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The Ameros Continue to Spread Truth Through Music

Some great recent press for the Ameros who often place DVD's in CD's, give out freely, and spread truth through music.

Live in the Clubs: The Ameros Promote Social Ideals

When Jesse Calhoun and Charles Pope first brought their politically and socially charged rock band, now known as The Ameros, to the Capital Region in 2008, their timing couldn't have been better....

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"Commission Reports covering up for government crimes" - lyric in weight of the world

For more on the Ameros and Booking Information:

Truth at PearlPalooza with Rusted Root

We will be playing our songs:

"Keep Movin'" - about never giving up in times of great adversity

"Name Your Price for Freedom" - about the gradual decline of individual rights

"Weight of the World" - theraputic song about all the things on our mind

"Terminator Seeds" - a satire on the control freak mentality of the elite

"Backs Against the Wall" - about drawing a line in the sand for our communities and neighbors

"H1N1" - about big pharma

The Ameros on 91.5 FM (WRPI)

"Commission Report's covering up for government crimes"
Lyric from the Ameros song: "Weight of the World"

Shortly after the patriot act, the band the Ameros (then Cultural Relativtiy) wrote and recorded the song "Name Your Price for Freedom" that started their long journey of intellectual and musical discovery. (Video Below)

Jason Bermas on Ameros Radio - Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined

Attention: We are seeking out family members and first responders who would be willing to call in to an interview to give testimonies. Please be in touch.

The Ameros, Music, Poker Face, Hate Tank

12/19/2009 9:00 PM at LUPOS Beef & Ale in Allentown, PA
2149 Reading Rd., Allentown, Pennsylvania 18104
Cost:$5 Description:Poker Faces CD Release Party for their new disc 5
PEACE OR WAR - Songs for the Revolution

The Ameros - Taking The Truth To Larkfest, NY States Largest One-Day Street Festival

"They are original independent voices who have something to say. They have a lot of energy and their lyrics are thought provoking. They are relevant to Troy and to Albany, but they are relevant to the rest of the world as well."
-Bob Goepfert - Quote of Steve Pierce, Troy Record

"(one) of the Capital region's hottest bands."
-The Sanctuary for Independent Media

"You can definitely hear the influence of Hendrix in your music."
-Ralph Renna - The Capital Underground 104.9 FM

Larkfest is New York States largest one-day street festival. Headlined by Moby, the Ameros will be bringing copies of the movie Zeitgeist and singing their brand of truth-infused rock to many people this September 19th. For more about Larkfest, please visit:

The Ameros: Free copies of Zeitgeist at this Saturday's Show

The Ameros are now giving away free copies of Zeitgeist parts II and III with every CD sold.

Saturday, June 6th
Tess' Lark Tavern, Albany
453 Madison Ave.
8 p.m.
$5 Cover

We'll be having a great time. Come get your truth on. Collaborating with the Campaign for Liberty.


The Ameros: Free Downloads, Tour Information, Photos, and Videos


The Ameros are continuing to play 50/50 benefit shows with 9/11 Truth Groups around the country. Raise money and awareness for your local 9/11 Truth group by having a concert with the Ameros near you. Their new song "Terminator Seeds" is quickly becoming a favorite among fans.

New song by the Ameros: "Weight of the World"

Wanted to post this new song by the Ameros. I think that 911 blogger readers will appreciate the lyrics. The video quality isn't great but the sound is good.

Flying with broken wings is harder with your legs chained down, yeah yeah
and running ain't so easy to do with your ankles bound, yeah yeah
breathing ain't so easy to do when you're six feet underground, yeah yeah
but I'm Feelin the weight of the world and it's draggin me down
feelin' the weight of the world and it's draggin me down
feelin' the weight of the world and it's draggin me down, yeah yeah

Well I guess it would be pretty nice if I could get a couple dollars and a few bags of rice
I'm tryin' ta feed my family on this minimum wage, but the debt keeps risin' makes us feel like slaves

Download "Name Your Price for Freedom" as heard on 104.9 "The Edge" in Albany when you join the Ameros Mailing List

Kawari and Jesse moved to Albany to centralize their forces against the "War on Logic" currently being waged by those in power. Joining with Sean Muniz, a local activist leader, and Kiki Vassilakis on percussion, they are now storming the Albany Music scene, and fortifying key locations. Defending truth and justice everywhere, The Ameros are here to go to battle for those who seek to usurp power, and to bring about real change.

Believing that there is a dire need to inflict social change through music, the Ameros write music with penetrating honesty to cut through the mass ocean of substance-free garbage. You won't be seeing the Ameros on any Coca-Cola commercials anytime soon or holding a prominently placed T-Mobile Sidekick(tm) in their music videos. The Ameros cannot be bought with fiat currency. Coming soon to a North American Union near you.

The Ameros Climbing to top of Charts at Reverbnation

Help the Ameros climb to the top of the local charts at and drive more people to 9/11 truth.
Best part - totally free, get to listen to some great music, and sign up on our mailing list.
We're currently ranked 10th in local music and 2,158th in Rock. It won't take much to push us to the top. We already took down the Jonas Brothers. Haha.

If you're interested in having a 50/50 benefit concert for your organization, here's how it works... you bring 14 people or more, and we split the profits with you! This keeps the Ameros music going, your organization going, and gives you a way to get together and relax! So be in touch. Contact us through myspace, reverbnation, or facebook. Check out our song at the bottom called "Terminator Seeds" about the New World Order.

9/11 Truth Band makes FM Radio

Hot on the heels of their 9/11 Benefit Concert that made Channel 9 News in Albany, NY, the Ameros (Formerly Cultural Relativity) are taking their brand of political rock to the airwaves. Last Sunday on 104.9 The Edge their song "One Song at a Time" debuted. Speaking of a false left-right paradigm, deforestation, and more, this song sets out the goal of the Ameros. Changing the world, "one song at a time."

Currently planning their 2009 tour, they are looking to do 50/50 benefit shows for 9/11 Truth groups in the Northeast. If you want us to do one near you, get in touch immediately because dates are filling fast.

Current dates: (More to be announced)
Note: Any of these dates where 14 or more 9/11 Truth people show up, we will split what we make. Make sure to let the doorman know you're there to see the Ameros!

Mar 14 2009 8:00P
Desmond’s Tavern New York, New York

Apr 27 2009 10:00P
Hotshots with Guests TBA Glens Falls, New York

Check out the music at:

If you want to do a 50/50 benefit show / group meeting contact us immediately!
Jesse Calhoun
(937) 408 3075

Cross Country Benefits for 9/11 First Responders

Albany, NY
November 23rd
8 acts come together to do what congress failed to do and help the 9/11 first responders.

This concert is going to rock. Here's what we need you to do. Do your own concert. This needs to catch on as soon as possible. I've tried other avenues of promoting this, but the truth is, me and bureaucracy don't get along very well. Yes, even bureaucracy within 9/11 truth. So do it yourself or with the group of friends who you trust. Here's what you need;

"First Aid" Benefit Concert to be held in Albany, NY

The Albany chapter of both 9/11 Truth and 2nd Responders will be holding a benefit concert for the forgotten heroes of 9/11. All proceeds will go to the Feal Good Foundation. Featuring music from Jared Funari, Mother Judge, Kode Blue, The Crayons, and Cultural Relativity, it is sure to be a night of amazing music and good people.

Doors open at 8:00 p.m.
388 Broadway, Albany NY
21 and up.

Click to see event