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Fighting terror with torture: As Bush determines what is acceptable, Israel’s decisions offer insight.


MIDEAST | Israelis have experience in interrogation issues now facing U.S.
Fighting terror with torture
As Bush determines what is acceptable, Israel’s decisions offer insight.
McClatchy Newspapers

Mohammed Barghouthi, a Palestinian Authority official interrogated by Israel for several weeks last summer, demonstrates the position he was held in during questioning.

JERUSALEM | Long before the Bush administration launched its war on terrorism, opened secret detention centers or debated the wisdom of harsh interrogation techniques, Israel wrestled with similar questions about protecting itself.

President Bush soon must prepare an executive order that will outline what methods the CIA can use under a law signed last week. Backers of the law contend that their measure will prevent the use of the most contentious methods, such as “water-boarding.” But the law gives the president broad discretion to decide what tactics to approve, and Israel’s experience could provide guidance.

Since Israel’s Supreme Court curbed the use of extreme techniques in 1999, human rights studies suggest that interrogators are relying more on psychological tricks, informants and electronic surveillance to solicit information.

Can I just say..... WTF? Honestly....

I mean really...




You get it.


oops, 10 word minimum... minimum ten.... words....

Thank you, Congress, for killing America...

The following congressmen voted for the Military Commissions Act of 2006 (a.k.a. The Detainee Bill, a.k.a. The Torture Bill, a.k.a. The Death of the Great Writ of Habeas Corpus):


Robert Aderholt, Todd Akin, Rodney Alexander, Spencer Bachus, Richard Baker, J. Barrett, Joe Barton, Charles Bass, Bob Beauprez, Judith Biggert, Brian Bilbray, Michael Bilirakis, Rob Bishop, Marsha Blackburn, Roy Blunt, Sherwood Boehlert, John Boehner, Henry Bonilla, Jo Bonner, Mary Bono, John Boozman, Charles Boustany, Jeb Bradley, Kevin Brady, Henry Brown, Ginny Brown-Waite, Dan Burton, Steve Buyer, Ken Calvert, Dave Camp, John Campbell, Chris Cannon, Eric Cantor, Shelley Moore Capito, John Carter, Steve Chabot, Chris Chocola, Howard Coble, Tom Cole, Michael Conaway, Ander Crenshaw, Barbara Cubin, John Culberson, Tom Davis, Jo Ann Davis, Geoff Davis, Nathan Deal, Charles Dent, Mario Diaz-Balart, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, John Doolittle, Thelma Drake, David Dreier, John 'Jimmy' Duncan, Vernon Ehlers, Jo Ann Emerson, Philip English, Terry Everett, Tom Feeney, Mike Ferguson, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jeff Flake (Arizona), Randy Forbes, Jeff Fortenberry, Vito Fossella, Virginia Foxx, Trent Franks (Arizona), Rodney Frelinghuysen, Elton Gallegly, Scott Garrett, Jim Gerlach, Jim Gibbons, Paul Gillmor, Phil Gingrey, Louie Gohmert, Virgil Goode, Bob Goodlatte, Kay Granger, Sam Graves, Mark Green, Gilbert Gutknecht, Ralph Hall, Katherine Harris, Melissa Hart, Doc Hastings, Robin Hayes, J.D. Hayworth (Arizona), Joel Hefley, Jeb Hensarling, Wally Herger, David Hobson, Peter Hoekstra, John Hostettler, Kenny Hulshof, Duncan Hunter, Henry Hyde, Bob Inglis, Darrell Issa, Ernest Istook, William Jenkins, Bobby Jindal, Tim Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Sam Johnson, Ric Keller, Sue Kelly, Mark Kennedy, Peter King, Steve King, Jack Kingston, Mark Kirk, John Kline, Joe Knollenberg, Jim Kolbe (Arizona), Randy Kuhl, Ray LaHood, Tom Latham, Ron Lewis, Jerry Lewis, John Linder, Frank LoBiondo, Frank Lucas, Daniel Lungren, Connie Mack, Donald Manzullo, Kenny Marchant, Michael McCaul, Thad McCotter, Jim McCrery, Patrick McHenry, John McHugh, Buck McKeon, Cathy McMorris, John Mica, Candice Miller, Jeff Miller, Gary Miller, Tim Murphy, Marilyn Musgrave, Sue Myrick, Randy Neugebauer, Anne Northup, Charles Norwood, Devin Nunes, Jim Nussle, Tom Osborne, Butch Otter, Michael Oxley, Stevan Pearce, Mike Pence, John Peterson, Thomas Petri, Chip Pickering, Joe Pitts, Todd Platts, Ted Poe, Richard Pombo, Jon Porter, Tom Price, Deborah Pryce, Adam Putnam, George Radanovich, Jim Ramstad, Ralph Regula, Dennis Rehberg, David Reichert, Rick Renzi (Arizona), Thomas Reynolds, Mike Rogers, Mike Rogers, Hal Rogers, Dana Rohrabacher, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Edward Royce, Paul Ryan, Jim Ryun, Jim Saxton, Jean Schmidt, Joe Schwarz, Jim Sensenbrenner, Pete Sessions, John Shadegg (Arizona), Clay Shaw, Christopher Shays, Don Sherwood, John Shimkus, Bill Shuster, Rob Simmons, Michael Simpson, Christopher Smith, Lamar Smith, Michael Sodrel, Mark Souder, Cliff Stearns, John Sullivan, John Sweeney, Tom Tancredo, Charles Taylor, Lee Terry, Bill Thomas, Mac Thornberry, Todd Tiahrt, Pat Tiberi, Michael Turner, Fred Upton, Greg Walden, James Walsh, Zachary Wamp, Curt Weldon, Dave Weldon, Jerry Weller, Lynn Westmoreland, Ed Whitfield, Roger Wicker, Heather Wilson, Frank Wolf, Bill Young, Don Young

Man in Arizona still jailed from 9/11 sweep

Man in Arizona still jailed from 9/11 sweep

Oct. 15, 2006 12:00 AM

In a jail cell at an immigration detention center in Arizona sits a man who is not charged with a crime, not suspected of a crime, not considered a danger to society.

But he has been in custody for five years.

His name is Ali Partovi. And according to the Department of Homeland Security, he is the last to be held of about 1,200 Arab and Muslim men swept up by authorities in the United States after the Sept. 11 terror attacks. advertisement Human rights groups tried to track the detainees; members of Congress denounced the arrests. They all believed that all of those who had been arrested had been deported, released or processed through the criminal justice system.

"Certainly it's not our goal as an agency to keep anyone detained indefinitely," said Homeland Security spokesman Dean Boyd.

Boyd said that the department would like to remove Partovi from the United States but that he refuses to return to his homeland of Iran. And so he remains, a curious remnant of a desperate time. - Associated Press


Developing Critical Literacy

Developing Critical Literacy

From the show Truth in America

Are you getting the truth about major events such as September 11, the War in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina? According to the Poynter Institute's Dr. Roy Peter Clark, "The truth is being distorted from all corners, and Americans don't see it, or if they do, too many don't seem to care."

The most powerful antidote to these distortions, Dr. Clark says, is critical literacy. Here are seven things Dr. Clark says you can do to recognize manipulation in government, media, business and advertising:

  1. Find three political bloggers who represent the right, the left and the middle. Consult them to help you sort through political issues and media messages.
  2. Look for role models of candor and accountability, people in public life who have proven to be reliable over time. Look especially for folks within a movement or political party who have the courage to speak against the interests of their own party.
  3. Prefer people who want to have a vigorous conversation to those who want to shout at each other.
  4. Do not be seduced into thinking that every hot-button issue requires you to be on one side or the other. There may be a middle ground. Don't be afraid to be puzzled or uncertain about an issue. It's okay to be working to make up your mind.
  5. Get up off the couch. Join a club. Volunteer. Sing in the choir. One way not to be fooled by political or media manipulation is to learn from direct experience, from reality and not reality TV.
  6. In an age of celebrity culture, try to pay more attention to people for what they do than for who they are.
  7. Be a skeptic, but not a cynic. A skeptic doubts knowledge. A cynic doubts moral goodness. The cynic says, "All politicians are liars," or "all journalists have a secret bias." The skeptic says, "That doesn't sound right to me. Show me the evidence."

Flight 93 Sonic Boom?

Just wanted to get some thoughts about this writeup:


Seismic Event: The Final Moments of Flight 93


an investigative article by Robb Magley
(Mr. Magley is not affiliated with Flight93Crash.com but has allowed my to reproduce his article here)


Truth, mused Tolstoy, is like gold, in that it is obtained by washing away from it all that is not gold.

Sadly, there seems to be less gold in the official story of United Airlines Flight 93 than we would like to think.

The relatively obscure field which considers the seismology of supersonic aircraft has produced something of a smoking gun in the mystery surrounding Flight 93's final moments. Evidence from the seismic record indicates there was at least one supersonic warplane within striking distance of Flight 93 on the fateful morning of September 11, 2001. A signal exhibiting the seismic signature characteristic of a passing sonic boom was recorded at 9:22 A.M. local time by an earthquake monitoring station in southern Pennsylvania. This station is just 60 miles from the abandoned stripmine in Somerset County where the Boeing 757-200 hit the earth at 10:06.

Moussaoui Trial Documents Show FBI Withheld Evidence in 9/11 Cover Up


Oct 04, 2006--Venice,FL.
by Daniel Hopsicker

Recently-released court documents from the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui show clear evidence of the FBI attempt to cover-up the whereabouts and activities of lead 9.11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in Florida between January and May of 2001, confirming reports which have appeared exclusively in the MadCowMorningNews.

Germany's Denials on Detainees Challenged : Lawyers Say


Lawyers Say Prisoners Were Told of Al-Qaeda Leaders Interrogated

Germany's Denials on Detainees Challenged
Lawyers Say Prisoners Were Told of Al-Qaeda Leaders Interrogated

By Craig Whitlock
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, October 7, 2006; Page A12

BERLIN, Oct. 6 -- The chief plotter of the Sept. 11 hijackings and another al-Qaeda leader who spent time in secret CIA prisons might have been interrogated in Germany before their transfer last month to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, according to lawyers for other terrorism suspects in U.S. custody.

Lawyers for a British legal association that represents Guantanamo prisoners reported Friday that two of their clients had given independent -- though secondhand -- accounts that al-Qaeda leaders Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Tawfiq bin Attash were questioned on military bases in Germany after their capture in Pakistan in 2003.

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Advocates Say Illegal Workers Suffer After 9/11 Cleanup


Advocates Say Illegal Workers Suffer After 9/11 Cleanup
But a Recent N.Y. Program Offers Help to Many With Lung, Other Diseases

By Darryl Fears
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, October 8, 2006; Page A10

Jose Moncada watched the World Trade Center towers tumble, and, like so many Americans, felt a patriotic urge to help rescue survivors and rebuild after Sept. 11. "It was my time to put my hand on my heart," he said. "It was my time to help somebody."

It did not matter to him that he was an illegal immigrant from Honduras. And that did not seem to matter to supervisors who oversaw the retrieval of human remains and the removal of toxic debris at Ground Zero. They welcomed Moncada and thousands of other illegal immigrants, no questions asked.

The Immigration Debate
The Washington Post's coverage of the immigration issue, from the politics of revising the nation's immigration laws to the impact of illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border and the Washington region.

» Bills: Side-by-side comparison
» Key Facts: Reform Proposals
» Map: A Widespread Issue
» Special Report: Full Coverage

The Assassination of JFK Jr.

From the Makers of "JFKII: The Bush Connection" Comes
"The Assassination of JFK JR." Murder By Manchurian Candidate. Overwhelming,
jaw-breaking evidence of foul play in the death of John Kennedy Jr., all based on official government documents:

- the search of the crash site was delayed an incomprehensible 14 hours; - there was, indeed, a flight instructor on the plane, whose body is missing; - It is clear that someone on that plane committed suicide, shutting off the fuel control valve before plunging the plane into the sea. - The prime suspect, George W. Bush, though very publicly running for president, disappeared the day of the murder and stayed missing for 3 days. 104 minutes «





Think you're free?

This is a flyer you can use to inform others about the Military Commission Act of 2006.

Cops: Man Destroys Memorial to Fallen 9/11 Officer

Cops: Man Destroys Memorial to Fallen 9/11 Officer
NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Officials say a Turkish-born Muslim faces criminal mischief and disorderly conduct charges after he allegedly defaced a memorial in Queens that honored a fallen 9/11 NYPD officer.

The Queens DA says 26-year-old Adnan Emre of Long Island City tore off a cross on a portion of the memorial last night and shouted ``This is political!''

The memorial features a picture of Paul Talty, a 40-year-old officer who rushed to the World Trade Center's south tower as it fell. It also includes the cross, a plaque and crossed American and Irish flags.

The memorial is attached to a light post at 50th Avenue and Vernon Boulevard in Long Island City, and is maintained by Talty's family.

Authorities say an MTA booth clerk apparently witnessed the alleged act, and contacted police.

If convicted, Emre faces a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

(TM & © 2006 CBS Radio Inc. and its relevant subsidiaries. CBS RADIO & EYE Logo TM & © 2006 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Used under license. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report. In the interest of timeliness, this story is fed directly from the newswire and may contain occasional typographical errors. )

9/11 Now Exposed - bellaciao.org


October Tuesday 3rd 2006 (22h46) :
BREAKING UPDATE: 9/11 Now Exposed

- -

It can now be reported that the reason why Rumsfeld and Rice ignored the July 10, 2001 warnings of George Tenet, then CIA Director and the U.S. State Dept. is that Bin Laden was not only in the UAE for dialysis treatment in June/July 2001; but was there on a secret mission on behalf of the U.S. NSA to sell Promis Software to the Emir of the UAE in Dubai. That’s right folks, Rumsfeld and Rice ignored these warnings because Bin Laden (never caught now dead) was still a CIA Agent (aka Tim Osman). We now understand why Bush ordered an NSA spy dragnet against his own State Dept. on the day of 9/11 itself.


by Tom Heneghan

Oct 3, 2006

9/11 Now Exposed

It can now be reported this morning that a U.S. Justice Dept. warrant and an Interpol Red Notice has been issued for Israeli Mossad agent Jacob Coby Alexander. Alexander linked to the noted Urban Moving Systems/Odigo Mossad Group which operated in the New Jersey, New York area pre-9/11.