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Shut down the Internet - before it's too late

Kooks are all over the Internet. Take for example all the conspiracy theories about JFK, Elvis, the Moon landing, or 2Pac. And just recently they discovered 9/11 as their new playground. They call themselves "Truthers", although nothing could be as far from the truth as the brainwashing nonsense they promote. These people show an almost Orwellian misuse of the language to manipulate the meaning of words in order to make them seem more credible.

Demolitian Experts highly overrated

Until 9/11 in 2001, we believed controlled demolitions, especially so-called "building implosions", required highly-skilled demolition experts.

But on that very day we have all been proven wrong. When severely damaged, buildings have no choice but to fall straight down due to gravity, as Jonathon Moseley clarifies. Although he is not a phyicist, all he needs is just some common sense to prove many scholars wrong. Ask yourself! What happens when you drop an apple from a building? It falls straight down. And buildings, when falling, have to obey the same rules. It's a law of nature, after all.

Still, many people and even some demolition experts believe that "there are only a handful of blasting companies in the world that possess enough experience—and insurance—to perform these true building implosions."

If 9/11 is not convincing - remember, 3 WTC buildings (the 2 towers and building 7) went down symmetrically, in almost free-fall speed, due to asymmetric damage and fire - nothing will convince them!