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Video: Steve from Burlington VT's impassioned speech at Boston Tea Party For 911 Truth

Steve said he was asked by some members of the 911 victim's families to forcefully represent their views, in their place.

911 And The Left: Two More Interviews From The Democracy Now Fundraiser :9/11/06 New York City

These last two interviews are with a young man and woman that were working at the vending tables stationed outside the auditorium
Both of them made their living working for the "progressive" media, so our discussions were much longer and little more heated.
I'm sure we've all have had similar conversations within our own local antiwar/antiglobalization/activist communities.(Thanks, Chomsky!!!!!!)
In these interviews I continued to stay away from a debate on the evidence and stick with the general theme of Left Media and The role of 911 Truth.
First Interview Part !

First Interview Part 2

Second Interview
(unfortunately, this second interview got cut short because I ran out of film, but our conversation did continue for some time..We started debating so loud that security came and asked us to stop immediately or take it outside.)

911 Truth and the Left: Barrie Zwicker and Radical Pragmatist Attend a Book Release party for Amy Goodman 9/11/06

This all started when I found out that Amy Goodman was having a book release party in NY City at Cooper Hall on 9/11. This was the same Cooper Hall that was hosting the 911 Truth Break Out on 9/10! This was also the same Amy Goodman of Democracy Now who had blatantly ignored 911 Truth for over five years, except for one interview with David Ray Griffin in 2003. An interview in which her suprise guest Chip Bartlet, openly attacked Dr. Griffin's personal credibility while avoiding the deeper questions about 911 that Dr. Griffin eloquently and clearly presented. In addition, Amy's co-host, Juan Gonzales had been one of the first and most out spoken reporters to investigate the horrible health effects and lies about the toxic dust from ground zero, yet he too had remained silent on the larger facts and questions presented by the 911 Truth movement.

These were the classic left gate keepers that Barrie Zwicker writes about in his new book "Towers of Deception". I wanted to know why they avoided 911 Truth and what the other 'progressive' volunteers and attendants at the event thought about 911 Truth and Democracy Now's handling or non-handling of the subject. I was determined to go and ask these questions.

A Conversation with Nico Haupt 9/10/06 NY City

Please Listen to parts 1 and 2 of this conversation before commenting.

Update: links should be working now.

Daniel Ellsberg: Time to Drive Out the Bush Regime

Full Transcript of Speech

We are in a crisis right now. It’s known to us, more than it was known to almost anyone outside the White House in 1969. A genuine crisis.......
The situation now, I think, demands of us not business as usual; it demands what was available in this country in 1969. I’ll characterize that very briefly: 5,000 young people went to prison rather then go into the Army (under the draft)—rather then collaborate with the war. I met some of those people on their way to prison. They put in my mind the thought: They’re doing everything they can, nonviolently—they were followers of Martin Luther King, of Thoreau, of Gandhi. Truthfully and nonviolently they are changing their lives, they are giving up their future, their career, they are doing everything they can to avert this war. That’s the right thing to do. What can I do now, what can I do if I’m ready to go to prison? Among other things, I started copying the Pentagon Papers—which did confront me with a possible prison sentence of 115 years—at that point. Was that too much to take on?................
.What’s needed at home of course is people who will change their lives and risk their careers and their jobs and their relationships with their families, their bosses, with their church groups, whoever—by taking a stronger stand than those people are ready to take. And by saying truths that those people don’t want to hear. Without that courage, policies like this can’t be changed. With it, they may not be changed, we may fail. But, without that kind of courage and that mass mobilization, there is no chance.................

Just Checking In From New York.

Myself and about forty other spread out in groups of 8 to various parts of the city and handed out excellent flyers createed by Truthout, called take the 911 quiz

Last nights speachs by policeman, first responders, family members, and national gaurdsman was incredibly powerful, I hope it becomes availble soon for pod cast, its a must see.. I filmed the whole day of speeches but won't be able to get them up until Tuesday.

Lots of talk about Bush coming to ground zero to give a speech on 9/11. I wonder what the secutity situation will be and how this will effect our presence on on and silent pr

I also gave my ticket to Amy Goodman's Book signing and dinner reception on 911 to Barry Zweicker, he was very appreciative and I felt his presemnce there would be more important than my own. I can't afford another ticket to join and film the encounter, but I mentioned it to Dylan, and suggested that he might want to send participate or atleast send someone with a camera. He didn't seem to interested but who knows . I'll keep working on getting someone to film this...Barrie can't wait to talk with Aamy and the other guests.

(sorry about puncuations and spelling...working on a com

Lets Crash The Gate Keeper's 911 Party!!!

Just got my tickets for the whole Democracy Now event. Including the wine and jazz hob-nobbing reception.Would any one else like to join me or offer suggestions on how best to utilize this situation for 911 Truth and open the left wing gates? Don't get me wrong....I am a progressive who use to love chompsky,Goodman, Barsamian...ect...until 911 started to filter the wheat from the chafe , so to speak. We need to force them to openly deal with 911. I plan to do this forcefully but respectfully from the inside of the event.

My dream would be to have William Rodriguez openly confront Juan Gonzales and Barrie Zwicker to openly confront Miss Goodman. I think there is a lot of potential here....and I also think some wine, jazz, and appetizers would be nice after a long hard day of 911 Truth outreach.

Dz,Jon,SMG,Justin,Dylan,Reprehensor Corey ??????? Any takers?

Please offer your ideas and suggestions of how to best utilize this event for 911 Truth.

(At the very least we should have as many people as possible show up for the official book signing event (20$) with our 911 Truth shirts awkwardely filling the audience.) Radical Pragmatist