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Manning Memo and Fake UN Flights

Today on the Thom Hartman show he had a guest on that wrote a book, something about "The prosecution of Bush for Murder." The book sounded interesting, hopefully a prosecutor will have enough courage to prosecute citizen Bush when he is out of office, perhaps even flip a low level 9/11 operator.

Anyway, I found it particularly interesting because he mentioned the fact that there is "proof" (via a memo) that the President himself, suggested the use of a false flag op to provoke Sadaam Hussein into starting a War. A Brit by the name of Manning, wrote down some notes that referenced a suggestion made by Bush that we paint a US jet in UN colors and "hope" Sadam shoots it down. I found this amazing that this is part of the public record and not one News source has looked into it, and I am not even sure I have seen this posted here. I should correct myself, at this point, I am not amazed by anything, but you get my point. This is just another data point and perhaps shows that Bush may have been more directly involved in 9/11 than previouly thought?

De-Bunkers can't help it

I wrote this letter to the BBC in protest of their obvious propaganda piece against the social dis-order group known as 9/11 truth.
I thought it would make for intersting discussion into the motivations and why some people can not bring themselves to question the convential
wisdom of the 9/11 myth. Interestingly if you read Freakonomics, the author makes a point about convential wisdom, that also hits on the same theme,
it goes something like this:

Convential wisdom does not and most of the time is not the absolute truth, it is a version of true that most people can understand.

Here is my letter,

Dear Mr. Smith

Why ask something if you already KNOW the answer?

You see the power to conform is so powerful that well meaning people like yourselves will rationalize actions and decisions on the subconscious level to
avoid asking questions that go against these powerful forces to conform.

Here is an Interesting analogy:
Did you know how a flock of birds all decide at once which way to fly, some scientist have even proposed theories that birds have a mental telepathy,

a 3rd Camp, CiOP Controlled it on Purpose

After much thought and many conversations with people who believe in the official story, I have concluded that a 3rd option may be possible when discussing 9/11. We often think about things in the MiHOP or the LIHOP world view,
but I think these explanations are too simplistic for the average citizen who can't imagine such a devious and violent plot starting with our own government, they then dismiss the wider theory in response, despite the real evidence that supports the need for a New Investigation, and of course the LIHOP crowd, gives way to much credit to the "terrorist&q. uot; and avoids the real history of our covert foreign policies over the years and the influence of the Neo-Con Think tanks and the Philosophical teachings of Strauss and others. Empire , greed and dillusions of grandeur are what may be the primary motives to a select few, but it is hard to explain how the military, FBI, elected officials, can all look the other way if this "soft reasoning" is the only reasoning that launches the Black Op Military Aparatus, which was obviously present that day.