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9/10: Loose Change to air on national tv in the Netherlands !

LOOSE CHANGE 2 (full version, dutch subtitles) broadcast in Europe!

BNN, Nederland 3, sunday september 10th from 23.40 till 01.00 hrs (monday september 11th!)

And at 9/11 itself a free screening of Loose Change will happen at De Balie Cinema in Amsterdam at 19:00 hrs as part of a 9/11 theme day with lectures, debates and more.

De Balie
Is a much repected national wide famous political and cultural debate center in Amsterdam.

Is a non-commercial broadcast organisation with airtime on national Dutch public radio & tv channels

Nederland 3 (Ned. 3)
Is a much respected third national public tv channel of The Netherlands, comparable with BBC.

100% of the dutch population can receive this channel via air, cable, satellite or IP TV. Ned. 3 is also on cable systems in all the flemisch speaking parts of Belgium, Luxemburg and some cable systems in Germany. Because of overspill of aether transmitters, Ned. 3 is transmitting on air over the border into small regions of Germany and Belgium. (with sporadic good athmospheric conditions much further, even reaching Britain)