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Rebuilding Americas Senses with Roy Shivers

PowerPoint Presentation that causes people to skip their break near the end to hear more.
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Radio Mobilization for 9-11 truth: How to call in

This is from 2006 I believe but still serves a purpose. Thanks to D.L Abrahamson (Roy Shivers) of:

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(Editors Note: While the 9-11 conference already aired, we must still bombard the radio stations everyday and disrupt their propaganda. This week we broke through to the Air America hosts like Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes. Lets each make one call per day...)

Nag the Neocons-Grab the Gatekeepers: Radio Mass Mobilization For The 9-11 Truth Movement

By D.L Abrahamson

What if you could stop the next false-flag terror attack and the descent into World War III?

On Tuesday August 1, C-SPAN will re-air the 9-11 Roundtable discussion at 6:10 pm. This is a opportunity we cannot squander, because it may be our best opportunity to expose millions of Americans to the truth about September 11 as world war approaches. Anyone who considers themself a real 9-11 truth activist must flood the radio stations over the next two days with one point in mind: alerting listeners to the 9-11 conference Tuesday at 6:10 PM on C-SPAN.

New Pearl Harbor Mix - 9/11 Truth Music

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'This is why 9/11 matters!' by Elias Davidsson

Got this email and thought it was worth sharing.

This is why 9/11 matters!
by Elias Davidsson

edavid (at)

2 April 2007