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9/11 First Responder Awareness Campaign

never abandon 9/11 first responders


I had the opportunity last weekend to go down to NY and join other members of TruthMove to put up posters to raise public awareness about the difficulties 9/11 first responders still face. The never abandon project is an attempt to make the issue more visible and more pressing to the general public. We've been in touch with John Feal and Vinny Forras and are hoping to help get the word out about the upcoming benefit concert and other events. Hopefully we'll be able to get the issue out there! More to come...

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9/11 Voices

TruthMove.org announces new “911 Voices” project


The 9/11 Voices project is a presentation of 9/11 skepticism through the image and words of 9/11 victims, family members, first responders, activists, politicians and scholars who have publicly questioned the official story of 9/11. The project draws together compelling statements about 9/11 from some of the most ardent defenders of civil rights, social justice, and government transparency, highlighting the ever increasing visibility of 9/11 truth, and the breadth of its public support.

Reinvestigate 9/11 (Printable Booklet)

We've just finished putting some final edits on a booklet that can be printed and bound at a reasonable price and distributed to people as a first entry into 9/11 truth. It's meant to be more comprehensive than a 1 or 2-page flyer, but a quick read unlike the longer books available.

I've already printed 100 copies at my college printing office for around $30, a pretty reasonable price. Strategies on distribution and presentation to come.

Download an online or print version here:


for 2007

this was originally in response to c. hayes' "Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad for the Country?", but since it was getting long and was touching more on general topics i though i'd post a blog entry instead


though the article is better than many of the other hit pieces we've seen, i am still amazed at how the myth that 9/11 truthers are pessimistic, cynical, anti-government, and anti-progressive individuals persists.

to the contrary, most truthers i know and most of what has been written has been by far the most hopeful and constructive approach to America's future i have seen. one of the most important aspects of the 9/11 truth movement are 1) its pluralism, and 2) the fact that everyone has had to grapple with the question "what is truth"? We have some commonly shared principles (mostly about human rights and the constitution), some commonly shared attitudes (criticality about the media and how the interests of those in authority affect what they say), and some commonly shared methods (do your research), but from there everything diverges. I think this is a good thing.

Counter to what some people argue, I think the variety of approaches is a strength. I have met people who have found Loose Change to be mindblowingly compelling, while others are turned off. I have met people who find 9/11 Press for Truth to hit home for them, while C.D. is, at least for now, off the table. What I personally believe should have little effect on what I think will be effective in getting others to look at the evidence themselves and start the ball rolling--different pieces of evidence are compelling for different people. The important step to take with people is when someone moves from a position of believing that what one perceives to be true, or what seems to the gut true, to admitting the possibility that how something seems to you has really nothing to do with whether it is true or not.

9/11 Flyers

I'm working on some 9/11 flyers for my college campus and I thought I'd share them with folks and also ask for input/ideas. As we're a pretty intellectual community, these are fairly text heavy (or rather, there are no pictures) but that's part of the point--to contrast from all the rest of the flyers on campus that have drunk party photos, etc. etc.


I'm mostly gathering quotes as I think it's best to let others do the speaking. You can grab all the ones I've got so far here:


(zip with 16 flyers in EPS format)