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Perle in the stocks

UK Guardian Comment is Free section has an apology of sorts from arch-neocon Richard Perle entitled "We had the very best of intentions".

Comments by well-informed Americans, who can see past the neocon propaganda would be welcome.

Sample of Perle's wisdom :

"After the attacks of 9/11, the dreaded Bush administration asked itself what other act of terror might be in store for us. Little was known about the extent of al-Qaida's ambition, but it was believed that al-Qaida's planning cycle was 18 to 24 months so preparations for further attacks might well already be underway.
Not surprisingly, the greatest concern was that the next attack might include the use of chemical or biological weapons or nuclear material. So it seemed reasonable to draw up a list of how such an attack might be undertaken, with an emphasis on identifying the sources of weapons of mass destruction from among those states which had ties to or harbored terrorists and who hated the United States.
Saddam Hussein's Iraq topped the list".

Recent Daily Kos posts and responses highlight why 911 truth movement needs to change tactics

I've just read 2 recent posts on Daily Kos about 911. It appears they've been left standing as an example of what will happen to anyone who tries to raise the subject : ridicule, venom and tinfoil hat construction tips.

At the same time, this does show that 911 truth movement tactics now need to be overhauled if further progress is to be made.

I read in the Guardian recently that Loose Change is to be upgraded for cinema release. If this happens, it will sink the 911 truth movement. I'm not saying that it's deliberate disinformation and I'm not saying that anyone who disagrees with me is necessarily of that ilk either. However, whilst it may be commercially successful, it won't gain any converts and it will serve the same purpose for 911 deniers, that the dKos diaries have.