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WTC7 questions

Like everyone else, I am trying to piece all this information together but there are outstanding questions, to which I can't find answers.

Who would call WTC7 the Saloman Brothers Building? Was it commonly known by that name in NYC? Did CNN call it by that name?

Let's say that there was general concern that afternoon about the stability of WTC7 due to damage but why wasn't there the same concern reported about the other buildings, which had been more damaged? Why didn't we hear that those buildings were in danger of collapse? If they weren't in danger of collapse, how did they know that?

Who made the decision that WTC7 was about to collapse and on what evidence was this based - general concern or visible movement or scientific measurements?

What time was it when that decision was made? If the BBC made a mistake and interpreted 'about to collapse' as 'has collapsed', then they had that news close to 16.50 NYC time. What time did CNN report the imminent collapse?

When those firemen were told to leave the area due to the imminent collapse of WTC7, were other firemen moved away from the other WTC buildings, which were more damaged? If not, why not?

Skeptics Magazine Article

Does anyone know of any concise arguments that specifically address the Skeptics Magazine article, which claims to debunk 9/11 truth.

I can argue against it myself, drawing on various sources but I'd like to see any articles dedicated to answering the claims stated here.