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Video and Audio of District 15 & 28 Congressional Candidate Debates at UTPA on October 2006

The following YouTube clips (of my 9/11 question[s] presented by Romeo Cantu of KGBT Action 4 News in Harlingen, TX) are of the District 15 and 28 congressional candidate debates that were held in Edinburg, TX, at The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) Student Union Building in October right before the November 2006 elections.

Two of the video clips are from the PBS televised debate; the other is from my personal interviews of two of the congressional candidates, Paul Haring and Eddie Zamora. The audio link is of my interview of congressional candidate Ron Avery.

The District 15 contenders were Ruben Hinojosa, Paul Haring, and Eddie Zamora.

The District 28 contenders were Henry Cuellar, Frank Enriquez, and Ron Avery.

Ruben Hinojosa won the congressional seat for District 15 and Henry Cuellar won for District 28.

My comment about Giuliani, the WTC, and WeAreChange under James Kirchick's article "Paul's Pause"

Yesterday, at a very late hour for me, James Kirchick published online in The New Republic his article "Paul's Pause". As it looked at the time like no reader had yet to post even one word in the comments section, I decided to take the opportunity to speak my 9/11 truther mind and point out why it is more important for The New Republic (and Kirchick) to be focused on a few unanswered questions about Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 than on Ron Paul and his newsletters.

Ron Paul addresses 9/11 truth question during 01-10-08 FOX GOP debate

Just my personal opinion, but I thought Ron Paul handled himself very well with this question. I know you guys don't want to hear this, but anyone who has been paying attention to the recent trends with the issue of 9/11 truth and the presidential race knows well that if Ron Paul had answered any other way, FOX News would never have let him get past it.

I think it says a lot that Ron Paul didn't slander us, or belittle our beliefs, instead briefly saying in a nutshell that he simply doesn't agree with our point of view. And all this to what eventually became an enthusiastic clapping audience in favor of moving on to the actual debate topic at hand.

Ex-C.I.A. Aide Won’t Testify on Tapes Without Immunity


Ex-C.I.A. Aide Won’t Testify on Tapes Without Immunity


WASHINGTON — A lawyer for Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., the former Central Intelligence Agency official who in 2005 ordered the destruction of videotapes of harsh interrogations of prisoners at a secret site overseas, has told Congress that Mr. Rodriguez will not testify about the tapes without a grant of immunity, a person familiar with the discussions said Wednesday.

Bill to Paul supporters: 'You’re nuts'

"You wanna know what I think?” Clinton said. “You guys who think 9/11 was an inside job are crazy as hell. My wife was the senator from New York when that happened. I was down at Ground Zero. I saw the victims' families. You're nuts."


Bill to Paul supporters: 'You’re nuts'

Posted: Monday, January 07, 2008 4:13 PM by Domenico Montanaro

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From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli

KEENE, NH -- Several Ron Paul supporters shadowed a much larger Clinton entourage as Bill Clinton greeted supporters downtown. The former president later called them "nuts."

During his third stop of the day, the former president posed for pictures and shook hands as he strolled down Main Street on this unseasonably warm Primary Eve day. Across the street, a few Paul supporters shouted his name.



"Most questions will be answered by phone. To guarantee you get a response, please provide a phone number."

Is anyone on from Iowa? It would appear that John Edwards is taking questions from the public there. I think this is a good time for us to determine the status of the WTC7 investigation, which, as we all know, John Edwards promised to look into. 9/11 truth questions need to be asked now while the opportunity is available!

Secondary source:


Deborah Johnson

John Ewards has just announced his new unprecedented "Ask John" Program. you can find it here: will also be in sioux city for those of you in or near sioux city that still have questions you would like to ask in is that information: "America Rising" Rally with John Edwards
Dec 30, 2007
7:30 p.m.

Was It Al Qaeda?



Was It Al Qaeda?

Pakistan's government was quick to blame Al Qaeda and the Taliban for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, but U.S. officials caution that it's too early to pin the blame on any group in particular.

By Mark Hosenball
Newsweek Web Exclusive
Updated: 7:04 PM ET Dec 28, 2007

U.S. experts believe that Islamic jihadists with possible connections to Al Qaeda are the most likely perpetrators behind Thursday's assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto. But counter-terrorism officials warn that U.S. agencies believe it is still to early to pin the blame for the attack on any particular extremist group or faction.

Closed Captioning of 2007 NIST NCST Advisory Committee Meeting

I saved the HTML source code from the online closed captioning of yesterday's NIST NCST Advisory Committee Meeting and applied it to constructing this blog. The captioner made quite a few transcription errors but the majority of the text is intelligible.

Kevin Ryan Debates Michael Shermer transcript


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Thom Hartmann Show, November 8, 2007
Kevin Ryan and Michael Shermer Debate
What Really Happened on 9/11

[The transcript below begins as Host Thom Hartmann is explaining some background relating to his research into the JFK assassination, about an hour an eight minutes into the unedited recording of the show at .]

TH: I’m very skeptical of anybody who says I know exactly what went on, or I know exactly what didn’t go on. So my position is very agnostic on this. I think it's going to take – I mean, here we are, with the JFK assassination, 40 years later, 44 years later – I think it's gonna take a long time to figure out. That said, a good healthy discussion, a good healthy debate and raising the questions and for that matter raising the answers to the questions, is a reasonable and healthy thing.

Clinton To Bush:Rescind 9/11 Veto Threat

Unfortunately, a subscription to the online newspaper is required to read the entire article; however, it's still good to get a heads-up on where this issue stands with Hillary Clinton and President Bush.


Clinton To Bush:Rescind 9/11 Veto Threat


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Wednesday called on President Bush to rescind his threat to veto the budget measure providing $109 million in critical funding to healthcare programs to treat those who are now suffering from illnesses as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

Students seek aid for 9/11 workers


Students seek aid for 9/11 workers

Friday, December 14, 2007

By Jessica Driscoll

MONROE TWP. Since 9/11, many first-responders have had to fight for medical benefits and workman's compensation for the injuries and illnesses they suffered, and a local group of fifth-graders have joined in with them.

The students of Doris Freeman's fifth-grade class are raising awareness of the rescue workers' plight and encouraging people to contribute to their cause.

"We researched how many first responders are now suffering from lung and kidney conditions and how the government often refused to help them," said fifth-grader Gianna Massi.

"We're trying to get people to realize this and to make donations to the Feal Good Foundation so they can be helped."

Lawmaker Pushes For Those Killed From 9/11-Related Illnesses


Lawmaker Pushes For Those Killed From 9/11-Related Illnesses

December 12, 2007

The fight to honor first responders killed from toxic September 11th dust continues.

State Senator Eric Adams met with top city officials Wednesday afternoon to propose legislation that would require the medical examiner to list 9/11 as the cause of death on the death certificates of workers who died from illnesses developed after the attacks.

"The most important message we want to send for the family members of 9/11 is that their loved ones were there for us when we needed them and we're going to be there for them," said Adams.

"We believe that the 9/11 emergency responders are heroes and that their illnesses and their deaths that have occurred, and unfortunately the many that will occur in the future, are related to 9/11," said civil rights attorney Norman Siegel.

The city does not support Adams' plan. It does, however, want to honor fallen workers.

NYC Shuts 9/11 Remains Sifting Facility


NYC Shuts 9/11 Remains Sifting Facility


NEW YORK (AP) — The city has closed a facility where debris was sifted for Sept. 11 victims' remains, but the search won't end until after the World Trade Center site is rebuilt, a city official said Tuesday.

Ongoing construction around ground zero — including the dismantling of a toxic skyscraper that caught fire in August — could put off a complete search of areas believed to contain human remains for years, according to a memo by Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler.

"At no point in the near future would it be prudent to declare this search `over,'" Skyler wrote to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The discovery of more than 80 bones in a manhole at ground zero in October 2006 prompted an expanded search of nearby rooftops, manholes and sewer lines for bone fragments of victims of the terrorist attacks. Hundreds of bones were found beginning in 2005 at the former Deutsche Bank tower across from the trade center site.