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How the current Bybee memo scandal in MSM relates to 9/11 truth in five video parts:

I've made this collection of videos because there's been much debate lately about the issue of torture due to the release of the infamous Jay Bybee "torture memos" that I feel relates to the issue of 9/11. Please watch these recent clips I've gathered mostly from earth2obama.org and see if you agree, I'd love to see some discussion around this.

In this video, author Ron Suskind and MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell discuss torture being used to create a link between 9/11 and the case for war in Iraq, 8 months before the methods were "approved" by the Justice Department.

9/11 Truth embraced by the Vancouver Pride Parade and over 300,000 people!

High-res shots attached at bottom.

Shot at 2007-08-06

Shot at 2007-08-06

Well, yesterday was absolutely incredible. Clear blue skies, and perfect temperatures to be outside in the sun. Though some in our group at first had reservations about participating in a parade meant to show support and acceptance to Vancouver's gay and lesbian community, I am very happy to say it was our most successful group action so far. An estimated three hundred thousand open minded and curious people saw our message and unity, and we quite nearly ran out of free material to give away. Though I personally was manning the "home base" tent on the beach with a few others while the parade and crowds were winding their way towards us, there was a tremendous amount of positive feedback displayed during the parade, with some people erupting into spontaneous applause and chants of "9/11 was an inside job!" To be sure, there were a few negative outbursts as well, but these were outnumbered by far by the amount of cheers, support, and thanks that we received.

My interview with YT on Truth Revolution Radio

I had a great time with Cosmos on his show, I hope you all enjoy it. We talked about our upcoming Vancouver conference, activism, truth squad confrontation, and breaking the left/right paradigm among other things;

Mon., June 4, 2007

There's alot more to the conference that we didn't get a chance to talk about, please visit www.v911truth.org for a full list of presenters and material.

Daricus interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin on Vancouver radio!

I was very honored to interview Dr. Griffin today for a full hour thanks to John Pranger and the Dynamic Health show (CFRO 102.7 fm) I tried to make the interview palatable for new people while asking some new questions as well for all of us. I hope you all enjoy it!


Please remember, he's speaking at St. Andrews Wesley Church (Burrard & Nelson) May 16th in Vancouver, details at v911truth.org!