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Ohio Events Picking up Speed

Freeway Blog Columbus Ohio

Columbus, Springfield set to make 2007 a big year for 9/11 Truth in Ohio.

Among the highlights:
"Support our Troops: Truth film festival": May 19 or 20

Proposed Schedule:
11:00 Who Killed John O'Neill
1:00 America: Freedom to Fascism
3:00 Out Foxed
4:30 Beyond Treason
6:00 Sir No Sir
7:45 Improbable Collapse

Same Day: Both should be do-able!
Springfield 911 Truth - Women of Faith confrence:
Passing out 9/11 victims families information from as well as David Ray Griffin's DVD and Steven Jones' lecture at UVSC
Kevin Barrett and Kevin Ryan: April 28th

What building was this? Could a 4th building have collapsed?

This is probably just a trick of the eye or something, but I couldn't help but notice what appears to be a 3rd building that was NOT WTC7 falling shortly after the first 2.

See the progression:

Does anyone know what building this was and if it was completely destroyed or not?

"Strategic Action Weekend" Will Bring 9/11 Truth to Central Ohio

9/11 Strategic Actions begins it's run in Ohio on April 27th. There are some great things going on here in Ohio, Columbus is bringing in some great speakers and Cleveland has great resources that show how the overall movement is going. Here in Springfield, OH it's a very interesting climate. The overall goal of this group is BIG ACTIONS for BIG RESULTS. Our target audience is not the internet audience, as many of you are doing an outstanding job at reaching those who can view movies on google, but rather we seek to reach those who do not have access to high-speed internet in a grassroots and targeted activism effort. I want to bring Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky, and Indiana together every 3 months or so, in order to maximize manpower over a small period of time. This first weekend will be mostly organization and activism, but once we reach 50+ members then we will start even larger actions with the intent of getting media coverage. I hope many of you will join us for this effort.


David Ray Griffin featured in The Canadian

Paul Chen sheds the image of conspiracy theory, and aims this beautiful piece right at the would-be debunkers that are easily debunked themselves.

Former CIA official supports Professor's claim that official 9/11 Islamist conspiracy theory are lies - The Canadian

David Ray Griffin is widely recognized as one of the leading spokespersons of the 9/11 truth movement. This is by virtue of his previous four books on the subject. Professor Griffin and a growing list of scholars, other researchers as well as diverse experts and activists, reject the official Islamist mastermind conspiracy theory about 9/11 advanced by Establishment interests.

Although the 9/11 truth movement was long ignored by the U.S. government and the mainstream media, recent polls have shown that (as Time magazine has acknowledged) the rejection of the official theory has become "a mainstream political phenomenon."

The Music of Truth

Cultural Relativity rocked the house at the Red Square in Albany, NY. This fundraising concert was to raise money for UAlbany 9/11 Truth. The song "The Truth Will Set You Free" is pretty classic. Definately gotta check this out. Also - If you want to book us, we are extremely down with the 9/11 Truth movement.


"Somethings gonna have to give"

Well if your raise was less

than the inflation rate,

then your gonna have to find

a way to live,

and if the only way

for you to compensate

is that something's gonna have to give.

Name Your Price for Freedom

Cultural Relativity is a truly musical band for Truth. Their myspace page is decorated with all 3 Ohio groups, as well as Michael Wolsey's podcasts. This is one band that hasn't sold out.

"Name Your Price for Freedom" by Cultural Relativity This song captures the steady erosion of the bill of rights and the constitution, and asks "How many rights will you lose before you realize that you need them?" It was featured on Michael Wolsey's Visibility 9-11 podcast recently. It's some of the best music that the movement has to offer. It's at the very end of Michael's podcast. Give it a listen!

or Download it here FREE:

Kevin Ryan's article on Vive le Canada

9/11: Looking for Truth in Credentials: The Peculiar WTC “Experts”
Contributed by: Milton

by Kevin Ryan

Global Research, March 13, 2007
9/11 blogspot

When Matthew Rothschild, editor of the online magazine The Progressive, wrote an article called “Enough of the 9/11 Conspiracies, Already”, we all knew he was not talking about the conspiracy theory that the US government sells us to justify the expanding 9/11 Wars.[1] To the contrary, in writing that article Mr. Rothschild was selling that same theory himself. What he actually meant was that people should not question the US government’s story of terror because credentialed experts have been found to support it. But the fact is that the experts found to support the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 are predominantly those who profit from doing so. That’s not to say that all of these people were “part of the conspiracy”. But they are, whether consciously or not, a part of the cover-up. And that, of course, is the greater crime.

The art of infowar.

"Exert maximum force on the enemies weaknesses."

Having observed Digg for a while now, I've noticed one particular blogger who hits home with amazing posts. I encourage you to read some of his bloggs and DIGG them to bump them higher up when people search for news. This person has put up high profile stories that cut the official story to shreds. I "Digged" every single one of his stories, and I hope you like them enough to do the same.

It takes only a matter of seconds and gets at Digg's rather large readership.

I feel it's important to get behind our best and give them some strong encouragement so that they can carry the banner proudly.
Thank you for your time.

Op Ed piece mentions Mineta Testimony NOT in Commission report, suggests potential Cheney "allowed or even ORDERED" it to happen

Did Cheney Allow, Or Even Order, 9/11 Attack on Pentagon?

by Sherwood Ross

Although the official 9/11 Commission Report(CR) said Vice President Richard Cheney did not arrive at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center(PEOC) under the White House until "shortly before 10 a.m." that tragic day, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified when he arrived in the room at 9:20 a.m. Cheney was already there. (CR published no testimony from Mineta.)

The timeline is important because if Cheney arrived at 10 a.m. it would have been about 20 minutes after the Pentagon was allegedly struck by a hijacked airplane at 9:38 a.m., too late for him to authorize the Air Force to shoot it down. Some 125 Pentagon employees perished in the attack.

9/11 Cover-Up Unraveling Now!

This has the potential to blow everything out into the open.

 Before you try and debunk this... make sure you realize that the collapsed building she's talking about... is STANDING.  Behind her head.

Vermont is the Bright Beacon on the Hill

Whatever group is responsible for the Vermont panel tonight on, all I can say is wow. This is a historic day that has a shot at putting immense pressure on our government to be of the people, or be held responsible.

One of their comments was quite interesting, that we need impeachment hearings immediately. That seems to make sense because we are honestly in danger until we render the upper leadership impotent.

Very interesting.

Vermont has a chance to save this country and potentially the world.

Springfield 911 Truth - Ohio will be watching to see your outstanding leadership.

Fetzer Event in Columbus.

I am a concerned 9/11 truther and I must preface everything I say here with this statement.

I am not here to put anyone down, or belittle anyone's efforts. I seek merely to give some constructive criticism of this event in order to focus and hone the efforts of the 9/11 truth movement.

When the 9/11 movement questioned the "Pod" section of Loose Change, it was removed from the movie in order to present the best evidence. This is the difference between the gentlemen of Loose Change, and Mr. Fetzer. Mr. Fetzer chooses to discuss the more outlandish theories in the public domain, in my opinion to the detrement of the movement. I believe that we are still in the court of public opinion, and that we must stick to our best evidence in the public eye.

Several things about Mr. Fetzer's presentation upset me.

1) Use of video footage:

CBS Pulls "Hatchet Job" on Scholars for 9/11 Truth

CBS Pulls "Hatchet Job" on Scholars for 9/11 Truth

I find it frightening how much focus is trying to discredit Dr. Jones. Let's focus on justice before we move on to theories in the public eye. We haven't caught the football yet, let's not run with it.

9/11 Covered in Ann Arbor News

Alternate 9/11 theory draws crowd

Panel speakers suggest U.S. government was behind attacks
Monday, January 29, 2007
News Special Writer

Their theory is that explosives planted throughout the World Trade Center - not the burning fuel from the jetliners that crashed into the buildings - brought the Twin Towers down on Sept. 11, 2001.

That proposition was intriguing enough that about 300 people showed up Sunday, some out of simple curiosity, at the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor to hear three speakers explain why they believe the U.S. government - not fanatical Muslim terrorists - was behind the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The crowd dwindled considerably during the three-hour panel discussion, "The War on Truth: 9/11 and Our Civil Rights,'' sponsored by Scholars for 9/11, a national group that says the government's version of the events surrounding the terrorist attacks is "a pack of lies.''

The three speakers urged the audience to examine all the evidence and ask for an independent investigation of the events surrounding Sept. 11, 2001.

Before the discussion, about 10 University of Michigan student protesters, carrying signs and wearing tinfoil hats, milled about outside the Michigan ballroom, saying they represented a group called Young Americans for Freedom.