios that a cop approached me and asked us for a noise permit. The cop was very down to earth and even apologetic. He said we wouldn't be arrested, just fined with a citation. Over all the event was great. We handed out tons of DVD's and talked to a lot of random interested folks. The only people I heard any negative stuff from were a couple of people driving by yelling or actual bums some of whom the police actually told to step back from us. The individuals I met where all well spoken and had learned about 9/11 in a lot of different ways. I was also excited to meet some people who had just learned about this a few months ago. I watched Road to Tyranny back in 02 and it's amazing to see people still reacting instantly and honestly to the truth.

Time to Give a few Key Answers..to those with Questions

It is truly amazing how many people have opened up to a great number of questions being spread by the 9/11 truth movement. Almost everyone in America, thanks to the hit pieces, actual coverage and the south park episode knows the idea of controlled demolition. Unfortunately, the demolition scenario leave LOTS of questions. These questions are important. There needs to be answers to the demolition questions.

There is also however good reason to focus beyond the physics. Once the physics have been at least, partially understood, evidence then needs to be presented in a framework that assigns specific guilt to the highest levels within government. Physics CANNOT be without:

----Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts on Sept. 10th aka In a Pakistani military hospital in Rawalpindi, frequented by U.S. officials