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Here's the link if you want to email HBO and tell them how you feel about Bill Maher's stance on 9/11.

This is the email address to contact HBO about Real Time with Bill Maher. Tell them how many audience members Bill Maher is losing them for his antiquated, sophomoric stance on 9/11 truth and his treatment of 9/11 truthers. They need to hear it, and so does he. I used to be a fan, but now I am decidedly NOT.

Here is a recent video of Mos Def and Dr. Cornell West on Maher's show from 9/7/07. Mos Def speaks the truth about 9/11, and about Bin Laden, "I don't believe in that Boogie Man shit." Watch the clip. Mos is speaking pure truth in this, "I don't believe it was Bin Laden." And what's Bill's response? "Well, you lost me there." No kidding, buddy. You really are lost.