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German website for infos about "Active Thermitic Material..." launched

We launched a new website here for the german speaking part of the world with a short overview on the latest study and a easy link to keep in mind. (even if the name is not 100% scientifically correct)

Here it is:

No one could have predicted - eleminated traces?

Yesterday I saw "Running Man" on german cable tv one more time. You know that movie with "young" Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

That reminds me on the possible protective coverage of the "hijack a plane and flew it into a building" plan.

You know that one scenario "no one could have predicted" as Condoleezza Rice once claimed, besides Hollywood as shown in "The Lone Gunmen- Pilot episode" back in march 2001. But earlier ones- probably even in WTC security danger analysis- remain sealed to this day.

The same for this one:
Nothing in the movie "Running Man" is as in the famous book by Richard Bachman, that alias of Stephen King.

In the book there is a desperate guy named Ben Richards who compete for the game show Running Man to earn money. His wife does prostitute herself, and they are really in a bad situation.

German summary based on Jim Hoffmans layman summary on "Active Thermitic Material..."

That's the link to a free translation based on Jim Hoffmans article "Explosives Found in World Trade Center Dust:
Scientists Discover Both Residues And Unignited Fragments Of Nano-Engineered Thermitic Pyrotechnics In Debris From the Twin Towers" for the german speaking part.

Online since yesterday, so far 1563 hits. As special equipped with the possibilty to ask me questions in the forum.

Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten, die das möglich gemacht haben.

The Young Turks with short entry about "Active Thermitic Material..."

The comments as always divided between "Non Believers" posting nonsense and denial and rational, educated Truthers.

Besides that, the silence is deafening. The story does't got legs so far, and that means that the mainstream media is full of fear about this. How can we break loose the story?

For german language speaking users: A review of the ZDF's version of "The Third Tower"

I've done a rebuttal to the german version of the BBC's "The Third Tower", called "Das Rätsel des dritten Turmes" broadcasted by german second television channel ZDF and their "ZDF history" format on 08/09/07.

I put all the infos we gathered together into it, and it's quite a devastating result for the ZDF- almost every claim they made was false, they used some of the same tricks like the BBC like the cut and fit for their needs of the Jennings testimony, but refused to use others, like the victims-mockery if you ask questions and refuse to believe the official narrative.

It's a 111 page .pdf with 3,7 MB, the making of the script (which the ZDF denied it has and so couldn't gave me) alone took me 4 days in a row.
My wife actually said I'm crazy. ;)

Anyway: here it is, only in german so far (maybe a translation follows)

German "Auslandsjournal" yesterday on WTC 7

Yesterday the german ZDF /second german state channel brought their longer teaser for the german version of BBC/Mike Rudins take on WTC 7.

Here it is on youtube (german language)

It was quite good- besides they don't point out Richard Gage name and profession and Dr. Steven Jones profession.

Transfer Column in WTC 7 - Column E(exterior) 3

The NIST report on WTC 7 lays its focus on Column 79 on floor 8 to 13 and some hypothetical damage in its computer modeling.

I want to focus on real visible damage to the columns on the west side of the building near the Verizon building, and there especially on E3 and E4.

I just combed trough the NIST report on WTC 7 regarding these cuts. There is just no word on these cuts. As if they do not know these images.

BBC and the official investigators solved the final mystery of 9/11- WTC 7 down by fires

Mike Rudin Spinmaster. Listen!

WTC 7 isn’t the final mystery, it is one in a row of mysteries.

We do not and will not fall for anyone claiming that the case is solved with the view solely on one point!

I just put together the main valid points and hints for an inside job in the last two weeks, points that can not be debunked, as they stand straight for the seventh year after the attacks, and were nearly never touched by “debunkers”. There is no special order in that points, and I’m sure I can add another 200 ones- I’m just not in the mood for deliver hard facts to ignorants. And, BTW, I have sources for all points, valid sources, established sources. It’s no problem to research it.

1: The failing interception of the hijacked planes and the lying from NORAD and FAA. No one was held accountable.

2: Wargames and Exercises that day- cover and confusion

3: Angel is next

4: Secret Service in Booker Elementary School did not evacuate Bush immediately- they know he was not in danger

5: Many members of the Bush Admin spoke of opportunities that 9/11 offered, Bush inclusive.

7 years after 9/11 two buildings nearby Ground Zero still not deconstructed

Some people still have problems with the motive to demolish WTC 7 via explosives. I'll add one to the ones we already knew of.

I found this two articles in the last days and I'm safe to say that Lucky Larry had unbelievable luck with WTC 7, that was "deconstructed" on 9/11 itself, the clean-up costs paid by state and the insurance compensation of some 600 Million dollars for WTC 7 alone in his pocket. Now look at others who had not that kind of luck.


As for the current demolition schedule for the Deutsche Bank building, the source says that the goal ... is to have the building down by the end of the year. "We are working double shifts, six days a week with over 250 people in the building to insure that the building comes down as quickly but as safely as possible."

The source tells that the in the abatement phase and once the building is fully abated, the agency we will begin the deconstruction phase.


Attention german speaking truthers- new work by me

Hello out there- especially the german speaking part.

Last year on 9/11 the german channel ZDF aired their hit-piece co-produced with the BBC/Guy Smith.

It was a conglomeration of debunking phrases.

One point was interesting. I mentioned it here:

They claimed that the SFRM-spray on fireproof was missing and that was the cause for the collapse of the towers- and the conspiracy exists to cover this up.

It took me some time to work through the allegations and claims in that piece, but now my work is ready for publishing- and I'm proud tp present it here (german only so far).

It was a catastrophe, almost every claim they made could be easily debunked, when you are a real expert- not the ones they presented.

Viel Spaß beim Lesen! Kritiken ausdrücklich erwünscht!

A translation of the work of Jim Hoffman and other NIST critiques will be published soon.

Edit: New version, some minor corrections on spelling, plus adding the 2 links on my homepage.

The warnings of a second and third incoming plane

Abstract: Were there warnings of a second and third incoming plane, did they play a role for the decision to evacuate the Towers,
what's the official point of view.

You may know John Schroeders appearance in Loose Change FC.

Firefighter Schroeder made it all the way up to the 23rd floor before barely hearing on the failing radios that another plane was coming in.

Now I've had a hard dispute over this with some sort of a debunker, who claims, that there is no hint for such a warning. Nor in the 911CR neither in any other radio transmission records. Here are the links he presented:

Manhattan Fire Dispatch 8:46 - 9:34 a.m.:

Fire Brooklyn Dispatch Radio 8:47 - 9:35 a.m.:

All other radios transmissions about 6 hours to 9/11 afternoon

Blill Moyers back in 1987 about the Secret Government

In the aftermath of the quarrel about suggesting David Ray Griffins new book to Bill Moyers, I found this documentary by coincidence. It is about the Secret Government. If you transfer the facts about this to Al Qaida and to nowatdays, the implications are terribly clear.
As adressed in the youtube review!


The Secret Government: The Constitution in Crisis year 1987 1 hour 20 min, by Bill Moyers

WTC 7 report set for summer 2008 release

The delayed National Institute of Standards and Technology report on the collapse of the World Trade Center 7 following the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001 will be released for public comment this July. A final version will be published a month later, in August 2008. NIST’s investigation of the WTC 7 collapse was supposed to have been completed by the end of 2006, but more complex, and time-consuming, computer simulations, along with a consideration of some additional evidence (mainly architectural and construction documents and plans), has stretched out the process, according to Michael E. Newman of NIST.


Some 9/11 conspiracy theorists maintain that WTC 7 was “pulled down” in a controlled demolition ordered by the government, an allegation that has been advanced by celebrity “9/11 Truthers” Charlie Sheen and Rosie O’Donnell. While there has been no credible evidence produced for these claims, they have been a staple of those arguing that 9/11 was part of a sinister government conspiracy.




Quote. While there has been no credible evidence produced for these claims. Endqoute


A fellow researcher presented this link today on a german forum, I think it is a must see, and I'm wondering why this has so little views.

Why did so many insiders go out of their way to incriminate themselves?


If it stops around the second half just go on a few seconds with the mouse.

The Basement Explosions- an Explanation

Folks, it took more than 3 researchers several months to create this study, and it was only possible with the released blueprints. The stories about explosions in the basement and other floors of the North Tower (WTC1) were not new.

The official explanation was kerosine exploding down the elevator shafts.
To this day we wondered what really happened there, what was the real cause, what was the intention of this explosions.

This study set the record straight. There is no possible way that jet fuel or kerosine could be cause for that explosions- it was technically impossible, indeed, when you look at what floors were harmed and what was installed there, a totally new explanation comes in sight.

Go and look for yourself. I've studied the work some time and found no mistake.
In fact, there are several other researchers here in Germany who confirmed the study in total independently, without the knowing of the study itself, only with the keywords and the blueprints in mind.

Here it is: