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Masterminds of 9-11- Impeach them!

If we examine Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were doing on 9-11, one must conclude that they were all part of a plot to stage a "false flag" operation, to lay the groundwork for the rest of their evil plans. If 3000 people had to die,- oh well, you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Bush, the pResident, was not surprised. So he must have had prior knowledge. The #1 terrorist target was sitting unprotected in an elementary school classroom, reading "My pet goat", and went on doing that for 7 minutes after being told "we're under attack". Evidently the Secret Service was not worried about his safety, so they knew it wasn't an enemy attack. Evidently "The Decider" didn't feel the need to take command, get on the phone to NORAD and assess the situation, scramble fighter jets to intercept the other 3 planes, which were quickly identified as being off course... The Commander-in-Chief was either derelict in his duty or in on the plot. Either way, he should be impeached.