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Giuliani lies about asbestos danger, CNN footage of 9/11/01 press conference

I posted this short clip from CNN's live coverage on September 11th. It is a press conference with then-Mayor Giuliani and he is asked specifically about potential danger from exposure to asbestos in the dust.

Conspicuously, the firefighter to Giuliani's right leans over behind him, puts his hand to his mouth and appears to speak... at the same moment Giuliani turns his head and looks in that direction.

Then gives his answer to the question which was a complete lie. He said the "health department" (NYC Health Dept I presume) has "tested" and they are not concerned. What test was it that could have possibly showed anything but highly toxic chemicals given what we know now?

Do we know what test he might have been referring to?

Why was it so important to continue the clean up that the Mayor needed to give false assurances about the toxicity of the area?

New 9/11 video presentation from www.utah911truth.com

This presentation by www.utah911truth.com covers all the areas of hard evidence refuting the official story inlcuding the tower collapses, air defenses and the history of al qaeda with meticulous citing and detail. It also goes a long way, without speculating, to answering the questions who would have had the capacity and motive carry out the attacks, and who has acted to suppress this information?

This is a basic video / audio / powerpoint presentation and while it is not as entertaining or 'sexy' as other 9/11 documentaries it is meticulous in its covering and citing of information.

Check it out, and pass it along if you think it will help you get the word out. Email me if you'd a link to a higher-quality file sutable for conversion to DVD, or I can also mail you a DVD


Powerpoint only: www.utah911truth.com/Coincidence_theory.ppt
Web Format: www.utah911truth.com/Coincidence_theory.htm