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Justice for 9-11

I proved the planes did NOT bring down ALL three buildings; EXPLOSIVES did. Yes, Towers 1, 2, and WTC 7 were all brought down through a controlled demolition, and I proved it, based on thorough evidence and meticulous research in my book,"911:tragedy and Treason". The idea that we were lied to about the MURDER of 3,000 people is appalling. The knowledge that persons within our government PARTICIPATED in these events and the cover up is beyond treason. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT anti-government,
for without government there is anarchy. I am however, furious that there are people
within our government, POWERFUL people who think they are above the Law, with absolutely NO
accountability for their deeds. There is hope. We can make a difference. We MUST however, work together.
There is strength in numbers. We must get up off the couch, turn of the TV, and get involved in our local government. The county is the cornerstone of government. We must again convene Constitutional Common Law courts. There haven’t
been any since 1936 unless the people themselves convened them. We MUST bring indictments
against those within our government who destroy our Rights, violate their Constitutional Oaths