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U.S. troops serving in Iraq may be getting more letters during mail call, but they won't be care packages — one group is sending them letters and DVDs claiming 9/11 was an “inside job” and that they should rethink why they’re fighting.

Mark Dice, founder of The Resistance, which he calls a media watchdog group, says that the U.S. government was responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and that the armed forces should know it.

“People want the facts. The Marines are hungry for the truth — what got them there [in Iraq], why are they risking their lives — and we’re going to help them understand that,” he told FOX News.

Dice plans to send letters and declassified government documents that he says can prove the government’s responsibility for the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people — and he’s urging others to do the same.

11/11 Truth March in Santa Monica, CA

Just wanted to get this to the top. Hope to see a lot of new faces!


Conspiracy Craziness: Anyone who believes our government could have successfully planned 9/11 is not only giving them too much credit, but they're also insane. Do you agree or disagree?


'9/11 Truthers' flip the bird at Bill Maher----RAW STORY

By Jason Rhyne

After being broadly denounced as "crazy people" by HBO's sharp-tongued Bill Maher, some members of the so-called 9/11 Truth movement -- a group convinced that US government accounts of the Sept. 11 tragedies do not fully explain the events of that day -- decided to give Maher a taste of his own caustic medicine.

In a new video making its rounds on the internet, one band of miffed Los Angeles-based "Truthers" borrows the graphics, theme music and trademark bite of Maher's popular "New Rules" segment to push back at the comedian's charges that conspiracy theorists are lunatics. "Crazy people are defined by acting crazy," activist Stewart Howe says in the clip, sitting alongside a Maher-esque video window depicting Fox News host Bill O'Reilly in a straight jacket. "9/11 Truthers," he continues, "are defined by a patriotic quest for the truth."

Bin Laden, Brought to you by...

(I thought this was an interesting article by this writer)

Bin Laden, Brought to You by . . .

By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, September 12, 2007; Page A01
Early yesterday morning, a South Carolina Web designer who works at home managed to scoop al-Qaeda by publicly unveiling its new video, a feat she has accomplished numerous times since 2002. Within hours, cable news stations were broadcasting images of Osama bin Laden commemorating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and crediting the 50-year-old woman, who uses the pseudonym Laura Mansfield.

A similar event occurred Friday, when another group beat al-Qaeda by nearly a full day with the release of the first video images of bin Laden to appear publicly since 2004. That group, the SITE Institute, provided the tape to government agencies and news organizations at a time when many well-known jihadist Web sites had been shut down in a powerful cyberattack by unknown hackers.


I concentrated on taking footage that will show really how many people were on the streets with us...local media from independent sources were there to report on being Cal State University Northridge and the other an up and coming website ANCIENTUNIVERSITY.ORG...a reporter from KTLA or KCAL did come out and shoot video of Johnny Wave but of course it did not end up on the news last night

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Mr. Tarply-
How could you? After gaining so much respect for you I have absolutely lost all of it in the last week. First the whole fiasco with the Kenenbunkport Warning. At first I was not really sure what to think. Who is lying who is not lying (we are always trying to figure this out WHO IS LYING), but after listening to your little outburst the other night and your assault on the great people at TRUTHACTION.ORG, I know who is is you Mr. Tarply. Cosmos is the hardest working activist in this movement and how dare you call him cointelpro. That is bull shit Mr. Tarply you are lying.
You make me sick now, you got very personal with your attacks on Cosmos too. A scumbag move if I have ever seen one. If I may ask who do you really work for? What are your real intentions? Are you trying to divide the truth movement? What is all this talk I hear about LaRouche?

9-11-07 Media March Los Angeles

9/11/07 ... on strike today? Join the 9/11 Truth LA Media March, 11 AM to 3 PM

start at CNN, 6430 W Sunset Bl, Los Angeles 90028
stop at BBC and Australia Channel 9, 6255 W Sunset Bl
end at KTLA/Tribune, 5800 W Sunset Bl
followed by freeway blogging presence, Sunset over the 101

Arrive at CNN, Sunset & Cahuenga, by 11 AM, or join us along the way. Parking at Arclight Cinema is reasonable @ $6 all day. Metered parking is also available, but you must feed every hour. Do not advise parking in Amoeba Records lot.

We will spend approx 1 hr at CNN and march 3 blks E to BBC, Sunset & Vine, where we will remain for approx 1 hr. The office tower has a House of Blues sign on top.

Los Angeles Truth Action 7-11 Venice Beach

I know we have seen a lot of posts from Los Angeles but I have to add mine. Personally I thought this was a great action. 40 of us from all over southern California met at Venice Beach. We handed out thousands of fyers/dvds/truth cards and talked to so many people from every demographic. We talked to families, students, vacationers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, grandma's, teenagers, 10 year olds, war veterans, gangsters and everything in between. The only time we saw a cop was when a police suburban drove down the boardwalk and the female officer who was driving reached out for a handout from George V (although there was a lot of helicopters flying around which may be normal for that area). Highly effective activism, but only because the citizens here in southern California have realized the importance of exposing false flag terrorism.


Are you going to be taking action for 9/11 Truth and Justice this Wednesday July 11th, the 70th month since 9/11? Well I hope so and so does David Ray Griffen, Michelle Phillips, Ed Asner and Johnny Wave. There is nothing more important than exposing the lie that 9/11 is. So on Wednesday July 11th spread the truth, wear a shirt, freeway blog, pass out fliers, stand up with signs and take pictures of your action and share it at TRUTHACTION.ORG. Link up with truthers and bring the truth revolution to your community..

July 11th 911 Truth L.A. will hit up Venice Beach

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are looking to take action we will be at historic and beautiful Venice Beach. Our plan is to gather more citizens in the Los Angeles area to stand with us for 9/11 truth. July 11th is the 70th month since 9/11/01 and we want to make sure we have the momentum for this September.

If you know the truth about 9/11 and are in the area come and check us out. We don't really have a time limit on how long we will be out there so when you get off work come on down. Enjoy the beach, spread the truth and stand up for what is right.

Go to TRUTHACTION.ORG and link up with others in your area. We need your help! The time is now!

See you on the streets!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Smits Introduced to WTC 7 in L.A.

I went down to the Mayors Conference at the Century Plaza in Los Angeles and while I was hanging out in the lobby looking for potential victims of a truth squading, I saw Jimmy Smits. What is not on tape is the way I got his attention. I went up to him and asked him if he would use his status to push for a new investigation into 9/11. He said he never heard of WTC 7 so I briefed him a little. I was a little nervous because it was obvious I didn't belong in there but Jimmy Smits was very nice and his crew wished me luck.

I was hoping that you guys here could brainstorm with me on how to follow up with him.

Thanks again to the guys that were there with me.


If you are not already aware there is an international grassroots movement that is growing like wild fire by taking action the Eleventh Day of Every Month for 9/11 Truth and Justice. The movement was hatched in a tiny San Francisco apartment by Cosmos/YT, a single man with the vision of 9/11 Truth and Justice. Since that first blog entry posted on February 6 we have seen this Call to Action capture the citizens of the world.

First there was an exceptionally well put together film called "The Third Stage." I know the first time I watched it I was brought to tears. The video was so powerful that Alex Jones brought Cosmos on to his show to talk about the Call to Action and the website TRUTHACTION.ORG. We saw a surge in participation immediately after that. But if I remember correctly that was back in April. Where is the love? Can't we get this movement promoted every month?

Take Action on June 11th

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Last month USMC Johnny Wave stood up for the truth. The pictures were powerful, emotional and inspirational. What a brave man Johnny Wave was. He touched so many of us that day. He gave us hope. The pictures were everywhere. If Johnny Wave was an inspiration to you or if you sent those pictures to your friends and family it's time to take a stand. Take it to the streets. If we continue to be timid in the streets we will lose our country. The time is NOW, it's upon us. Johnny Wave took that stand expecting to make a difference. HE DID and he expects that each of you do the same. He stuck his neck out for all of us that know the truth about 9/11 and we MUST take action and we MUST take it NOW. If you don't take action Johnny Wave's courage means nothing and his actions are wasted. That's a horrible thought in my mind. Everbody MUST do something whatever it is, its got to be something. Then show us what you did at TRUTHACTION.ORG and link up with truthers near you.