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Has the National Fire Protection Association asked the right questions?

Below is an open letter I am sending to James M. Shannon, President and CEO of the National Fire Protection Association. I wanted to post it here first to get your feedback. I know that NFPA and Underwriter's Labs work together and Ketih Williams, President and CEO of UL, also is an NFPA officer.

James M. Shannon
President and CEO
National Fire Protection Association
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, Massachusetts 02169-7471

Dear Mr. Shannon,

As an NFPA member, I’ve been interested in any word the Journal has had to say about the events of 9-11, particularly pertaining to the building fires, subsequent building disintegration and the tragic firefighter and civilian deaths. While reading through the Fall 2007 “Century of Innovation” issue, I noticed an article authored by Lisa Nadile, in reference to the subject, as well as quotes from you. Specifically, in the article, The People Behind NFPA Journal, you state, “However, from the beginning NFPA and the Journal editors knew that the key to understanding 9-11 relied on asking the right questions.”

WTC7 at 65mph

I've had this on my car for about a month and got the idea right here at 911Blogger. I keep a supply of 911 Mysteries in the car to hand out anytime someone asks about it or looks curiously at the sign. If you're interested, I had this done up at a local Fast Signs for about $65 and, yes, I gave them a DVD when I ordered the sign.
We're winning people. These murderous traitors will be on trial soon.

9/11 Truth in Denver on 2/15/07

Until there is a real investigation...each of us will spread the message.