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The Great Deception - The War on Terrorism - An alternative view (2002)

Media critic Barrie Zwicker, the host of VisionTV Insight: Mediafile, is one of the few North American journalists to offer an alternative viewpoint on the Sept. 11 tragedy. In this provocative six-part series of Mediafile commentaries, he challenges the official explanation for the attacks and considers the troubling implications of Americas new war.

Poring over a wealth of published material, Zwicker finds much that has gone unexamined, from the apparent breakdown of American air defenses on Sept. 11, to the longstanding ties between U.S. intelligence and Osama bin Laden. He also takes a hard look at the actions of President George W. Bush in the midst of the crisis. And he ventures to ask what role U.S. oil interests may have played in these events.

Have the mainstream media failed to ask tough questions about September 11? They have generally accepted the official story, but skeptics believe there are still many unanswered questions. VisionTV Insight: Mediafile tackles this contentious issue in a provocative panel discussion that features American investigative journalist and whistle-blower Michael Ruppert, along with journalist and former Commissioner for the Somalia Inquiry Peter Desbarats, ethicist Phyllis Creighton and the former chair of Canada's Security Intelligence Review Committee, Ron Atkey.

'9/11 planner had role in Pearl plot'


'9/11 planner had role in Pearl plot'
[ 28 Sep, 2006 2102hrs ISTAP ]

ISLAMABAD: The top Al Qaida operative accused of masterminding 9/11 either killed or took part in the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, Pakistan's president has alleged for the first time.

General Musharraf's claim, made in his memoirs, could be used to try to clear one of Pearl's four convicted killers, who is appealing his death sentence, the prisoner's lawyer said on Wednesday.

Musharraf accused Khalid Sheikh Mohammed of taking part in the killing. "The man who may have actually killed Pearl or at least participated in his butchery, we eventually discovered, was none other than Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Al Qaida's No. 3," Musharraf wrote in In The Line of Fire.

Rohan Gunaratna, head of terrorism research at Singapore's Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, said it has long been understood that it was Mohammed, who killed Pearl to prove to the West after September11 that Al Qaida was still bent on killing Americans.

Drive out the Bush Regime Day - October 5 , 2006

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AFTER 9/11


Press releases got vetted.

September 24, 2006 -- Condoleezza Rice's office gave final approval to the infamous Environmental Protection Agency press releases days after 9/11 claiming the air around Ground Zero was "safe to breathe," internal documents show.
Now Secretary of State, Rice was then head of the National Security Council - "the final decision maker" on EPA statements about lower Manhattan air quality, the documents say.

Scientists and lawmakers have since deemed the air rife with toxins.

Early tests known to the EPA at the time had already found high asbestos levels, the notes say. But those results were omitted from the press releases because of "competing priorities" such as national security and "opening Wall Street," according to a report by the EPA's inspector general.

The chief of staff for then-EPA head Christie Todd Whitman, Eileen McGinnis, told the inspector general of heated discussions, including "screaming telephone calls," about what to put in the press releases.

All along the watchtower....


There must be some way out of here",
said the joker to the thief
"There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief
Businessmen they drink my wine, plowman dig my earth,
None of them along the line know what any of it is worth"

"No need to get excited," the thief, he kindly spoke,
"There are many here among us who think that life is but a joke
But you and I, we've been through that, and this is not our fate,
So let us not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late"

"All Along the Watchtower" - Bob Dylan

The Hour Is Getting Late

The Bush administration has put itself in a position where it must either increase its hold on power or hire lawyers to negotiate plea bargains when they are charged for their many crimes against the laws and Constitution of the United States and international law.

It is becoming clearer and clearer which route they have chosen.

George Bush is less than five weeks away from launching an attack on Iran. A navy "strike force," including the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, has been ordered to make way toward Iran with an arrival date of October 23. A senior intelligence official says that the Joint Chiefs of Staff consider an attack on Iran to be inevitable and have moved forward on contingency planning to deal with the worst case scenarios resulting from such an action.

Just as was the case with Iraq, the decision to go to war has already been made even though the administration claimis that it's continuing to look for diplomatic solutions.

Repeat: October 23 is less than 5 weeks away.

No Reason To Get Excited?

Police: Enough evidence found to indict Katsav on sex charges

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Attorney General Menachem Mazuz. (Daniel Bar-On / Archives)

Last update - 04:31 20/09/2006
Police: Enough evidence found to indict Katsav on sex charges
By Yuval Yoaz and Jonathan Lis, Haaretz Correspondents

The team investigating President Moshe Katsav for alleged rape and other charges presented its intermim findings to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Tuesday.

Investigators believe the material collected so far contains enough evidence for at least three charges in the affair.

9/11 Truth: a cynical view from pointelesswasteoftime.com


Did the U.S. government plan and execute the 9/11 attacks?

Authors say media negligent since 9/11


Authors say media negligent since 9/11
Herald Staff Writer
SARASOTA - After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, America's mainstream media formed a "cozy partnership" with the U.S. government and failed to critically report the news, a radio talk show host said.

Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, attracted a crowd of more than 400 students, faculty and others at New College of Florida on Tuesday as she weighed in against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration and the media's coverage.

Her ideas are presented in her new book, "Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders and the People who Fight Back."

"We will not be silenced. That should be the media's Hippocratic oath," Goodman said.

Her brother and co-author, David Goodman, also spoke Tuesday. He touted Democracy Now! as an independent media outlet and a counter-balance to the mainstream media.

In "Static," the Goodmans use the term "access of evil" to describe journalists who traded "truth for access." Chapter titles include Outlaw Nation, The Mighty Warlitzer and News Fakers.

"We need a different kind of media in this country," he said.

JFK Doodle Predicted "9-11 Conspiracy"

JFK Doodle Predicted "9-11 Conspiracy"
Weird Associated Press report suggests unimaginable spooky coincidence

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | September 19 2006

A strange Associated Press article about presidential scribblings makes a bizarre reference to a John F. Kennedy doodle in which he seemingly predicted a "9-11 conspiracy" 40 years before it happened.

AP out of the Houston Chronicle reports,

"President Kennedy, known for separating his life into compartments, would enclose words and numbers inside circles and boxes. Events long after his death give one doodle an unintended chill: A small circle with the numbers "9-11" contained within. Just to the lower left on the page, the word "conspiracy" is underlined."

Why Did Iron Boil in the Rubble of the World Trade Center?

Why Did Iron Boil in the Rubble of the World Trade Center? *PIC*

Posted By: ChristopherBollyn <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 6 May 2006, 1:36 a.m.


Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press

The plumes of bluish smoke that rose for weeks from the rubble of the destroyed World Trade Center contained unprecedented amounts of toxic ultra-fine particles which are created only when metal boils.

DAVIS, California – In the days after 9-11, when he saw the light bluish smoke rising from the rubble of the World Trade Center, Thomas A. Cahill, an expert on airborne aerosols and director of the DELTA Group at the University of California at Davis, knew the plumes contained large amounts of the very smallest particles, the extremely toxic ultra-fine particles less than 1 one-millionth of a meter in size, and smaller.

Unlike the much larger dust particles from the destruction of the twin towers, these ultra-fine and nano-particles are particularly hazardous because of their extremely small size, which allows them to pass throughout the body and penetrate into the nucleus of the human cell.

Bush Tacitly Implies WTC Controlled Demolition? prisonplanet.com shouts out to 911blogger.com

Bush Tacitly Implies WTC Controlled Demolition?
Makes strange 'explosives in U.S. buildings' reference during torture speech Friday

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | September 18 2006

During his speech Friday in which the President argued for the gutting of the Geneva convention and the legal classification of torture, Bush made a strange comment about explosives and their placement in U.S. buildings. Was this a tacit admission of 9/11 controlled demolition?

Here's the quote in full from the White House website.

"For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out."

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

“Obsession is both scary and TRUE! Every one of us is obligated to show Obsession to as many people as we can. Obsession serves as a ... all » wake-up call to the free world to confront the threat NOW, before it's too late." -Joel Surnow: Exec Producer “24”.


What do you all think?


9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided by SWAT Team




9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team
Ground zero hero Major Mike McCormack says he was deliberately targeted for helping release documents on EPA government cover-up, says 75% of police, firemen believe 9/11 cover-up

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | September 15 2006

A 9/11 toxic dust whistleblower, a ground zero hero and one of the individuals influential in the release of documents proving a government cover-up that deliberately put police, firemen and rescue personel at risk, has been raided by a New York SWAT team - who ransacked his home for three hours after he was arrested.

One in 5 Canadians sees 9/11 as U.S. plot: poll


OTTAWA (Reuters) - One in five Canadians believes the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, had nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden and were actually a plot by influential Americans, according to a poll released on Monday.

The Ipsos-Reid poll found that 22 percent of Canadians, and 26 percent of young Canadians, agree with the conspiracy theory. The number was the highest, at 32 percent, in Quebec, which has shown the least support for the U.S. war on terror.

The poll asked if the events of September 11, "including the thousands of American citizens who lost their lives on that day, were actually orchestrated by a group of highly influential Americans and others as part of a wider global conspiracy to profit from and gain power and who are actually protecting Osama Bin Laden from being captured."

"Conspiracy theories are popular, as we all know," said Ipsos pollster Paul Orovan.

Sixty-six percent said the actions were carried out by Bin Laden's disciples as an attack on the United States and as part of a global war of terror against Western and affluent democracies.

Twelve percent said neither or refused to answer.