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911: Our Torch Underwater

I've just found this video by accident. I'm not the maker. Even if it contains some points I won't agree on 100%, it is worth a watch.

Another attempt: Protest pics collage

I hope it is useful. I'm not the biggest designer, as I made this in Word...

2007-01-27 Protest Pics Collage

This is a little collage of some pics I collected since Saturday.


Video Washington protest

Click and watch. Seconds before the end we have a very impressive picture in it: 911 truth now!

That remains in mind...

Do you know David Frum?

This guy was responsible for the term "axis of evil", an evil genius, isn't he?

Yesterday he gave an interview with German newsmagazine Spiegel Online.
(german:,1518,461225,00.html )
(english:,1518,461225,00.html )

He admits the biggest mistake back in 2001 was to left Pakistan and Saudi Arabia off the hook for their terror-involvement.

But then he goes on with only bla bla bla about the reason why.

So I decided to sent him an encouraging e-mail to help him onto his feet...


Dear David!

I have read your interview in the german news magazine Spiegel Online with reporter Georg Mascolo.

You ask, why Saudi-Arabia and Pakistan were not on the table back in 2001.

What utter nonsense to pretend you do not know the truth.
But we do...and we'll hold you accountable...,1518,461225,00.html


The US commited an inside job with 911, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia both played roles in setting up the patsies. Under the control of western intelligence...
Eat this:

Background history- the latest about OP Gladio

Back in October I mailed with Daniele. He gave me the hint to look for his latest work on OP Gladio,
the stay behind terror network that commited terror throughout Europe.
You know, the one the State Department dismisses by claiming a single document was a sowjet forgery.
( )

Now it is online:

The CIA in Western Europe and the Abuse
of Human Rights



A bonus for german speaking people:
Hier ist ein Interview mit Daniele vom 20.01.2007 erschienen auf

Die Lüge als Instrument der politischen Manipulation
Die Strategie der Spannung und die Nato

A Mike Whitney must read- about the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra

Mike Whitney is right on top with this one. I for myself got the same insight a few days ago, as I learned of the presidents use of this bombing as an excuse for staying there / surge the troops.

This is a must read to understand the philosophy behind the perpetrators.


The bombing of the Golden Mosque

By Mike Whitney
01/20/07 "ICHBlog" -- - We’ve heard a lot about the bombing of Samarra’s Golden Mosque lately. Bush has brought it up twice in the last week alone. It’s a critical part of the administration’s rationale for the occupation of Iraq, so we can expect to be reminded of it nearly as often as 9-11.

The destruction of the Golden-dome Mosque took place in February 2005 and has been identified as the “catalyzing event” that plunged the country into sectarian violence. That, at least, is just the official version. No one knows really what happened because the administration refused to conduct an independent investigation and the media excluded any account that didn’t square with the Pentagon’s spin on events.

What we’re left with is mere speculation.


Latest Chossudovsky

This is the latest from Michael Chossudovsky. As he examines the possibility of a nuclear attack on Iran, he made the following interestingly comment on
prepardness of revenge:

"Second 9/11": Cheney's "Contingency Plan"

While the "threat" of Iran's alleged WMD is slated for debate at the UN Security Council, Vice President Dick Cheney is reported to have instructed USSTRATCOM to draw up a contingency plan "to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States". This "contingency plan" to attack Iran uses the pretext of a "Second 9/11" which has not yet happened, to prepare for a major military operation against Iran.

The contingency plan, which is characterized by a military build up in anticipation of possible aerial strikes against Iran, is in a "state of readiness".

What is diabolical is that the justification to wage war on Iran rests on Iran's involvement in a terrorist attack on America, which has not yet occurred:

Sorry guys- the Libby trial isn't for real

ome patriotic Americans, who believe it is still possible to save America from war and a police state, see cause for hope in the upcoming trial of “Scooter” Libby, the former chief operative of VP Cheney. Libby is accused of lying about his role in leaking a covert CIA agent’s name to the press in an effort to discredit damaging evidence that Bush had lied about Iraq possessing WMD. The patriots believe that Libby’s trial will damage the Bush Regime and, thereby, reduce the Regime’s danger to freedom and democracy in America.

At this delicate point in time, the Bush Regime would not allow the Libby trial to go forward unless the Regime had arranged with the media shills it uses to control the explanation of the news (with insider leaks) to testify in a manner that lets Libby off the hook. If Libby is exonerated, expect Cheney and the neocon nazis to attack Joe Wilson as a terrorist sympathizer who tried to discredit Bush’s invasion of Iraq and war on terror. The attack on Wilson will lead into an all-out-assault on the antiwar movement.

Isn't that odd?

Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall said that "specifically on terrorist attacks, there was no sense of awareness" at the highest levels of the administration and "no discussion of the WTC."

Asked if the '93 bombing ever came up, Weinshall, who later became transportation commissioner, said, 'No. Isn't that odd?"

From Wayne Barret, "Grand Illusion", page 106ff


Now, what does this mean? We have Mr. Law & Order, who profited from the fear back than and now with his career and business,
and hell, he does not even adress the FBI WTC93 terror attack at any time in his term?

There are two possibilities: He is so incompetent that he just forgot to adress this issue (this little WTC bombing only killed 6 and injured about 1000 people)
Or: He was on this from the beginning, no need to adress the terror.

Whatever. It fits to the same pattern we could see everywhere when it comes to terror and its investigation before 2001.

JFK and 9/11- Insights Gained from Studying Both, by Peter Dale Scott

OK guys, here's Peter Dale Scott latest, great to have a man like him on our side!

Global Research Feature Article

URL of this article:

JFK and 9/11
Insights Gained from Studying Both

by Dr. Peter Dale Scott

Global Research, December 20, 2006

The assassination of John F. Kennedy took place 43 years ago on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The following text is the transcript of a lecture delivered by Peter Dale Scott in Dallas on November 18, 2006.

When I first imagined doing this talk I thought well I probably knew more at this stage about 9/11 than most people here, who are professionally concerned with JFK.1 But in preparing this talk, which I only began last Monday, has been a real learning experience for me. Taking a lot of things which I had already knew about each, but which I had never really put together before -- when I did they gave me a clearer view of what was happening behind the scenes in both operations. Because certain things repeat themselves.


Much more to follow:

A little hope

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.

Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.


This could be a 911 truth maxime as well. We CAN change the world. We already have.

Newest Most Wanted Pentagon Picture of Bin Laden,tid=i.jpg

Please look at my comment in this .pdf.

And tell me what do you think of it!

Micheal B. Haupt ( recommends Webster Tarpley's "911 Synthetic Terror" in his E-Mail letter

Sitting-Bull, A Bombshell 9/11 Book

Dear Sitting-Bull,

I'm talking about Webster Tarpley's book, "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA". I was cleaning up my desk recently and came across the book again.

Judy Andreas, of, said on March 18, 2006: "A bombshell, brilliant book - I strongly recommend 911 Synthetic Terror. Should be required reading for all honest truth seekers."

I'm a little more reserved with praise for the book, for two reasons:

1. The fuss made about 9/11 (for the most part) does little to help us understand the bigger picture;

2. Since many important facts about 9/11 are so difficult to prove conclusively, many of those in the 9/11 Truth Movement rely on hearsay.

Tarpley is no different. He constantly makes definitive judgments in cases where the evidence presented is strictly circumstantial. There are many sentences like: "This happened, so the only explanation can be that." The 9/11 Truth Movement suffers from this malady too.

Nevertheless, if you are searching for a somewhat better book than the many other 9/11 titles out there, try Tarpley's book. You can order the brand new 3rd Edition for less than $15 from Amazon using this link:

Help America Vote, the "real" version

As a close foreign observer to the US voting system, especially after the 2000 and 2004 fraudulent presidental votes, now, I'm proud to note
the following activism to protect your vote.

These are really good signs. Make me proud of you, remember, some here think you get what you deserved by electing G.W.Bush twice.
I'm not one of those...


Video the Vote

Help stop election fraud in the US


November Victory Within Reach
Election Protection and GOTV Urgently Needed

Dear Sitting-Bull,

In 2000 and 2004, many of us believed Democrats would win the elections. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of voters were prevented from registering and illegally purged from voting rolls. Many faced widespread intimidation and suppression, were forced to wait in line for hours, were denied provisional ballots, and did not have their ballots counted. Voting machines broke down and irregularities abounded.

There are two things you can do to help prevent these abuses from costing us another election. First, you can join with me in helping the Democratic Voter Protection program. You can assist in early voting, poll watching, and tracking voter irregularities and complaints. We will make sure you are placed with a program in your area.