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Truth Bullies: Challenging Bloggers (and Businesses!) to Spread 9/11 Truth

Truth Bullies: Challenging Bloggers (and Businesses!) to Spread 9/11 Truth

It's on the tip of everyone's tongue. I just gave it a name.


I've been challenging people to talk about 9/11 Truth via my blog. I wanted to encourage others to do the same: write a blog post to someone waking them up to 9/11 Truth (just be sure to link to them in your post and click on the link a few times so you show up in their site stats). A personalized message can be very effective in waking people up, and more importantly, getting them to join us.

If you don't have a blog, or even if you do, you can write letters to bloggers to wake them up on the Truth Bullies web site.

Thought From the Trenches: Get Them to Prove Something

I had a bunch of 9/11 truth debates recently, and there is one tactic I find to be useful that I wanted to share. It is simply trying to structure your debate so that your opponent has to prove a point. For instance, if the debate is all about you having to prove that 9/11 was an inside job, then they can just ignore you, or choose not to believe facts. If the debate is about them trying to prove something -- for instance, that bin laden did 9/11 -- then you can use your knowledge to shoot them down, and to prove that they are just a dumb sheeple who doesn't know anything and who needs to wake up ASAP.

Petition to Demand 9/11 Truth From Search Engine is an Internet publishing service, similar to,, and Their page on 9/11 (viewable at is, unfortunately, a joke. It contains factually inaccurate information -- most specifically, the notion that the terrorist attacks were led by Bin Laden, a statement which the FBI admits there is no hard evidence to support.

I have started a petition to demand truth from The purposes of this are twofold:

1. To get Mahalo to stop spreading disinfo
2. More importantly, the CEO of Mahalo, Jason Calacanis, is somewhat of an Internet celebrity. The Digg community, for instance, dislikes him very much. I would like to leverage the noteriety of Jason Calacanis to spread 911 truth.

Attention New Yorkers -- Put 9/11 on the Ballot This Fall! has launched in New York City, which will put an initiative to demand 9/11 investigation and more on the ballot in New York City this fall. If you are in NYC, sign the petition, and help get other signatures. If you're not in NYC, send this link to everyone you know in the city.

Visit NYC911Initiative for more.

Music Video: 911 Inside Job by Roy Shivers

9/11 truth hip hop song.

Longer Trailer for Loose Change (Unofficial)

This one packs a punch. From YouTube user mattsmillion.

Email the Entire GOP in One Click!

Check it out. Thank you for the contribution, Dan!

Get a 911 Truth Credit Card!

If you do a search for "design your own credit card" you'll find a bunch of credit card offers that allow you to design your own credit card. The way this works is that you simply upload an image, and they put that image on your credit card and mail it to you.

What could be better and more fashionable than a 9/11 Truth credit card?

I put together the image below if anyone wants to use it to put on their credit card. All the specifications I have seen tell you to upload an image that is 640x480, which the image below is.