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Michael Tsarion on the Orange Order April 26th 2006.

The roots of the current 'war on terror' are extensive but if it had one laboratory in the western world it would be Northern Ireland.

Here both Catholic and Protestant paramilitary organisations were infiltrated by the British government in a 'divide and conquer' 'strategy of tension' that mirrors the later Hegelian terror developments in global society.

Michael Tsarion was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is a researcher, author, public speaker, historian and possibly the leading authority on the occult origins of the 'terror' in that part of the world. This is important background to 9/11 and an understanding of the modus operandi involved.

The entire 2 hr interview can be downloaded here: (27mb, .mp3, 2hr)

Michael Tsarion on Sinn Fein April 26th 2006.

This is taken from an interview on the Rob Simone Radio Show last year.

The entire 2 hr interview can be downloaded here: (27mb, .mp3, 2hr)

The file is also downloadable in eight segments i.e. for the car - just replace 'Simone' with 'Part1', 'Part2' etc

Morgan Stack UCC Law Society 'War on Terror' Debate (Opening & Closing Statements.)


Opening Statement (9 mins)

Closing Statement (7 mins)

Dedicated to the Memory of William Melvin Hicks Dec 16, 1961 – Feb 26, 1994

Morgan Stack Campaign Ad No.5 'Debate Challenge.'

Morgan Stack is running in the forthcoming Irish Election on a 'Scholars for 9/11 Truth' platform.

This is his fifth campaign ad and constitutes a debate challenge to the other candidates in the Cork South Central constituency.

Campaign Ad No.4 Morgan Stack 'My Promise'

Morgan Stack is a founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

He is a candidate in two constituencies in the forthcoming Irish general election which has just been called for Thursday May 24th 2007. This is his fourth campaign ad. For more see:

"I got into this because no Irish politician will address some of the most important issues of our time.
I got into this because I believe in what Martin Luther King said, that no lie shall live forever.
I got into this because above all I believe in justice. Natural justice and social justice."

Analysing South Park. Cui Bono? By Morgan Stack.

From: Morgan Stack, Scholars for 9/11 Truth Ireland

"The Hardy boys are called in to investigate the World Trade Centre conspiracy and once Detective Yates points out that ‘there were two towers that stood right here, and they're gone.’ One of the Hardy boys immediately muses ‘mnnn, who would benefit most from two buildings disappearing?’ The subtext again is easy enough to spot here. Who benefits? Whoever claims the insurance payoff.

For the unaware, that would be one Larry Silverstein, who only purchased the lease to the WTC on July 24th 2001, seven weeks before the buildings were destroyed. This was the first time in the building's 31-year history that the complex had changed ownership. The lease agreement applied to WTC Buildings One, Two, Four and Five, and about 425,000 square feet of retail space. (He already owned WTC7). Silverstein put up only $14 million of his own money and was also given the right to rebuild the structures, should they be destroyed..."

Hardly Boy 1: Ooo... oh, I just started getting a clue.

Irish Election Campaign Ad No. 3 Morgan Stack in the Studio.

Morgan Stack is a founding member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and a candidate at the next general election in Ireland (May 2007) in the constituencies of Kerry North and Cork South Central. This is his third campaign ad - all available on You Tube.

Campaign Ad No.2 Morgan Stack 'We're all Waiting'

This is the second ad for the general election campaign here in Ireland due in May 2007.

Campaign Ad No.1 Morgan Stack 'Coming Out'

The first ad for the Irish general election which is due to be held in May 2007.

UCC Law Society Debate Audio Nov 2006

Below is the audio for the University College Cork (Ireland) Law Society debate which took place in November.

The motion was that 'The Real Terrorists are in Washington, London & Brussels.'

(I took Brussels to mean NATO not the EU.)

The house supported the motion - but we didn't get one mention in any press...

Morgan Stack

Law Soc Opening Remarks (9mb & 9 mins)

Law Soc Closing Remarks (7mb & 7 mins)