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Concurrent development - the baseball model

Short version

Long version posted recently by CBB.

The longer version show's a wider angle before the magic zoom and the "arrival" of the translucent blob. I took a screenie at the opening moment of the scene, I did it again, and got the exact same time, 7:38.

It's only a rough estimate of distance, but it cant be too far out.



BBC Rewrite "Hijackers Still Alive" webpage.

Under the FBI picture of Waleed al Shehri we have added the words "A man called Waleed Al Shehri..." to make it as clear as possible that there was confusion over the identity..

but we left the same photo :-|

There is a open comment section, please bombard them right now. Off you go now!!

American Al Qaeda Member to Be Indicted for Treason

WASHINGTON — The American Al Qaeda spokesman known as "Azzam the American" will be indicted Wednesday by a federal grand jury in Los Angeles, FOX News has confirmed.

The two guys above are known collectively as Adam Yahiye Gadahn ??????????,2933,219861,00.html


Wrongly jailed pilot wins review - Another bogus trial falls apart

Lotfi Raissi with wife, Sonya and mother Rabea
Lotfi Raissi (centre) says his life was destroyed by the accusations

An Algerian pilot mistakenly accused of training the 11 September hijackers has won the right to challenge a decision not to compensate him.

Lotfi Raissi was never charged with any terrorism offence but spent five months in Belmarsh high security prison.

Although a judge later said there was no evidence linking Mr Raissi to terrorism, the Home Office said he was not entitled to compensation.


The Roman Candle collapse complete with side bursts. Just why in the hell would the Iranians need a nookular weapon anyhow? Just take an old aluminium tube, fill it with 10,000 ltrs of kerosene and boom....There goes Manhattan!!

Smoke and Mirrors at the Pentagon

Drill day at the Pentagon. I dont even bother with the Pentagon these days, this is probably why. You took your eye off the ball, didn't you?

Some of my Photo Collection

If it's not breaking any board guidlines, I would like to post some of my favoutie photos, which I have collected over the years. God that sounds awful, for those who have been truthlings since day one. We need to wrap this up, guys, it's been five years.

No impact!

First of all thanks to the mods for lifting my ban.

 "Don't let them provoke you. Don't let them provoke you..

There was no impact, no splash of aluminium, steel and concrete. 

The area on the building between the left engine and body appears intact. How?

Freedom to Fascism removed from Google

Does anybody know if this was available elsewhere? I re-posted it on several sites, now all the links are dead.

Now dead!

The Shanksville Shuffle

Does not the absence of an airplane at Shanksville concern anybody?.

New Eye witness Video pulled

I hope someone has saved this, I didnt.

The video appears to have been pulled. This is the new one with the ladies talking.

Webster Tarpley in Dublin

The meeting itself was a bit ramshackle and chaotic- true to Irish stylee, the PA was borrowed from a cave in Afghanistan, unfortunatley, but the Guinness and the chatter flowed. Webster was on form despite his tiring tour. The meeting itself was organised by Morgan Stack of Morgan is standing for election on a 9/11 truth ticket.

There was a representative from the Irish Media who claimed that the Irish media dealt fairly and squarely with 9/11. She didnt last long. A chap from mujca (Chjristian -Muslim- Jewish Alliance) was there to spoil the proceedings with cries of "what about the victims" and "Israel"?


They gathered their tapes and notes and left very soon afterwards, but not without a departing encore of -- "what about the victims"? The nerd in the quasi military gear from mujca gave a NAZI salute. Charming.

I spoke to a few people, before leaving, we had a long drive home. Mark Gobell from the uk's, and Chris from Tallanstown, best described as the "Stepford" of Ireland, whom I shall be in touch with again.

9/11: The Twin Towers

Has anyone here seen this cheezy docu-drama? 9/11: The Twin Towers.

It went out here last night, I usually watch these things for real footage to see what can be gleaned from the crap.

Last night was NO didfferent.

First the North Tower.


This is what they showed. NOTHING. There is NO airplane in this footage. My feelings, though I can't be sure, are a missile.

And, there is NO RECORD of Flight 11 having "taken off" on Sept 11,2001.


Dear readers, it was clear as day.

An airplane approaches the South Tower, there is some camera trickery, the airplane disappears and another cheezy cartoon airplane appears on a slightly different course and trajectory. This object also loses colour and reflectivity. My girlfriend shouted, "the other one went behind the building". Yes, yes, I saw it she said. you are right. How were people fooled by that, she said.

A plane did a fly-by, and either released a missile which was covered up by then fake cartoon airplane. Or the fake plane was to conceal the dial a yield explosion, pre-planted bomb in the tower.

CIA Re-opens Bin Ladin Unit??

Shut down in July, the "unit" "set-up" to "catch" "Bin Ladin" wink wink, was "reportedly" reopened today with a fat new budget. I haven't found any verification of this though.

Average deaths in the USA in one day??

I did a wide open search of the SSDI database today.

Died on Sept 11 2001. That was the only search criterion.

176,599 people died on Sept 11, 2001, in the USA.

Nothing strange there, it seems to be an average. I tried Sept 11 2002, and 2003 -- all similar figures.

Using - "Died on Sept 11 2001" as the only search parameter.

Now take your four passenger lists....