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Talking points: "Conspiracy Theory"

When people use the phrase "conspiracy theory" this is where I take the conversation...

Regarding the indiscriminate use of the phrase conspiracy theory ...

There are three conspiracy theories regards 9/11.

1) The government’s conspiracy theory was put forth in the hours and days after the attacks. This is the theory that 19 Arab men led by Osama Bin Laden from a remote location conspired together to hijack planes using box cutters, flew 2 planes into 3 buildings thereby knocking down three, managed to hit the Pentagon with more that 1 hour of lead time, etc.

2) The Independent researchers conspiracy theory. This is the theory resulting from the collective work of sincere, independent researchers, who have proved the government’s conspiracy theory false and in violation of the laws of physics and common sense. This leads you to the study of false flag attacks, etc.

3) The disinformation conspiracy theories. These are the theories put forth by agents of disinformation who are paid to put forth theories that are false and ridiculous. This is done in order to confuse people and to provide straw men that can then be highlighted and attacked.

U.N. Official Calls for Study Of Neocons' Role in 9/11

Just a quick note that this story appeared here:
(web rank 22,239)

Saw the link to the story here:
(web rank 10,735)

This is more major progress for 9/11 Truth.

Lets keep spreading the truth every way that we can.


Another 3 videos added to Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 podcast

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NIST Chief Engineer Lies About Molten Metal

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Seymour Hersh about Osama Afghanistan escapes

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9/11 Truthers infiltrate Bill Maher Show

Thanks to all the 911 truth activists who created the content that is in this podcast.

Question? Comments? Suggestions?

3 more videos added to Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 podcast

Click Picture to Watch Video
3 more videos added to Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 podcast

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9/11 Truthers Respond to Bill Maher

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Danny Jowenko on WTC 7 controlled demolition

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Cynthia McKinney Grills Rumsfeld

Announcing " Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1"

Click Picture to Watch Video Pieces of the Puzzle - Box 1 is the first podcast Collection in a series. Collections are drawn from the videos and audio clips that have been created and gathered by the 911 Truth Community. Our goal is organize this excellent information into Collections to make it easier to use and to share.

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Videos and Audios on the web...

I have some questions on the status of the 9/11 truth movements efforts to post videos and audios on the web (and have them stay there).

* What do people know about YouTube (and others) pulling 9/11 videos off the web?

* A while ago there was news that Mark Cuban was going after the YouTube user Halifaxion. Does anyone know the details of what happened?

* Have others been banned from YouTube, Google entirely or had some of their videos deleted?

* When there is a great audio, for example from a 9/11 conference, are people making a video version (by adding an image)?

* Is there a place where there is a timeline of the history of the 9/11 movement (conferences, movie releases) with links to where videos can be found. My though is that videos of 9/11 conferences should be available in a form that will not be deleted. Are the producers of 9/11 conferences willing to upload videos to get the word out and/or perhaps in a lower quality in the hopes of selling higher quality DVDs?

* Can conference videos be made available in 10 minute (or less) segments so that they can be show on YouTube.

Giuliani warned of WTC 2 collapse. Evacuates north just before

Giuliani says that he was warned that WTC 2 was going to collapse.
Here is the 25 second clip:

ABC's Don Dahler reports that Giuliani evacuated north just before WTC 2 collapsed. 20 second video:

Giuliani admits that he was warned the WTC 2 was going to collapse and was seen evacuating just before it happened.

Here are 2 questions that people should ask Rudy Giuliani...

Who told him that WTC 2 was going to collapse?

While he was evacuation with his entourage, did he make any effort to warn any of the firemen and policemen?

Ask questions. Demand answers.

Sustainable 9/11 activism

Over the years I have done lots of street activism and want to offer my thoughts on how to make 9/11 activism sustainable from a funding point of view. I will try to be relatively brief and to the point.

None of what I say below takes away from my respect for all the contributions that so many are making, each in their own unique way...

I think that all tabling should include:

* activists ;-)
* displays, banners, etc.
* collection of materials that are offered for free, for example:
- deception dollars
- matrix card
- building 7 card
* materials that bring in funds (DVDs for sure - books are heavier, so might require a car)

The trick is to have something to offer for free while having some things that bring in funds.

Deception dollars can be free, which is easy to manage since they cost less then a 5 cents when ordered in quantity. The 2 other handouts that I like - the matrix card and the building 7 card (both from cost about 10 cents each if ordered in quantity.

Left gatekeepers - nervous and losing support

The people are waking up and the left gatekeepers are losing. Every day the truth grows stronger. Here is the latest evidence of how ready people are to fight for the truth and our future.
Is 9/11 Paranoia Bad for the Country?
By Christopher Hayes, The Nation. Posted December 11, 2006.

[begin excerpt]
The biggest threat posed by the 9/11 Truth Movement is the danger that it will discredit the healthy skepticism Americans increasingly show toward their leaders.

According to a July poll conducted by Scripps News Service, one-third of Americans think the government either carried out the 9/11 attacks or intentionally allowed them to happen in order to provide a pretext for war in the Middle East. This is at once alarming and unsurprising. Alarming, because if tens of millions of Americans really believe their government was complicit in the murder of 3,000 of their fellow citizens, they seem remarkably sanguine about this fact. By and large, life continues as before, even though tens of millions of people apparently believe they are being governed by mass murderers. Unsurprising, because the government these Americans suspect of complicity in 9/11 has acquired a justified reputation for deception: weapons of mass destruction, secret prisons, illegal wiretapping. What else are they hiding?

Bill Maher on Scarborough

There is an interesting video here:

Even though Bill Maher seems blind to 9/11 truth, he might help raise awareness by questioning why George W. Bush sat in the chair with the goat book for 7 minutes.

Scarborough seem sold out or not very bright.

Are you fed up with censorship?

At the present moment does not allow people to post fact based questions about the George W. Bush administration conspiracy theory of 9/11 - that 19 guys with box cutters led by a man in a cave conspired together and outsmarted the US Military, all of the US intelligence agencies and the US government on the morning of 9/11/2001.

In my opinion, this censorship policy is very unfortunate, especially in view of the massive and growing evidence that the George W. Bush administration story about 9/11 is a big lie and that the 9/11 Commission was a whitewash.


This page serves as an invitation and a forum to talk freely and without censorship about this most important issue.

Feel free to ask any question or to add any comments that are useful in furthering this important dialog.

The only request that I make is that everyone treat each other with politeness and respect.

Thank you.

Free Truth