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Peace Press Presents: Books from David Ray Griffin in german language!

Some people here in germany are very proud to present the first book of the mega project to translate ALL books by David Ray Griffin on 9/11 into german language.

The project will be done by Peace Press.
The first edition of "Osama Bin Laden- Tod oder lebendig" (english original title: "Osama Bin Laden: Dead or alive") is available right now!

ISBN 3-86242-000-0 price: € 9,80

You know how important David Ray Griffins excellent books are, so please tell everyone you know in the german speaking part of the world that this book is out now and all the others will follow soon! Another excellent method to inform people is by giving away books like this as a gift!

Novel Thriller "Nanospuren" (german)

My novel triller "Nanospuren" (read: Nanotraces), heavily inspired by the life of John O'Neill (and Steven Jones), was published on 08-16.
Good critics so far, the first 100 copies are nearly sold. I tell the story of all anomalies on 9/11 within the frame story, like what you could have known if you were watching tv that day- that's quite a lot- and the stories of John O'Neill and Steven Jones as separate storylines.
Especially the O'Neill story gave me all freedom to develope a real sinister plot behind the curtains.
After reading it nobody can say he does not smell a rat- even hidden as "fictional" thriller with changed names and described as "pure fiction".

1 $ each sold copy will be donated to the FealGood Foundation. So the first 100 $ will arrive soon!

Me today in front of my "Topinambur" plants.

German ZDF special on 9/11 2010-08-24

Yesterday germany's second state televison ZDF aired the first part of "Der 11. September 2001- die wahre Geschichte" (9/11- the true story)
at 8.15 pm. Produced by ZDF History Guido Knopp, directed by Florian Huber and Marc Brasse.

Their annoncements in german language:,1872,8093601,00.html,1872,8093607,00.html

It's a new and by their own produced "soft-docu" with actors, playing John O'Neill, Mohammed Atta and Ziad Jarrah, it's style reminds me to "Countdown to Ground Zero" from History Channel...

German media channel ZDF with another 9/11 take

German second state sponsored television channel ZDF will do another take on 9/11 this anniversary.
On Aug. 23rd on 8.15 pm MEZ, main media time, they start with their first of two episodes on 9/11, called "It started in Hamburg",1872,8093601,00.html
A week later, same hour, they will send "The day of terror".,1872,8093607,00.html
Both episodes will take a closer look on John O'Neill, e.g. it seems that they using sequences out of "Countdown to Ground Zero", the 2006 History Channel production.
The last two productions from ZDF were co-productions with Mike Rudins BBC takes. This time not.
I commented their last works, on 91blogger with short entries,
and on my homepage with hundred pages pdf's (german language).

Swiss MYSTERIES magazine covers nanothermite-research, did interviews with Niels Harrit and german "debunker" Gunnar Ries


The Swiss MYSTERIES magazine, print edition 3/2010, covers the story of nanothermite and a dispute between Harrit and german "debunker" Dr. Gunnar Ries. Ries made up a blog back in early 2010 and made a bunch of claims why the study wasn't that good at all- and Prof. Harrit responded to his claims. Ries did suggest to do his own testing on the chips, if he get some.
MYSTERIES also asked swiss engineers who once claimed that WTC 7 was controlled demolition again on their standing.

The magazine costs 7,50€ and is now available in germany and switzerland!
Unfortunetaly there is no online version of the article yet, but they promised to deliver at least the interviews on their homepage soon!
I will do a blog entry on my new blog at german 9/ next weekend!
Stay tuned!

Angel is next

In the hundreds of thousands leaked pager messages evidence emerged that the Secret Service did forward "Angel is next"!

A Secret Service page at 10:32 a.m. warned: "ANONYMOUS CALL TO JOC REPORTING ANGEL IS TARGET." Angel is the Secret Service codeword for Air Force One; JOC means Joint Operations Center. When the president's plane had departed Florida about half an hour earlier, it was en route to D.C. That anonymous threat seems to be what diverted President Bush on a high-speed flight across the country, first to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, and then to an underground command center in Nebraska.



They also feared that Air Force One itself was a target. Cheney told the president there was a credible threat against the plane. Using the code name for Air Force One, Mr. Bush told an aide, “Angel is next.” The threat was passed to presidential pilot Col. Mark Tillman.
We now know that the threat to Air Force One was part of the "Fog of War," a false alarm.

Guest Opinion: A thousand architects and engineers demand we open our eyes on 9/11- Ashland Daily Tidings

By Ron Hertz
Guest opinion
March 13, 2010

"Shutter Island," Martin Scorcese's nightmarish tale of a hospital for the criminally insane, has become America's favorite movie. The hospital's patients — or convicts — are in a state of denial, refusing to recognize the reality of their gruesome crimes. When it comes to the crimes of 9/11, America seems like "Shutter Island."

At a 9/11 conference held Feb. 19 in San Francisco, the consensus view presented was that those who swallow the government's view of the attacks are denying reality. Several speakers at the gathering, organized by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, explained with powerful evidence and images how the three World Trade Center towers most certainly collapsed with the aid of explosives.


About the newspaper:

Keep hammering them with such OP-ED's!

Three Day in-depth report on 9/11 truth with Gary Null on Progressive Radio Network with record amount of listeners

Record Breaker! This week we broke the record for the amount of live listeners twice. Congratulations to Gary Null on breaking the record and thank you all for your continued support.

Here are the three radio-shows:

Today’s guest is Ian Henshall and he is a British based investigative journalist and author, whose book “9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence” has raised a lot of voice across Europe.

Also on the today’s program, is Professor Niels Harrit and he is an associate professor in the Chemistry Department at th University of Copenhagen, Denmark - where he has taught for the past 35 plus years.

Also on today’s program, is Professor Steve Jones and he is a professor emeritus in physics specializing in catalyzed fusion or cold nuclear fusion at Brigham Young University.

Today’s guest is Richard Gage and he is a San Francisco based architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

LTTE to local NC newspaper: "Someone has to tell the truth" by Philip Klein

To The Editor: "Treason in America: 9/11, The Wars and Our Broken Constitution." This true patriot conference in Valley Forge, Pa., opens March 6.

Among the speakers are FBI whistle blower and 2002 Time Magazine person of the year Colleen Rowley, "Able Danger" whistle blower Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, peace activist Cindy Sheehan, whose soldier son was murdered via George Bush lies, 9/11 victims' family members and many others.

Certain to be a highlight will be noted architect Richard Gage.


About the Times-News:

The Times-News has served Henderson, Polk and Transylvania Counties in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina since 1881.
In December 1985, it became an A.M. paper and added a Sunday edition. With a daily circulation of approximately 20,000, the Times-News averages about 44,000 readers. The Times-News is a member of The New York Times Regional Media Group, which has its corporate headquarters in Tampa, Fla.

Explosion Sounds a false premise from NIST in WTC 7 investigation

In the presentation last year by Shyam Sunder it was said that they concluded that WTC 7 was not brought down by controlled demolition. They did not tests for explosives in the rubble or dust, instead they go on lenghts to prove there was no explosion sound measured and therefore it could not be a controlled demolition.

The engineer and explosive expert Ron Craig showed similar views in a Gage-radio debate.

Now this premise is clearly false, as the sound or blast waves were matter of new patents to reduce their effects.

So, if you ever be confronted with the “sound” premise, just show them theses patents:

US patent 6183669
"primary disadvantage of explosive shaped charges is that they generate excessive noise and debris upon detonation. This noise and debris can pose potentially serious health and safety hazards to someone using a cutting device which employs conventional shaped charge explosives.

Living Civil Disobedience- WOW

9/11 ‘Truther’ clashes with North Caldwell mayor, council

NORTH CALDWELL – Tensions rose at Tuesday, Feb. 9, Borough Council meeting when resident, Don Meserlian, described his recent legal troubles with the police department.

Since September 2008, Meserlian has pressed the police and council to pass along “evidence” of treason surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Meserlian was found guilty last Thursday in Fairfield Municipal court of making threatening statements to North Caldwell Police Capt. Mark Deuer . The court suspended the usual fine, but ordered Meserlian to pay $39 in court fees.

He has repeatedly accused the North Caldwell Council with “obstructing the administration of justice,” and refuses to pay his property taxes in protest which he has said he has placed in escrow.




9/11 on Russia Today

The Russia Today delivered us some interviews and reports about 9/11 the last weeks, e.g. an interview with Kevin Barrett,
but also a report about our march in New York.

What I disovered by coincidence is the four-part report about 9/11, which looks like an excellent reading.

Part I
Part II
Part III

In the I. part is a hint that the RT does an exclusive interview with Niels Harrit, the lead author of the nanothermite-paper.

Howard Shafir - Choice Point - SAIC

I have studied CNN and other broadcasts from 9/11

At 10.35 ET on that day, just after the north tower demolition, former New York police and fire commissioner Howard Shafer was on the phone with CNNs Aaron Brown. He was actually the first one who presented the official explanation in astute words on CNN:

He said, and I'm paraphrasing here:

"After 1993 I spoke with the buildings enginees, who told me that the buildings were designed to withstood a Boeing 707 impact, obviously they are not."

That means that he fully endorse the OCT from the very beginning, as did Don Dahler in the interview with Peter Jennings.

Now Howard Shafir is a very interesting person. Not because his roots, but his ties to Rudy Giuliani and the private security network.
According to Wikipedia, after he quits the job as police commissioner, he immediately went to work as a consultant to the chief executive of ChoicePoint, Inc. and ultimately ran their Bode Technology Group subsidiary, which they purchased at Safir's urging in April 2001.

Ben Cohen does it again

"Any alternative to the official account of what happened is so absurd it simply cannot be true."

Oh boy, that's plain stupid.

First he mocks us because he got a serious backdraft for his insults, than he goes on to tell us, that we have no evidence or science on our site (WTF? He surely doesn't know about the Scholars, Architects and Engineers and so on), than, that every thing could be questioned so that nobody knows what's true, than he plays the "bush admin way too incompetent" card (WTF? They got all their political agenda goals archieved!) and last but not least he makes the Monbiot attack, WE are guilty that the Bush regime could engineer all their atrocities, because we deflect energy on our "baseless" point.

We should remember the Reichstagsfire back in 1993. If exposed immediately, that surely would have stopped Hitler. Nothing could be done later, in the climate of fear, once the lies were implemented.

The guy Cohen is truly in the top stage of denial. Such persons could not be awakened. Get over him!

Cheney head of domestic terror task force since May 2001

I've just stumbled over the web archive CNN broadcast from 9/11, around 9.30 am that morning, when the anchor said, Cheney was appointed head on terror task force by the US admin.


I didn't know that little fact, and am not sure if I ever read a word about this? Is this common knowledge?

I found some corroboration for the info:

A report that states that: "Bush asked Vice President Dick Cheney to lead the task force, which
will explore how attacks against U.S. citizens or personnel at home and
overseas may be detected and stopped."

or not to be stopped, as the head of domestic terror task force could be read in a more sinnister fashion.